Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/31/18
“Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”  (Oscar Wilde)    Masks have been used long before there was a Halloween.  In some cases they were for protection.  They were used for entertainment, too.  In most cases they were used to hide something.  Theologically, Adam’s fig leaf was considered to be a mask.  Some communities have banned clown masks, not because of Bozo, but because of the Market Rasen clown who is really creepy.  Boooo!~   ;-)  Jack 

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  I keep hearing from people that Halloween is there favorite holiday. Most holidays are either religious or civic celebrations. Why do you think that Halloween is so popular? ===JACK:    Halloween is a religious holiday.  Halloween is short for All Hallows Evening, the day before A;; Saints Day (Nov 1(, a day for remembering the faithful who have died.  In days of yore, it was thought that evil spirits were around seeking to enter God’s people.  The scary masks and costumes were meant to chase those ebil spirits away.  Like Christmas Eve, much of the meaning of the day has been lodt to commercialism.

FROM WALMART REV:  I'm a Lone Ranger fan myself and always we be! Isn't that right, Kemo Sabe!?!?   0;-)===JACK"  Many people don't know that The Lone Ranger radio program originated in Detroit..  One of the actors who played the Lone Ranger lived in West Bloomfield.  I happened to meet him and talk with him in a local restaurant.  Tonto wasn't with him.

FROM GF:  Happy Halloween Jack!===JACK:  Is that like Merry Christmas?

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  It is so much fun to see the children in their costumes! I am looking forward to tonight.===JACK:  I'll bet it's really scary when the Tampa old folks dress up and knock at your door and yell, :Trick or Treat!"

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  what or who is the Market Rasen clown?  was that the guy in the news a year or two ago who was sort of terrorizing some neighborhood?===JACK:  I purposely did not"say," hoping that curious people woul go to Dog

FRPM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Halloween was never fun for me.  I don’t like Masks and never have.  I like to see a person, even a little person, face to face.  We always had painted faces as did my kids and now my grandkids!!\\\JACK: No trick or treaters...mask, or no mask.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Jack’s Winnning Words 10/29/18
“Oh, Man, if in real life…I had all the answers, things would be easier.”  (Kyle Chandler)  I started with Google…and then to Dog Pile looking for the origin of the expression, “Oh Man.”  The phrase traces to Anglo-Saxon days, and can mean: surprise, amazement, even exasperation.  I’m reading Man, Oh Man, a new book (an un-novel novel) by Mike Corrao.  A book’s title can often hint at its content.  As I read, I’m being surprised, amazed and even exasperated.  ;-)  Jack
Man, Oh Man - Orson's Publishing

FROM SF:  I’m going to read it. πŸ“š===JACK:  Have you ever read an un-novel novel?   Man, Oh Man!

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  I am reading Alexander McCall  Smiths a time of love and tartan! Have u read any of his series? The r great! I started with the woman’s detective agency. This is part of his Scotland series! The author of Harry Potter series are neighbors in Edinburgh where I once spent the summer of 1956!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I've never heard of an "un-novel, novel". It sounds intriguing, and yes,
exasperating!!  I'll have to check it out. But having "all the answers" to Life would take away the thrill of the "adventure" wouldn't it?  Who knows, since most of us have come by some answers to an abundant life by trying to live out our faith. (More or less, now and then, as Bill used to opine...)
Big Blessings, and continued answers!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/26/18
“Life is not like Burger King.  We can’t always have it our way.”  (Randi Zuckerberg)  R.Z. wanted to do it all!..Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, Friends..and what she got was guilt.  I can’t do it.  What she did was to choose 3 of the 5 to concentrate on each day and stick to 3 (not the same 3 each day).  Randi tracked what she did each day.  Prioritizing worked for her.  Really, it was a way of balancing her life..and shedding some guilt.  You can have it all…kinda!   ;-)  Jack

FROM DR J:  Maybe life is like McDonald’s, “I’m loving it!”===JACK:  A great response, and "I'll have fries with that!"

FROM DR PHIL:  My cousin is a marketing guru and wrote several books. In one book  he called "Marketing Warfare" he used Burger King to note that they lived on the fact that they were no 2 compared to Macdonald's.  I have used it in a sermon or two.===JACK:  Avis used to advertise that they were #2 in the car rental business.  I haven't seen football fans hold up two fingers and scream, "We're number two!"  I guess we just celebrate who we are, whatever the number might be.

FROM SF WAITING FOR FL:  Hah! Forget about Burger King.===JACK:  Did you ever wear one of those paper crows that Burger King passed out for kids?

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  I just have a sort of plan each day! Today I plan to early vote and then to do errands! Tomorrow is Susie and Jeannie’s birthday and we will be celebrating the first year that we know they're identical twins-not fraternal-due to ancestry DNA!===JACK:  DNA is something our parents didn't know about...among other things.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  That’s so true!  We can and do have it all.  Life is a balancing act.  It’s a matter o“.”f when, what and how we balance!  Life is grand!===JACK:  John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost, “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Participated in an all day bus tour by Network Knowledge yesterday, and that was challenging enough for ONE day, for this old lady. Always time to catch up on other things later, I say! No, you can't always "have it your way", but usually God's way works better anyhow! Good words for today. I'm not a McDonald's fan for food, but I like their slogan for Life, "You'll Love IT!". Gotta think positive!! :-)===JACK:  2 McD burgers suits me just fine for a snack while traveling.  BTW, how do you know the difference between God's way and your way?  OOPS!  That's right.  God's way is, "Don't go chasing golf balls in ditches."

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/25/19
“The elderly don’t drive that badly; they’re just the only ones with time to do the speed limit.” (Jason Love)  I know of someone who got arrested for going below the speed limit.  It wasn’t me!  AAA research shows that older drivers are safer than any other group, generally avoiding situations that put them in danger.  A recent study shows that the number of drivers over 65 has increased by 20% in last 10 years.  So, ease up on the horn when see grampa or grandma behind the wheel.   ;-)  Jack

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  The secret is to stay off the main highways like I-4 in Florida and to take the surface roads! To me the traffic is horrendous-especially in Southern California, Washington, Boston, and Miami! Maine is good!===JACK:  A lot of jokes are made about Florida's elderly drivers.  You've probably seen that some of it is true.  But, of course, you're certainly not one of them.

FROM EAGLE EYE JAN:  Is this your own quote?  No one else's name is attached.  I learned a long time ago that it's more dangerous in these parts to travel the speed limit due to tailgaters on my back bumper than it is for me, with decreasing eyesight, to speed up and still try to keep a good following distance between my car and the vehicle ahead of me.  When I was in Houston last winter I learned they follow too close for my comfort because, as more than one person said, "Texans drive as if they're on horses."===JACK:  Thanks for your observation.  I've since made the addition of Jason Love's name.  Jason is a stand-u[ comedian from California.  He probably has some jokes about ordinary California drivers, too.

FROM TL:  Thanks for the good chuckle to start off my day.===JACK:  Don't chuckle too hard.  You'll be old one of these days, too.

FROM DR J:  my first week of “retirement” I had a car following me very closely, then pass me and scream bad things at me…. all for… going the speed limit.  I find myself slowing down and enjoying the ride more often now… and I LIKE IT!===JACK:  Which car gets the most reaction, the Bug or the Bolt?

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good words for today,  Jack.  thanks!  i am putting this quote in my sermon file on aging!    i have given this sermon  twice down in AZ and i always get lots of positive feedback.===JACK:  Isn't it about time from your annual migration to Trumpland?  Are sermons different there from those in Minnesota.  Don't "snow" me with "I preach the Gospel in both places."

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  That’s funny but also true.  Several of my friends are struggling with how to get their parents to stop driving because they are truly unsafe drivers.  We got a call from an aunt saying she saw my dad driving 20 mph down M72 in a 55 mph zone.  We all talked quickly to figure out how to tell my dad he couldn’t drive anymore.  But thank the Good Lord, Dad walked in the house and tossed the keys to me sister and said “I’m done driving!”    It must be so frightening to lose your freedom to drive.===JACK:  It "means" something when young people first get a license to drive.  It also "means" something when that license to drive is taken away from the elderly.

