Thursday, November 01, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 11/1/18
 “I’d rather be black than gay, because when you’re black you don’t have to tell your mother.”   Charles Pierce)  I’d be surprised if you didn’t know of someone who is LGBTQ.  .  We used to sing in Sunday School…“You can meet them in school, on the street, in the store, in church, by the sea, in the house next door, They are saints of God, whether rich or poor….”  All Saints Day is a reminder that the judgment of who is (or is not) a saint, is God’s.    ;-)  Jack.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good one, Jack!  thanks...    we have a grand niece and a grand nephew who are gay.  the niece is a rather amazing young lady and is now married to her partner.  the nephew has lots of issues mostly due to the fact that both of his parents have been in jail for doing drugs,  petty theft, etc.  kind of a sad story.  but as you said,  only God gets to decide who is truly a saint.  now don't O D on any left over Halloween candy:):)===JACK:  The song should say that you can even meet them among your relatives.===PAUL:  agreed.   when MeKenzie and Julie got married, about 2 years ago,  some members of the family did not attend in protest.   they are mostly the LCMS wing of the family which explains a lot.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Yes it is a holy day! One of my cousins in Moline just passed away! We used to be 14 cousins. Now we r 3! One is in Rockford! He went to Augustana and his Lutheran Church has now sold it to a Lutheran school and shares services with an episcopal church! ===JACK:  Yes, we should not forget that this All Saints' Day,  The Winning Words were chosen with that in mind.

FROM M&L IN WB:  That's a good one, Jack.  I wonder if there is a universal consciousness  shared by all, instead of it being personal.  That would preclde judgement===JACK:  There shall be a final judgment when "the wrong shall fail and the right prevail."

FROM DR J:  Yep... even the Pirates are of us and of God :-)===JACK:  When it comes to bare bones we are all equal.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Hi Jack - Our church - King of Glory Lutheran in Dallas - just recently re-emphasized that welcome all - lbgtq, all races, etc. That makes me feel really good.===JACK:  It's good to know that there are "welcoming: churches in Texas.  How does the community respond?

FROM GDJ IN WI:  Love it!===JACK:  Love the Saints, too.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Love this WW! I know several gay people very well, and it's a hard life, though these I know have made something admirable of their lives. One Atty. in Chicago often very creative!  Your quote from the song "I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, Loyal and brave and true" is such a good one. Like Lazarus and Dives in Luke 16, we many find our roles in reversal when we greet Eternity!! Ours not to judge, but to love unconditionally, and serve where we can!===JACK:  I remember, growing up in Moline, that it wasn''t "Kum Ba Ya" with regard to people of color and gays.===OAKSL  Dave McAdams was a good friend of mine, and as we sang in a mixed quartette, often walked home together, as he had to go my way to get to his house. My mother once said, "I don't know what the neighbors think, when you walk by with David carrying your books". I said, "I hope they say, "Isn't  that Dave McAdams,outstanding athlete and beautiful singer?  What a nice guy!" She never mentioned it again...I was "going steady" with Crutch, so she knew I wouldn['t be dating him!  He was class President, and 1st attendant to Crutch in Homecoming Royal Court!  Of course he never talked about hard times he experienced. :-( So more a superficial friend. ===JACK:  A perfect example of what I was talking about.  The McAdams boys were great kids.  It was a time when nicknames were used.  Not only "Crutch," but "Stinky" trevarrow, too.  I have a book by Jack Zukerman in which he describes growing up in Moline as a jew.  The kids in grade school called him, "Christ Killer."  He cried to his mom, "I wasn't even there when Jesus was killed."

FROM JK:  Thank You Pastor John!===JACK: Thanks.  I appreciate your commrnt.

FROM OUTHOUSE MARRIAGE:  It reminds of the Simon and Garfield song...”El Condor Pasa!”  I do know some gay fellows.  One of the guys who came to live with us in his teens named Steve, and another boy who my parents raised has a grown son who is gay.  The church should have open arms for all of them but should follow God’s Word on marriage.

FROM JT:  Awesome!  Thank you for sharing.===JACK:  We're still in the process of understanding some things.  I'm suspicious of those who have all of the answers.

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