Friday, November 23, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 11/23/18
“Save some for Virginia!”  (Unknown)  Who was Virginia?  I vaguely recall the story about her as someone who was needy and how people at the Thanksgiving table would be reminded not to forget the Virginias of the world.  The Salvation Army doesn’t forget…providing 58.4 million meals and 10.4 million nights of lodging to needy people located in every ZIP code.  During this holiday season there will be many opportunities for us to remember Virginia.   ;-)  Jack

NROM BLAZING OAKS:  I became familiar with "Save some for Virginia" from the movie THE SNAKEPIT, which starred Olivia Dehaviland as a mentally ill person locked in a Psych ward.  When they showed the "dinner" scene the inmate passed the food around, saying "Save some for Virginia" (the newest inmate), but of course they never did...IT became an inside joke in my high school gang and  in my family! Virginia eventually recovered from her nervous breakdown, or whatever it was and was released, but it was a memorable movie!! Obviously, I've never forgotten it, even in my old age! :===JACK:  Thanks!  Now I remember.  I saw that movie when it first came out in the late 40s.  It was scary.  And even the re-runs are scary.  "Save some for Virginia" is even more meaningful, knowing the context.  I'll have to be watching for TCM to show it again on TV.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Happy Thanksgiving!  Everyday should be thanksgiving!  Everyday we are so blessed!  Everyday we should somehow bless someone else and give someone a hand up eve if their name isn’t Virginia!===JACK:  ...or Lazarus. (Luke 16:18-31)

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Salvation Army is perhaps the best of the benevolent institutions in America.===JACK:  I divide my benevolent giving among several different groups, but if I were to choose just one (apart from my church) it would be the Salvation Army.  They always seen to be present to help when there are people in need.

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