FROM LK IN NV:  Everyone has the time to drive without electronic devices===JACK:  I know someone who owns two self-driving cars.  Do they count as electronic devices?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/24/18
“I hear, I know!  I see, I remember!  I do, I understand!”  (Confucius)  Confucius usually says serious stuff, but do you remember Confucius say… jokes?  Confucius say, man who laughs last not get joke.  Confucius say, a bird in hand makes hard to blow nose…Confucius say, man who sit on hot stove will rise again.  Jimmy Durante would sing, You gotta start off each day with a song.  Let’s change that a bit and sing, You gotta start off each day with a smile.   ;-)  Jack 

FROM A POLICE OFFICER:  How about you gotta start off each day with a prayer===JACK:  A good suggestion...and how about starting with a prayer for the safety of all protect and serve us each day?

FROM RI IN BOSTON:  Thanks for bringing Confucius back to mind.  And a serious sample of his thinking.  The humor generated by his sayings isn't prevalent lately, but the jokes you mentioned still provoke laughs.  I'm starting off this day with a smile!===JACK:  There may be some confusion about Confucius in the minds of some (not you).  How about Googling him to clarify?

FROM TEACHER AP:  When I first read this years ago, I created a large poster which hung in my classroom for many years. It was a good reminder for me on how to conduct my teaching.
Thank you for this good reminder today. I'm working in a preschool daily this year. I missed working with children!!===JACK:  Speaking of magic, do kids still like to sing, "Puff, the Magic Dragon?"

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Yes enjoy each day! We went to Epcot yesterday and saw lots of happy people enjoying the food and wine festival on a very beautiful day!===JACK:  I didn't realize that
 EPCOT, is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney, often interchanging "city" and "community."===SHIRL:  Unfortunately Walt died before he could carry out his plan. It is very beautiful though and we were there for the food and wine festival!===JACK:  So, you were on a first-name acquaintance with Mr Disney.  Was he ever over at your house for sinner?

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  “Let a smile be your umbrella for a rainy rainy day!”===JACK:  Did you sing that song at Girl Scout Camp when it was a rainy day?  I'm sure that you sang some other "smile" songs at camp.  Summer camp...a great experience.===JUDY:  We learned and later I taught many songs. Most had “sunny words”.  A lot we silly songs and some were Girl Scout Songs. ===JACK:  Did you ever sing, "I wear my [ink pajamas?"===JUDY:  Yep!!  The girls loved it!!  Lol

FROM DAZ IN COLORADO:  This did start off our day with a smile and some laughter. ===JACK:  Not politically correct, but in those days the term was not known.  But society always has room for improvement.

FROM LB IN MI:  Well, Jim's mom sometimes took a while to get a joke, but she did get it.  One day she was laughing at the sink while washing dishes and Jim asked her what she was laughing about.  She had just gotten the joke he told her the day before.===JACK:  Not everyone is able to process humor at the same rate of speed.  That's why some conversational-speak is misunderstood.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/23/18
“Robots are not people.  They are mechanically more perfect, they have an astoundingly intellectual capacity, but they have no soul.”  (Karol Capek)  In a recent conversation, robots came up in 4 unrelated ways…cleaning Hospital ORs…a surgeon saying that robotic surgery can be more exact than humans in certain situations…a person who owns two self-driving cars…and, after seeing, 2001, A Space Odyssey…The final thought was: “but robots have no soul!”  What are the ramifications?   ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  i once met a person who i thought may also have had no soul.  hopefully he one day found one.  such an "empty" person morally, spiritually, ethically, etc.  have a good day, Jack.   btw,  i saw a video clip a year or two ago of an auto plant in Japan and 70% of those cars were made by robots.  robots don't get sick, don't show up late,  don't argue with the boss,  don't go on strike, don't take vacations, and generally they do near-perfect work.  you can see their appeal for manufacturing companies.===JACK:  What is a soul?  A God-connection?  Even the person you described has a God-connection by way of being human.  The manifestation of a robot society is a society apart from God.  I believe that the omnipotent God can do something about that.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Getting an early start today?===JACK: Winning Words is such a part of my life that I want to make sure that readers get them as they start off their day.

FROM WALMART REV:  All I know is I keep being asked if I am one on many of my internet correspondences nowadays . . . even have to decipher some hard to read alphabet letters and numbers to prove I am not?!?! 0;-)===JACK: Ministers have to work at proving that they are human.  I remember the first time I heard my pastor fart.  I never thought that preachers did that.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  They may be able to do many many things and even be given some type of emotions but, they don't have souls.  They can’t imagine what people feel deep down in souls and can they make choices such as good vs evil?===JACK:  Some folks think that when God created people He created robots...Predestination...that it is predetermined (preprogrammed) who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.  That concept is beyond my understanding.

FROM DB IN WB:  Ramifications:  we lose our souls as we rely on them too much and start to expect people to perform just like them!===JACK:  That's an interesting take!  Thanks

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I suppose we'll. always need humans to program the robots; Hard to imagine what the future will look like, isn't it?  Robots are fascinating, but won't ever replace need for humans. Reading material about Artificial Intelligence can give one the shivers! :-)  But assuredly, they have no soul, as we define soul, no Godly relationship.====JACK:  When I begin to fear that robots will take over this world...and that things are going from bad to worse...that old hymn puts things into perspective..."This is my Father's World, O, let me ne'er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the rukler, yet."

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  No making a decision on gut feel there.===JACK:  No "grace" either.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/22/18
“My desire is to walk with God every day.”  (Janine Turner)  I miss TV’s Northern Exposure with Janine Turner as Maggie.  What I didn’t know about Janine was that her great-grandfather left her 365 typewritten pages of “Wisdom for Each Day.”  Today’s thought is from one of those pages.  Wise words from Grandpa!  Could the WWJD bracelet be a reminder that we’re walking with God every day?  You can YouTube Janine talking about Front Porch Philosophy.   ;-)  Jack
Janine Turner Front Porch Philosophy - YouTube

FROM QUILTING CAROL:  What a nice memento her great grandfather left her….and others as she shares.===JACK:  Do you have anything special left to you by a grandparent?  I have a letter sent to me by my grandmother congratulating me on becoming a pastor.  After receiving that letter, hers was the first funeral I conducted...along with my cousin who was a Catholic priest.===CAROL:  After my grandma died, I was given a meat fork, meat knife, and a meat cleaver that she had used.  A couple of my aunts had cleaned out Grandma’s apartment when she went into the nursing home and saved things for each of us grandchildren. When my mom died, my sisters and I divided up some other treasures of Grandma’s – I have four sauce dishes from her good dishes and a green milk glass sugar bowl she got from purchasing gas…a thing in northern MN.  I also have a crocheted edged camisole that belonged to my grandmother too.  I’d rather have a few more minutes of time spent with her instead – but good to have these fun memories.  I never knew my grandparents on my dad’s side.  They died before I was born.  I’m sure you treasure your letter from your grandmother, but how sad you had to do her funeral so soon after.===JACK:  If something were to happen to that letter I'd remind myself..."It's the memory that important.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  my dad loved that show. i never saw it... not sure why.===JACK:  An all-time favorite for me.  The characters were sooooreal!  A niece of mine has every episode on dvd.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I too enjoyed Northern Exposure, but did not single out "Maggie", who was very good in her part. Interesting insight into her family!  Bill had a saying on his desk (I forget who said it!) "The purpose of Life is to spend it for something that will outlast it".  The ministry is a pretty good opportunity to do that!  Walking with God every day leads to some unique "adventures" and opportunities, and her phrasing 'My desire is" acknowledges that we do not always do what we hope to do or try to do, day by day !  Hence, Thankfulness for a forgiving God!!===JACK:  I can't remember a day when I regretted living the life of a pastor.  With Winning Words, I feel that I'm still living that life.

FROM BB IN CHCO:  I watched Northern on occasion and found it funny and touching.  What an inspirational idea about the daily wisdom.  It might take me decades to compile such a list but…God willing, I have at least a few years===JACK:  In the past you've shared with me things and ideas that have been passed on to you by both of your parents.  We each do it in our own way.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We should all desire to walk with God everyday.  One of my favorite anthems is “My God and I”.  It’s wonderful to know He is with us everywhere and always!  We did watch a little of Northern Exposure.  We’re not big tv watchers. Really enjoy her Front Porch talk!  Sent it to Family and friends! ===JACK:  Janine's life has been more than what's seen on the screen.  I'm sure that Grandpa and his words helped straighten things out.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/19/18
“There’s no bad day that can’t be overcome by listening to a barbershop quartet.”  (Chuck Sigars)  A favorite movie of mine is The Music Man.  Great music!  Prof Harold Hill’s Seventy-Six Trombones…the Barbershop Quartet singing, Lida Rose.  Quartet singing has had its ups and downs, but it seems to be regaining popularity, even among women.  There’s something about 4-part harmony that brings smiles to listeners.  Are you one of the smiling ones?  ;-)  Jack

FROM PASTY PAT:  Yup!===JACK:  Yup, Yup, Yup and 4-part harmony!

FROM DR JUDY:  YES!!!!!! You’re right. When I come across it, I can’t help but smile.===JACK:  One of the barbershop favorites is Charlie Chaplin's song, Smile.

FROM M&L:  Thanks Jack.  We saw Music Man in Stratford Ont. and it was great!  Nice reminder ===JACK:  Stratford doesn't always have to be about Shakespeare.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON:  I disagree. Barbershop Quartets are annoying to me personally. Barbershop Quartets and Opera thanks. ===JACK:  There's usually someone singing off-key, but that's OK.  I'm like that (more than) occasionally.

FROM CPA BOB:  I smiled when I read “Seventy-Six Trombones”.  They bring back good memories.===JACK:  That's a real toe-tapper, isn't it?

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  I love BSQ’s!===JACK:  I can't recall any school-age children singing BSQ.  Is it just "old-folk's" stuff?

fROM GOPHER LYNN:  I am!    Happy Friday to you!JACK:  I seem to recall that Barber-shoppers sing..."When you're smilin' the whole world smiles with you."

FROM CZB IN NH:  One of my favorites too! Alex played Marion in the school musical. I know all those songs by heart!===JACK:  I'm sure that a lot of people don't know that"Good-night my love" is a slower version of "76 trombones."

FROM INDY GENIE:  Yes I am one of the smiling faces. Music in general does that for me but that 4 part harmony gets right to my heart!===JACK:  A seminary professor once said that church music should appeal to heart and not to the toe. Later in life, he changed his tune.===GENIE:  Oh, that's good!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  The perfect blend of four musically gifted voices sound like heavenly angels!  Love Sweet Adeline’s and Barbershop music!===JACK:  Barbershop Angels?  I guess it says in the Bible that Heaven will be a place where "ear hath not heard" certain things.===JUDY:  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear the angels sing barbershop songs?  I for one believe angels are fearsome creatures and when I picture them singing makes me smile!!

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:   Barbershop Angels?  I guess it says in the Bible that Heaven will be a place where "ear hath not heard" certain things.===JACK:  Has your women's group ever tried "barbershop-style singing?===MARLYS:  Oh yes.  It is fun—but hard to find music.  Most of it is not written in treble clef and they don’t read bass clef.

from kk:  FROM KK:  So timely.  I am at International contest and quartet finals today in St Louis
My chorus Mike tests for finals tomorrow .performances on you tube  My chorus Motor City Blend ===JACK:  I'm going to have to check that out!
Motor City Blend Chorus, Chorus Semifinals, 2018 - YouTube

FROM BB IN CHGO:  I smiled at the funeral/memorial service.  Lutherans are great at the SATB harmony and unafraid to sing.  I recall choir at the Missouri synod school I attended – once some of the guys were able to get low in 8th grade that it took on another dimension.  I feel like good singing is a hallmark of the denomination – what would Luther think? ===JACK:  I could envision Martin singing bass in a BSQ.

FROM SUES:  Agreeing with you, barbershop quartet music warms the heart! ===JACK:  I don't think I've ever heard a barbershop quartet in a church worship service.  I take that back.  In my younger days there was a radio program, The Old-Fashioned Revival Hour, which featured a quartet.  I remember them singing "This World Is Not My Home."  A real toe-tapper!  01 This World Is Not My Home - YouTube

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I sang in Sweet Adelines for several years, and wrote some of their annual shows; In a quartette I sang lead, and in another tenor. It's great music to sing, and I still always go to their annual show. I'm having a men's quartette (champions in contest) sing for our April Senior Event! Music in general is a Smile Promoter! I portrayed the Mayor's wife twice In MUSIC MAN; Such a fun and lively show !! ===JACK:  Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn!  You'd be perfect!  (...because you act good!)  I like the sound of that name, especially when said by Paul Ford.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/18/18
“Don’t borrow trouble.”  (Liesa’s Mom)   Good advice from Liesa’s mom!  How about some more?  “You are who you are…All things in moderation…Just do your best…There’s good touch and bad touch…Will it matter in 100 years…Always tell the truth…Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to.”  Someone (I can’t remember who) wrote a book: Lessons My Mother Taught Me That Changed My World Forever.   What things did you hear from your mom?  ;-)  Jack

FROM CZB:  Here are some sage words from mom that made a lasting impression on me:  “No one can criticize you for being kind to everyone.”  “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.”
(Linda and Kathy? What do you remember?)===JACK:  Thanks for bringing back the memories of your mom.  I can "hear" her saying those things===FROM KZB: Those are my favorites. I tell Dylan that first one all the time. I don’t remember mom and dad giving out tons of advice, but I do remember them setting an amazing example!  Mom was so caring and loving, but had that firm edge that made you not cross the line!  We were lucky to have parents that taught by example!  I want to pull out what we said at her funeral again to remember.AND, =I remember 3 big lessons from Dad:
1) Don't marry someone thinking you can change them. They are who they are. (used to dissuade me from Bryce)  2) Learn / go to school so you can take care of yourself  3) Don't spend money you don't have. (Used when I wanted to go to Europe with Marya & Sue after graduation).==JACK:  "I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day!"===FROM LZW:  I thought about it and couldn't come up with others for Mom. Just remember the look when I was doing something wrong or the use of my full name - Linda Karen. Ditto on Kathy's words!  But here are a few from Dad:  - Better than a sharp stick in the eye! - It will never be as good tomorrow as it is today. (Used when looking at the leftover dessert at dinner to decide - Should we eat it now or save it! We usually did not save it. ; )  Wonder what my kids remember as my sayings?!===JACK:  Why not ask those kids?

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  How to enjoy life and how to help people who need help===JACK:  Well!  You have seemed to enjoy life, and I know that you've done a lot to help people.  Lesson learned!

FROM TL IN KH:  Waste not, want not...Follow your heart...If you have your health, you have everything.===JACK:  In many ways our lives have been guided by mom's advice.

FROM EASTSIDE RAY:  Mom told me that “Nothing good happens after midnight”;  my dad told me that “If I didn’t use my head, I would have to use my feet”.  I love and miss you, Jack.  I can’t wait to get up and read the Winning Words for the day===JACK:  Thanks for introducing me to the Polish Yacht Club in Detroit...and some other neat places, too.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care...     a good motto for life...  also, if you come to a fork in the road, take it!πŸ˜€  yogi berra ===JACK:  I didn't know that your mom was a Yogi fan.

FRIM WALMART REV:  "Someday I won't be around to help you get through life, so be sure to listen to Jack every morning?!" Something like that, I think?! 0;-)===JACK:  My mom died at 102, so I had the advantage of her advice into my adult years.  Did you parents encourage you to become a pastor?===REV:   Not really . . . raised me in a Christian home, always had me present in most church services held during the week and I became involved in all the camp and youth rallies growing up. The choice came from a personal experience I had right after graduating from high school with the movie, "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" and the role of the pastor and church played throughout the movie . . . for some reason, I identified with it, became very emotional watching it and 50 years ago made a definite decision to become a pastor. 0;-)===JACK:  There's usually a story behind the story.  Thanks for sharing yours.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  patience & fortitude...===JACK:  Did you ever hear the sister singers, Patience and Prudence?===LIZ:   no, but i love the name “pru.”===JACK:  Do you know the meaning of, prudence?
Patience And Prudence - Tonight,You Belong To Me - YouTube
===LIZ:  i certainly do, as it would be imprudent were i to call myself a writer/linguist and not know that!

FROM QUILTING CAROL:  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover; Remember to say “please” and “thank you”;sit like a lady; If your friends jump off a bridge are you going to follow?; Remember your manners; Be home before dark; Turn off the lights; Shut the refrigerator!; Shut the door – were you born in a barn? (Wonder if Mary told Jesus this?)===JACK:  I wonder if Mary ever had Jesus memorize the Ten Commandments?

FROM SHALOM JAN:  Be polite.  It may change things.===JACK:  Be on the lookout for someone being polite today...and give them a smile and a "Thank-you."

FROM DS FROM SOCAL:  My "biggies" from my mom was "be honest, and never steal".  I'm trusting she didn't mean never "steal" when I was playing basketball.  That was my favorite thing to do.===JACK:  I loved to get away with things when the ref wasn't looking (only one official in those days).  BB...what a fun game.  I'd rather play than watch.

FROM MY LAWYER:  Two things:  1.  Be nice to people; and   2.  When it doubt, don't!!! ===JACK I know that you practice first!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I don’t borrow trouble as I have enough of my own.  Seriously, my mom was a stickler for elbows on the table, no humming at the table, pick up your messes, chores done etc etc.  I can tell you, the five of us kids were welcomed anywhere.  My dad had a lot of important wealthy clients and they always welcomed us kids because of the way my mom taught us.  She was never unkind but we knew our manners and how to say thank you and your welcome.  We sent thank you notes too.  And, I taught and am teaching my children and grandchildren the same.  Ps. I still get thank you notes from my grandson Noah!===JACK:  Just like with "Faith," Politeness is just one generation away from being lost.===JUDY:  How very true.  It’s amazing watching these protestors and politicians just speak so much hatred.  I truly believe most people aren’t like that but they never get on the news!  We just have to spread kindness with smiles and speaking kindness.

FROM LHK IN NVILLE:  How will you feel about your actions/ situation in 10 minutes, 10 hours,10 days,10 months,10 years, 10 decades ?===JACK:  I have an attention span, but I haven't quite tested for 10 decades.

FRO SANDYBEE:  My mother taught me this little ditty: “Good, better best…Never let it rest…until your good is better…and your better is best.”===JACK:  In catalog shopping, I usually choose the Best when the choice of items is listed as good, better and best.  That's good advice for life, too.

FROM EMT SINGS:  My Mother was so wise and as you know she lived the last 51/2 years with us down in Plymouth.  One time when I was stewing about something (or someone)  and thought I should bring it up for discussion, she told me " I think you should let sleeping dogs lie" .  Best advice I ever got!  I still miss her wise and quiet words!===JACK:  I remember that she usually had a smile on her face, too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/17/16
“It’s what you learn after we think that we know it all that counts.”  (John Wooden)  John might not make it as a coach in today’s basketball world.  …too nice…too soft-spoken.  “When it came to practice, it was all business,” said a former player.  “He didn't swear, but he would blow that whistle, and he’d say 'Goodness gracious!' and you knew you were in big trouble.”  Those who were coached by him learned more than how to play a game.   ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  i think we need more John Woodens in our world today.  the world would be a better place.===JACK:  "Goodness gracious," you seem to be making sense! ===PAUL:  hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

FROM CJS:  WWs is what I read first "your words" inspire me every day. ===JACK:  That's one of the reasons why I do as I do.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We may know a lot about something,  a little about something and next to nothing at all about most things.===JACK:  Those are good Winning Words, too.  Thanks  ===JUDY:  From my learning brain!!

FROM DB IN WB:  I had the opportunity to get a copy of his book "Wooden" for free when I was in high school. I said that I didn't want it. Oh, how I regret that decision!===JACK:  He was more than a basketball coach.  He was also a collector of Winning Words and would keep them on 3x5 cards.  He'd refer to the cards often when he wanted to make a point.  His love-affair with his wife was touching also.  You might be able to get the book from the library.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/16/18
“Do not shorten the morning by getting up late.  Look upon it as the quintessence of life, as to a certain extent, sacred.”  (Arthur Schopenhauer)  Are you an early bird or a night owl? Schopenhauer was a morning person, seeing the dawn as “something sacred.”   I like mornings!  …the sound of chirping birds…fresh-brewed coffee…the newspaper.  What surprises me about Arthur is how he could love the mornings, and be such a pessimist the rest of the day.   ;-)  Jack

FROM PM:  This morning person is always eager for your early morning emails! As a teacher your emails were a part of my every morning. They were the first thing I read when I got to work. Now they are a part of my quiet time before my kiddos get up.  I appreciate your emails!===JACK:  People don't usually hate getting up when they have something positive to look forward to.  A life that is going well is one of those incentives.  I feel sorry for those who have multiple problems and just want to pull the covers over their head.

FROM BS IN ENGLAND:  Definitely a morning person!===JACK:  ...always have been!  And you get up six hours before I do.

FROM SF:  I’m right with you. Love the mornings with my chirping birds, coffee (served bedside..yup), the newspaper, and sunrise over the lake. The trees are putting in their fall dresses and mirroring onto the lake. What a perfect showing of color and quiet reflection. ❤️===JACK:  Someone asked, "Do you wake up, grumpy?"  The reply. "No, I let him sleep in, otherwise he'd be grumpier."

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  I am a late riser now but all my life I used to be an early one! At this stage of life-whatever works!===JACK:  I almost never have used an alarm clock.  I just seem to wake up at the right time.  During your working years, did you need a "waker upper?"===SHIRL:  You know I don’t remember that fact. My last job was with the airlines and I was on the evening shift. Time certainly flies, doesn’t it?

FROM CJS:  I like mornings too.  I wake up at 4:20 am every day and I'm grateful for each day.  ===JACK:  I wake up early and go to the computer so that Winning Words will appear 1st thing for those who get up at 4:20 AM.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  his pessimism started shortly after he read the paper!!===JACK:  Maybe his pessimism was due to living with poodles and cats and no wife.===PAUL:  that would do it for me!☺

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  I think the day, no matter what part of it, is what we make it.  The optimist sees the glass as half full, the pessimist as half empty  -  the opportunist as a chance for free wine.  Hope YOUR day is great!===JACK:  In Sunday School I learned this song (good for early-risers):
This is the day, this is the day  That the Lord has made, that the Lord has made
I will rejoice, I will rejoice  And be glad in it, glad in it
This is the day that the Lord has made  I will rejoice and be glad in it
This is the day, this is the day  That the Lord has made
===RS:  A good thing to put on the bathroom mirror (or whatever place you see first in the morning). ===JACK:  I know of a guy who actually sings the song.

This is the day that the Lord has made - YouTube

FROM LHK:  That is not surprising. I can only speak to decades of adjusting to both morning and late night.  Those who take pride in needing little sleep and rising before dawn are nuts.  We do know a bit about the brain.   Those who can flip between both are the bright stars without pretense. ===JACK:  I guess that's why we're called, individuals!  We each paddle our own canoe...and not always on the same lake or in the same kind of weather.===L:  Freedom to excel.  It reminds me of a story of a third grade boy who got sent to the principle's office 80 some years ago. It was reported to me that this student told the teacher to jump in the lake, rather than seizing a learning moment she scolded the boy.   We can do better than that !   Who was the boy and what has he done as an individual?===JACK:  Maybe I should stop telling stories like that.===L:  As always, my curiosity( sincere desire to learn) tends to lead to more questions.  Lately, there has been a ton of lake and weather inferences.  This holds true in daily encounters with a variety of people.  What is up with that?===JACK:  Sometimes we overthink on some things.  It can lead to paralysis by analysis.  Having said that, I think that curiosity is a good thing.  Sydney J. Harris wrote a book...Things I Learned While Looking Up Other Things.  I'm a curious cat, too.

FROM AMcC:  Funny===JACK:  Schopenhauer was a "funny duck."  Have you ever heard that expression before?

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i am both, tho less of a night owl than i used to be.===JACK:  That's another thing that seems to happen with the aging process.  It's not good or bad...It is  what it is. ===LIZ:  yep, teenagers/young adults sleep till noon, miss half the day. but that keeps their disagreeable selves away from the rest of us.  i love to watch the dawn, relish the peace.===JACK:  "Grandpa misses half the night!"  (That's OK with me.  Been there; done that.)

Monday, October 15, 2018

 Jack’s Winning Words 10/15/18
“To different minds the same world is a hell and a heaven.”  (J.B. Priestley)  Forget about traveling to Mars.  You can do explore something closer than that…your BRAIN!  Today’s elementary children are using a book, It’s All in Your Head, which looks at Why..we dream, we remember, we laugh or wink or run.  Scientists know 10% of what the brain does, but believe there’s more than 90% yet to discover.  Do heaven and hell exist in the brain?  ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  Jack,  i have been up all night waiting for your WWs.   just kidding:):)  Have you seen the October issue of Living Lutheran?  the cover story is about heaven and hell.  i am now going back to bed☺===JACK:  In that article I read that in Hell there is a Lake of Fire and that, when you tell someone to "Go jump in the lake," you're telling them to "go to Hell."  In 3rd grade the class was assigned to write a letter to someone.  I wrote, "Dear Miss Wilson, Go jump in the lake."  She told me to go to the principal's office.  I refused to go, but that's another story.  ===PAUL:  wow, Jack,  you must have been a bit of rebel in your growing-up years:):):)===JACK:  Yes, some people were surprised when I said that I wanted to become a pastor.===SP:  very "sinful" people sometimes make great pastorsπŸ˜€===JACK:  The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed this prayer: 'I thank you, God, that I am not a sinner like everyone else. For I don't cheat, I don't sin, and I don't commit adultery. I'm certainly not like that tax collector!" (Lk 18:11)===PAUL:  Good one! ===JACK:  It seems as though we always have to fight the battle against self-righteousness.

FROM WALMART REV:  "...there a lot of matter that matters up there!" 0;-)===JACK:  In the AG, when do you "count" your knowledge of a heaven and a hell?  At your time of commitment?  Or, is it back to the time when someone first talked about God and his love for you?  Or, are you making a daily commitment as you learn more?  Or, all of these?

FROM HONEST JOHN:  In my neighborhood, some folks have a Halloween display that shows two arms above ground...ostensibly of a guy being sucked into Hell.   In the same yard, there is a political sign boosting a candidate for judge ....named Dan Christ....his first name is in very small letters and last name is writ large.....together it looks like an either/or....either go to Hell or vote for CHRIST ===JACK:  There are sermon ideas all around, if you just look for them.  Sermons don't have to be boring or irrelevant.

FROM CHRISTIE KOCH (chief scientist and president of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, explaining some of the challenges involved in artificial intelligence design):  “The brain is by far the most complex piece of highly excitable matter in the known universe by any measure. We don’t even understand the brain of a worm.”

FROM DLM:  Thanks for your continued work each day (night?)===JACK:  When you enjoy what you're doing, where the hands are on the clock doesn't make any difference.  Haven't you found that to be true?

FROM JB IN OLV:  Gosh Jack this is very heavy for a dreary Monday morning!  Another question would be - do we all live in the same world?===JACK:  Yes, we do live in the same world, but all brains are not the, we interpret what we see in different ways.   "Cherche le monde."

FROM BLAZING OAKS: The September Reader's Digest had an in-depth article on the brain; one thing stuck with me "The brain is the fattest organ in your body" & this is vital for our overall health.  Another finding: We can get smarter as we get older! YEAH!, also "You can, and should train yourself to be happy".  (The brain is predisposed to see the cup half empty, and we have to overcome that tendency. It made for interesting reading.  I'm sure if one's brain concentrates on the negative, the world appears more Hellish!!===JACK:  I'm surprised to read that the brain is predisposed to see things negatively.  Maybe that has something to do with survival.  "I might not have enough for tomorrow!"  Compare that with "Lay not up for yourself things that moth and rust can corrupt...but trust in the Lord who will provide (or something like that)" which seems more optimistic.  Having said this, I would say that the brain is predisposed to be realistic.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We all face evil and good all depends on how you face each day!===JACK:  "Free will" is a great gift from God, but a terribly responsible one, too.  ===JUDY:  Yes it is.  That’s where faith comes in.

FRO WALMART REV:  In regard to you question about the ages of coming into the realization of a heaven and hell and need of our salvation with the leadership of the AG, the most probable answer is perhaps all of the aforementioned...the young ones will hear of heaven and hell during the children’s church services, we have a doctrine’s class for the sixth graders and then through the pulpit messages at times...our pastor presented a series on hell too long personal reflection goes back to a children’s crusade during my earlier grade school years and a recommitment and affirmation again in senior high school...I’ve never out grown my need of the Savior, forgiveness and appreciation for His assurance He has done so, a heaven to gain and a hell to shun as I have heard preached. 0;-) ===JACK:  I'm always interested to learn about the views of people from other Christian denominations.  In the end, God sorts it all out.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/12/18
“Nothing is enough for the one to whom enough is too little.”  (Epicurus)  Many churches emphasize stewardship (asking for money) in the fall of each year.  Synagogues ask for money, too.  As a pastor I never had a problem with asking, because it takes money to do charitable work.  The Bible has many stories about sharing the wealth and the sin of neglecting the needy.  If I were in the business of raising funds today, I might refer to the words of Epicurus.   ;-)  Jack

FROM SF:  Love this. ‘Enough’ is my new mantra.===JACK:  Somewhat related...I've been researching the philosopher Schopenhauer who was a known pessimist.  Life, for him was a negative, full of pain and suffering,  As a friend was dying, he leaned close to him and whispered into his ear, "Have you had enough?"  ...or something like that.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I once read in an article “money” once mentioned more than any word in the Bible.  I don’t believe it but I know it’s talked about a lot.  Money and the means to earn it are gifts.  It All belongs to the One who gifted us with both the means and the money.===JACK:  Talents is a word in the Bible that can mean money as well as special abilities.  The real message, as I see it, is that the haves should be willing to share with the have-nots.

FROM MARMAR:  I once heard a preacher on the radio say, "When it comes to giving, some people will stop at nothing."===JACK:  A friend of mine and his wife were on a "tight budget."  In church he accidently put a $20 bill in the offering instead of a $1.  As the plate went by he thought of grabbing the $20 out of the plate...or telling the pastor after the service of the mistake and asking for the $20 in exchange for a $1.  He and his wife decided to let it go and to trust God.  Later in that week they received news of an unexpected inheritance.  True  story!===MM:  I believe it.  I have heard other such stories.  What a faith builder.  You can't outgive God.===JACK:  Some similar stories might be “made up,” but I’m impressed, because I know the people who were involved.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  My S.S. lesson this week is on the parable Luke 16:1-9. A difficult one
to discuss, so unlike the Jesus we think we know....Bet not many pastors preach stewardship messages on that one! :-(===JACK:  It might be interesting some Sunday to have your class members to tell stories about experiences in giving...and how giving has evolved for them over the years.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/11/18
“The countenance is the portrait of the soul.”  (Cicero)  Countenance (facial appearance) has recently taken on a new meaning.  It’s now a newer form of personal I.D.  No two faces (even twins) are the same.  Instead of being fingerprinted, just look into the camera.  Now, if only there could be some way to look into a person’s face and read their feelings.  I guess that a smile gives a clue…or, a frown, a tear, a blush.  Were you watching the recent TV hearings?   ;-)  Jack

FROM LBP:  Heard a snippet on “Wait wait don’t tell me” that facial recognition software for phones has trouble first thing in the morning. And no it wasn’t part of the “bluff the listener game” just one of those odd stories they seem to dig up
===JACK:  Now, that is funny, as in strange.  It's also funny, as in funny.  Someone asked me...What if someone has plastic surgery?

FROM WALMART REV:  I think too close . . . as it left me with a "black eye" on American politics. 0:-/  Two portions of Scriptures did come back to mind (not intended to reflect pointedly at the judge's qualification, but back to Christ's crucifixion) . ."Many false witnesses spoke against him, but they contradicted each other" (Mark 14:56)  “Then the Jews stirred up the influential religious women and the leaders of the city, and they incited a mob against Paul and Barnabas and ran them out of town" (Acts 13:50)  I know now how that can actually take place in such a setting.===JACK:  Do you think that Jesus ever got a black eye for standing up for the poor and the women who were  oppressed?  It could happen to him or to anyone who turned the other cheek.===REV:  Compared to what He did suffer, a black eye only would seem trivial.===JACK:  Just wondering...

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Yes we did.===JACK:  And...did the countenances show anything to you?===JUDY:  Not really.  Did their countenances effect you?===JACK:  In my business I think that it's important to read the unspoken message, often seen in the countenance.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I liked the old wording of the Aaronic benediction which asked that God's countenance be upon us.===JACK:  That's partly the reason I chose today's quote...although back in those days countenance was a "churchy" word that I didn't understand.

FROM RJP:  Body language at the hearings was very interesting. Because I study body language in my sales approach I had some strong opinions. But I usually do, don't I.
What is your opinion.??===JACK:  You asked for my opinion...Forgetting the politics and concentrating on body language, the one being considered as a potential judge for the Supreme Court did not appear to have a judicial demeanor.  Agitated, argumentative, unmeasured...  I would cross him off as a candidate for a sales rep, let alone as a judge.  Yes, he was defending himself, but I would expect it to be done in a calmer way.  REMEMBER, I'm giving an opinion on body language and not on politics.  Now, put away your elephant pin and tell me what you saw.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Jack, do you get much sleep? I'm in the process of changing my go-to-bed habits to hopefully get more sleep.===JACK:  I never feel sleep deprived, but I do have a desire to put some Winning Words on your computer so that they appear as your day begins.  I try not to send them before midnight (PDT), realizing that friends in Europe may be getting them mid-morning.

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  I believe that there is something that happens when two people look into each other’s  eyes. Sometimes, the experience is so overwhelming that almost all cognition fails and one may not even be able to verbalize thought. This is not just about romance. It’s what makes us human. “ Sensitive” ,Intuitive, empathetic people are sometimes plagued with this process because the other person may feel, “ you are not listening to me.” Quite the opposite.. the person  may be “listening” to a far higher degree than anyone thought possible. Listening then takes on a whole different meaning than just interrupting sound waves.  Thanks for stimulating this thought of mine, Jack.===JACK:  The eyes are being used as another form of ID.  I've read that eyes have been called, "windows to the soul."  That's scary!  I asked my eye doctor about that, and she was she was peering into my eyes.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  What a a wonderful world in which we live and what a wonderful country in which we live!===JACK: It sounds as though you've been listening to your "South Pacific" song again,,,I'm Only a Cock-eyed Optimist.  BTW, Has Hurricane Florence affected you?===SHIRL:  We have had a lot of rain and the tides have been high-closing the sponge docks at tarpon springs. But we were spared this time! Luckily it moved fast and didn’t linger like Florence. But it is still a catastrophe for those affected!

FROM GOOD DEBT JON:  Countinance is king.  We've always been taught that a smile is contagious, and in my experience that is mostly true. Now and then we run into folks that have apparently been inoculated.===JACK:  Have you heard someone say, "Wipe that smile off your face, or I'll wipe it off for ya"?===JON:  No for 40   I always liked, "If you are happy, notify your face."

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  That is true, I think, of identical twins; being one, I know our faces were slightly different in shape!  The TV hearings, which I did watch, while caring for my daughter-in-laws' 92 yr. old blind mother. She never misses a news broadcast, on TV, and by careful listening stays abreast of the world.  I definitely thought Kavanaugh lacked the demeanor and calm authenticity of a judge, and would not have voted for him; But he was defending his honor, and reputation, with his children and wife & friends watching, which would be unnerving to say the least. Of course so was she, and she was very believable, in my opinion. But as usual these days, politics prevailed...  In yesterday's blog, concerning Eddie Rickenbacker, Bill and my first date was to see the movie, "They Were Expendable", depicting his 42 days in the Pacific on a raft Impressed me! He was indeed a Hero!!===JACK:  In the hearings (sadly) it became a search for a hero rather than a search for truth (IMO).  Truth, as well as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/10/18
“Courage is about doing what you’re afraid to do.  There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”  (Eddie Rickenbacker)  E.R. was a hero in my growing up years…a WW 1 Flying Ace, and an Indy 500 race car driver.  Scared?  In his life he nearly died many times.  Once was in 1942, when his plane had to ditch in a remote area of the Pacific, and he was adrift for 24 days.  I never thought of him as being afraid of anything, but I guess that’s part of being a hero.   ;-)  Jack

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i have wondered whether people like mad dog mattis, donald trump get scared... i suppose they do. but they plow ahead anyway, and make it look easy.===JACK:  I like the nickname, "Mad Dog."  It sounds scary.  "The Donald," sounds rather tame.  Did you ever have a nickname.  I was sometimes called, "Freak."===LIZ:  no, my parents had endearing nicknames for me, tho.===JACK:  Yes, Snookums is an endearing nickname.

FROM RBJR:  Always fear God without Anxiety, but in prayer and supplication (Phil. 4:4) - yielding Courage in Christ (Phil 4:13)===JACK:  Thanks for the biblical "courage" reminder.  When I think of Bible stories of courage, I think of Daniel and...Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. or as we referred to them in seminary as Your Shack, My Shack and A Bungalow.

FROM WALMART REV:  I'm afraid you're right! 0;-)===JACK:  What does "Fear God!" mean to you?===REV:  Words like respect, respond to and rely on for my eternal life decisions and salvation-- sounds like a sermon outline, I know... 0;-)===JACK:  There are sermon outlines around us every day.  Next Sunday I could be preaching on Hurricane Michael and tying it in to Jesus stilling the storm.  The hymn might be.... Master, the tempest is raging!  The billows are tossing high!
The sky is o’ershadowed with blackness.  No shelter or help is nigh.
Carest thou not that we perish?  How canst thou lie asleep
When each moment so madly is threat’ning  A grave in the angry deep?

FROM LBP:  At cub scouts on Monday we talked about the difference between being brave and being a daredevil. Sounds like ER May have been a bit of both ===JACK:  I've never thought about it before...Is that why Indigenous People (I still think Indians) are called, "braves?"===LBP:  And I never thought about that :)===JACK:  Peter Gorman says: "The word "brave" (as an adjective) first appeared in English in the late 15th century from the Middle French brave (splendid, valiant), which itself came from the Italian bravo (bold) or Spanish bravo (courageous, untamed, savage).

FROM HONEST JOHN:  Remember Eddie Ricketyback in Lil Abner?===JACK:  Although I was an Abner fan, I can't remember Eddie,  Maybe it's because I was concentrating on Moonbeam McSwine  ===JOHN:  Moonbeam was a piece of work.===JACK:  ..and for us preachers, there was Marryin' Sam.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON:  I wonder if a milder form of courage exists, where, without fear we choose to do the small right (correct) things daily.  Cumulatively being courteous, kind, just, and setting aside provisions for your family and self over many years are habits we can cultivate.  These over 20 or 40 years may rate far more "courageous" than a simple show of courage began in fear or not.===JACK:  Yes, there are different kinds of courage.  Perhaps one is being confident enough to say and do things the little boy who said, "The emperor has no clothes."  Too often, we weigh the consequences, before taking the action.  I like the song..."Doin' What Comes Naturally."
Folks are dumb where I come from  They ain't had any learnin'  Still they're happy as can be   Doin' what comes naturally.

FROM DB IN WB:  That guy was fabulous! A man’s man. You can be sure, he was afraid. But its about pushing past it and doing the right thing, something our better generation did so well and the current generation ………………..===JACK:  Sometimes it takes time to make a proper judgment.  I haven't yet given up on our young people.  Eddie was once a young man.  His exploits, as he grew older, weren't as daring as in his youth.  That happens to a lot of people...even me.

FROM INDY GENIE:  Ain’t it the truth! I’m envisioning the Lion in the Wizard of Oz saying “courage!”....with his knees knocking:)===JACK:  I think that, of the 3 characters, I liked the lion best.  But, in fact, I liked the whole movie...even Miss Gulch.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  If you’re scared you make errors.  He probably wasn’t scared like you or me but he did have to have a lot of faith whether in himself or God or hopefully both!===JACK:
Maybe the military chooses young pilots, because, at that age, they're fearless, or pretend to be.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  I just checked his life on Google! Fantastic ! I started my job at Eastern in January 1978! It was great and we all saw the world! 🌎🌎🌎===JACK:  It really is a "perk" when airline employees can fly for free...even if it's standby.

FROM SANDY BEE:  Thank you for your “Winning Words.” Today’s reminded me of the story I read about Eddie Rickenbacker: He was sustained after his plane ditched in the Pacific by catching a seagull and eating it when he was near starvation. Later as an elderly man, Rickenbacker went out to the beach near his home daily to feed the seagulls in gratitude for the one that had sacrificed its life for him.===JACK:  Your last line causes me to ponder...What do I do in gratitude for the one that has sacrificed his life for me?

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/9/18
“When you have 435 people who are opinionated, sometimes agreeing on things is difficult.”  (Rodney Frelinghuysen)  Have you ever been on a committee?  It can be frustrating.  Even husbands and wives can disagree.  And then there’s the U.S. Senate!  Recently I overheard some millennials talking in the next booth, and one of them said, “I can dance with that!”  I’d never heard that expression?  Have you?  Interesting…getting along is like dancing.   ;-)  Jack

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i can dance with that!===JACK:  It's a catchy expression, isn't it?

FROM WALMART REV:  Square dancing may be a problem, as it is the "caller" that sets the direction and response?! Always food for thought-- thanks, Jack!! 0;-)===JACK:  Is the Senior Pastor at your church the square dance caller?  ...or is it your wife?  ...or does it depend on which dance hall your at?===REV:  I "dosey-doe" to my wife's call much more nowadays! 0;-)

FROM INDY GENIE:  Oh how I love that! “Dance with that”.... I’m claiming  it.  You never know what you’re going to learn from the next booth!===JACK:  One of my favorite "new" songs is "The Lord of the Dance."  This song was written by Sydney Carter in 1963 and follows the idea of a traditional English carol, "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" which tells the gospel story in the first person voice of Jesus of Nazareth, portraying his life and mission as a dance.===GENIE:  “Lord of the Dance” is one of my favorites, too. Didn’t know about the connection to the English Carol ....beautiful lyrics !

FROM TRIHARDER:  "I don't get no respect." (Rodney Dangerfield)===JACK:  I "respect" those Borscht Belt comics...Henny Youngman, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Andy Kaufman, etc.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  I'm positive that millennials, with a lot of help from the rest of us will bring us back into BONDAGE.===JACK:  Are you talking about "bondage" in an apocalyptic way?  If so, what have millennials got to do with it?===GEORGE:  Jack, there are 8 steps for the Rise & Fall of a Democracy:  1. Bondage    2. Spiritual Growth    3. Great Courage    4. Liberty (1940s for USA)   5. Abundance    6. Complacency    7. Apathy    8. Dependence===JACK:  This reminds me...I haven't gotten around to making commentary on CBS, your Bible Study group.  While I'm a firm believer in interpreting the Bible with regard to the time and circumstances in which it was written, I tend to be turned off when it is used to justify a current political agenda...just as you might be turned off when it appears to be used to support a current social agenda.

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  We argue and disagree, we communicate and send inspirational phrases, we can laugh and be serious and that is why I really appreciate you after all these years. SO Thank you on this Pastor appreciation day . I just wanted to take the time to say you are and have been appreciated.  God Bless You,===JACK:  Thank you.  I didn't know that there was such a day...but in researching, I found that you can get your pastor a coffee mug with his "mug" on it and the words: "Pastor on Fire!"  (Don't bother!)

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  And sometimes it seems IMPOSSIBLE!  What a quagmire our congress
has become! So discouraging. "Dance with it" is a good phrase: move together in symmetry, with rhythm and purpose. My Youth choir sang "Lord of the Dance"; a Delightful words, tune and rhythm!! My Scottish friend had a phrase that I took to, when when she said, "The wee smalls"
aren't fun..."  Turns out she meant the wee small hours of the night when one is troubled or grieving and can't sleep!  The "wee smalls" can some-times be a problem! :-) Another catchy phrase! ===JACK:  "The wee smalls!"  I like it...not what it represent...but how it sounds.  Today, I'm going to think about how it can be turned into a positive.

FROM BB IN CHGO:  Thanks for teaching me a new expression.  You are full of surprising, vibrant information.===JACK:  I heard that expression at the Courtyard.  My "surprising" led to listen to Marvin Gaye's oldie..."I Heard It (At) Through the (Courtyard) Grapevine." 

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  It’s fun isn’t it?  If you listen instead of giving your opinion, it’s amazing how everyone is wrong!!   Lol     I have never heard the term “dance” used for a thing other than dancing.===JACK:  When I was in college, the only dancing allowed on campus was square dancing.  "Close" dancing had to done in other places.  That has changed with the times.  That never bothered me, because I was a klutz when it came to square or close or toe.===JUDY:  We learned square dancing in Junior High.  We did a lot of different dances in Girl Scouts. But my favorite is the Polka!  My parents had many many parties and we all danced, even the babies were lifted in arms and danced away!  Wonderful moments!!===JACK:  Dancing wasn't for me in Jr. Hi.  I didn't to touch girls.  Cooties!===JUDY:  We didn’t want to either but back then, you did what the teacher told you.

FROM LK IN IL:  Well, Getting out and having fun even in very weird times.  Frankly, millennials may be in our faces with their yoga gear but their music can remind us of sitting in the dentist chair. How funny is that !  Who programs that setting music anyway?  It's at the pools clubs too!  And how about watching a cable station that has your phone number tied to your phone number that elderly people have on their preprogrammed large number phones? Boy, How inaccurate and unsafe is the" polling media. Today we have xyz, tomorrow it's something else or is it the food purchased within 25 miles or by a household with the same last name? Talk about something to dance with and laugh at/ with !!!  Fun indeed!  So wrong and so funny.===JACK:  I  am intrigued by millennials, especially since my grandchildren are in that age-group.  When G-S Joe picks me up in his car he switches the music on the radio from "whatever" to Sousa marches which we both like.  But, I get your point.  Things that are out of our comfort zone can be annoying.  I can dance with those times by trying to find something new.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  is it a square dance?  the tango?  or the rumba? :):):)===JACK:  As a pastor, did you permit dancing in your church building?  In my first parish a member complained because the Boy Scouts were learning Indian dancing, dancing that she considered to be pagan. ===SP:  yes, we have had a few dances that sotv over the years.   when i went to college there was a joke on campus that sex on campus was forbidden because it might lead to dancing!

FROM LK:  Thank you all for reminding us of goodness.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/8/18
“America had often been discovered before Columbus, but it had always been hushed up.” (Oscar Wilde)  Columbus got the credit, but it may have been some Portuguese sailors, or maybe some Phoenicians, or the Vikings (500 years before Columbus) who first set foot on America.  However, the 7 continents began to be formed 200 million years ago, each waiting to be discovered.  History is not only “the story” but the “hushed up story” behind the story.   ;-)  Jack

FROM SHALOM JAN:  It seems to me that those whom we call "Native Americans" were the first to set foot on the Americas -- both North and South.  However, the idea of discovery by humans is what counts here.  The animals didn't discover; they just enjoyed the freedom and variety of the lands! ===JACK:  I would not be surprised to "discover" that there were people in the Americas before the "Indians" discovered it.===JAN:  Yes, the mastodons had more than one humanoid enemy, I'm sure!===JACK:  Do you suppose that Samson might have used the jawbone of a mastodon?

FROM WALMART REV:  Was that an eye witness you quoted from, mentioning the "continents being formed 200 million years ago"===JACK:  I've learned that eye-witnesses aren't always reliable, especially when some people are interpreting what the eyewitnesses saw.  I'm lean toward trusting those who read rocks.  My faith rests on "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" ...and let it go at that.===REV:  I haven’t counted out that one “to be found” bone and stick figure drawing in a newly found cave indicating possible continents 200 million years ago...anything is possible nowadays.===JACK:  EXACTLY!  Michelangelo is famous for having said:  "Ancora Imparo," I am always learning.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  I like it.===JACK:  It's probably because we've probably read many of the same books.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  On our recent road trip to Maine our destination included Nova Scotia where there are supposedly Viking remains of their landings. But we scratched that plan because it was so far from Acadia and because rain was predicted! We did Provincetown and Plymouth instead!===JACK:  If I were in Nova Scotia, I'd first visit my friends in Victoria Beach, the watch the tide activity at the Bay of Fundy...and then visit the Viking landing place (even if it it were raining).

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  I started reading "Lies My Teacher Told Me".   Very interesting and sad that so much of what really happened never gets taught in our schools.===JACK:  Now, there's an eye-catching title!  How about another..."Lies My Pastor Told Me"?  Would you want to pick it up and read it?===RS:  Absolutely!

FROM PROUD MARY:  many years ago at school we started celebrating the indigenous peoples history before columbus came, before the vikings came, and pondered who may have been the original discoverer.  it was interesting, fun, and mind expanding.  we were the explorers.  experiencing, exploring, and viewing the world through a child's eyes and heart is an amazing gift! ===JACK:  What does the modern teacher do with Columbus?  Not mention him at all?  Or, say that in the past some people thought that he had discovered a "new" world, because they had never heard of it before?  Ways of teaching and preaching evolve with new information.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We are thankful for whoever discovered it.  We are also very thankful our ancestors decided to go through very tough travels to get here!  God bless America!!===JACK:  New information is welcomed in helping us to better understand a subject.===JUDY:  That’s very true.  Each day a new discovery!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Thinking in terms of 200 million years ago, kinda puts today in perspective doesn't it ? The little "dash" we live is microscopic indeed! (1930-?) We'll probably never know who came before 
Columbus, but history keep wending its way through each generation, and we do what we can to make a difference in our little corner o the world... !===JACK:  For good reason, given the information that was available at the time, people believed that the earth was flat.  We ought not to fear letting go of "old facts" and adjusting our knowledge.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Biblically the earth and universe is only ~6 - 8,000 years old.===JACK:  Yes, there are some people who believe as you do.  And, there are other "God-believers" who have a different opinion.  Each group believes that the information they have affirms their opinion.  The important issue is not, How? but Why?

FROM WB IN WB:  His story.===JACK:  Yes, some people see God as being active in history.  "History is His story."

FROM BB IN CHGO:  Leave it to Wilde and to you for digging that one up.  Are folks in your vicinity calling it  Indigenous People’s Day?===JACK:  I see that people in Columbus, Ohio, are using it as a day to honor veterans.  (Another blow to the Indigenous People!)

FROM EILEEN:  We can all  better ourselves in someway or another. Being more conscientious, being more conscience, and aware and in tune with others===JACK:  One of the things I like about the community where I live is its diversity.  It helps me to be aware that there are "other fish in the sea."===EILEEN:  Always swim with you, never there something like that in Scripture?===JACK:  Maybe it's in the Noah story or in the parting of the Red Sea.

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  What about the indigenous people===JACK:  It's good, but will be even better when calendars list the 2nd Monday in October as "Indigenous Peoples' Day" instead of Columbus Day.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/5/18
“People love company, even if it is only a small burning candle.”  (George Lichtenberg)  Don’t invite a fire fighter to a candlelight dinner or leave burning candles unattended.  Even if you’re in a romantic mood, he/she will be blowing the candles out, because they can be a fire hazard.  My step-father (a Fire Chief) would do that all the time.  Candles start two out of five home structure fires.  For romance, dim the lights and play Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood.”  ;-)   Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  two out of five?  wow.    i suspect another one or two would be smoking in bed.  plus faulty electric space heaters and then Christmas tree fires, etc.   be safe, ===JACK:  For the Christmas Eve Candlelight Services, the handheld "candles" are now battery powered.  Not the same effect, but safer (and cleaner).  The Fire Marshal likes it.===PAUL:  .  i am now going to blow out some candles:):)  and yes,  the Christmas Eve services always left the fabric pew covers full of wax and it was almost impossible to get them clean again.  we now have all new pew covers and carpeting too.  hate to see all that get "waxed".   but i am no longer in charge:):):)

FROM SHALOM JAN:  My personal experience with home fires is limited, but of the ones that have affected me in any way (three) one was started by a citronella candle left burning in the night and the other two by a globe ceiling light and a bathroom fan motor, so I'm more frightened by the people in the apartment below mine keeping their bathroom fan running for hours and hours when there is no one home.  Of course, I have no idea if they're burning candles at the same time!===JACK:  When I was in Sunday School, each Sunday when someone had a birthday, a real candle was lit on a fake birthday cake, and everyone would sing...":Jesus bids us shine, With a clear, pure light,  Like a little candle burning in the night; In this world of darkness, we must shine,  You in your small corner,
And I in mine."  The Fire Dept was never called.

FROM KF:  When our children were small I taught them to hold back their hair when blowing out birthday candles. Candles worry me; we have lots of battery operated fake candles at our house : ) ===JACK:  It only takes once to say,  "I shoulda..."

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/4/18
“Knowing that there is worse pain doesn’t make the present pain hurt any less.”  (Gordon Atkinson)  I’ve been reading about some things to say (or not to say) to express sympathy.  SAY: “I’m sorry…You’re in my thoughts…It must be hard…I love you…I don’t know what to say.”
AVOID: “I know how you’re feeling…You’ll feel better soon…Some things are worse.”  I know a man who said, “Is there anything I can do?”  “Yes,” said the widow, “You can spade my garden.”   ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:   there is also that old line that goes like this.   a hurting person asks, what did i do to deserve this?   does he really want an answer to that question???  of course not! ...I gave a talk at Forum Hour last Sunday on Why bad things happen to good people.  and i quoted Harold Kushner who in his book says something very similar to what you just wrote.  good words to remember.===JACK:   I think that many people want to do the right thing, but don't know how to do it.  Besides preaching... a pastor can help the congregation  when they have "hard questions" and when it comes to knowing what to say in "difficult situations."

FROM LG IN COMMERCE:  In the Jewish tradition we say "Baruch Dayan ha'Emet (Hebrew: Blessed Is the True Judge; Jewish bereavement blessing)"  For some explanations, see:
However, your expressions are typical of what most of use when speaking to one of the mourners.  A simple "I'm sorry for your loss" is appropriate.  And you are absolutely correct about "I know how you feel" or similar.  As you surely know better than I, nobody can know exactly how another person feels.  Wishing you a wonderful day!===JACK:  It's always a wonderful day when I learn something new which underscores what I already believe.  We're more alike than we are different.

FROM KB:  Another one of my favorites +++JACK:  You've had the experience of dealing with people in pain...and it wasn't always an owie.+++JACK:  I'll bet you've plowed more than one needy person's driveway.

FROM JT IN SJ:  Brought a chuckle Probably shouldn't have but I related  Have a good day ===JACK:  You could have said, "You can clean the barn."

FROM BB IN CHGO:  That last is a beautiful one; I can see your sister saying it right now!  Last night I went to Old St. Patricks, the oldest church building in Chicago and heard Nadia Bolz Weber (an ELCA pastor) who just worked the ELCA youth event.  Have you heard her?  What a pistol!  Speech laced with profanity, tattoo sleeves (of the church calendar) and a very sassy presentation. ===JACK:  Which last one?   "Is there anything I can do?  or  "You can spade the garden."

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/3/18
“Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and the end of all.”  (Seneca)  I remember how, in 1969, it became OK to talk openly about death and dying.  Elisabeth KΓΌbler-Ross had written a best-selling book on that subject and its 5 stages…denial, anger, bargaining, despair, and acceptance.  While there were mixed reviews, conversing about death and dying became acceptable.  You’ve probably discussed it with family and friends, even recently.   ;-)  Jack

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Well!!! That’s a nice thought to wake up to! It’s like Carl Reiner  says, “When you wake up and don’t read your name in the Obit. , have breakfast!”===JACK:  Carl was one who knew how to make the subject of death funny.  So did Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary Tyler Moore at Chuckles the Clown's Funeral - YouTube

===PAUL:  That was one of the funniest moments of TV in its history! One of my absolute favorites.===JACK:  One of my favorite songs is Charlie Chaplin's, "Smile."
Smile, though your heart is aching  Smile, even though it’s breaking
When there are clouds in the sky  you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow  Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through  for you
Light up your face with gladness  Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near  That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile what’s the use of crying  You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you’ll just  Smile

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  A friend in California has made all of her arrangements including buying her coffin and flowers and lot. She has made her arrangements with her Greek priest.===JACK:  Some people do that in order to take the burden off of the survivors...or if there are no relatives.  Others do it, because they want to make sure that certain things (are/are not) done.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  odd, isn’t it, that speaking of dying in this way is a relatively recent phenomenon. the most basic & certain of human conditions is still a huge mystery. do you think it always will be?===JACK:  I have certainly seen a change in the "conversation" about dying and death.  Sometimes the seeming casualness can be a cover-up.  But it truly does HURT when a loved one becomes ill...and when a loved one dies.  One of the tasks of my work has been to "comfort the afflicted," to show that, even though death is the fate of all, that there is a message of hope in Easter.
===LIZ:  you are a blessing!===JACK:  We've been through a lot (with only one face-to-face), but somehow we've been able to "communicate."  God moves in mysterious ways, sometimes!

FROM A McC:  Began volunteering at St. Hugo's in 1971 with Christian service. Became involved in the field of aging and we all were interested in that book.  Still guided by the knowledge  and information.===JACK:  As I recall, you got into the age-caring "business" because of your father-in-law.  If there's a crown for you in heaven, it will have many stars.

Reba McEntire-Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown - YouTube

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/2/18
“We’d forgive most things if we knew the facts.”  (Graham Greene)  Being prejudiced means to judge before knowing all of the facts.  RLS wrote: “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me…” and that shadow, at times, can be the tendency to form opinions based on partial knowledge.  Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, nationalism…these are more than words.  Leaning, left or right…we daily have to examine “our little shadow” of pre-judging.   ;-)  Jack

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I suppose that I should admit to have a tad of Molineism in me.... ===JACK:  If the facts were known, we would have less pride in certain "things/opinions" and more pride in others.  I continue to have pride in the Augustana Synod influence and, at the same time, being aware that it was not perfect.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Graham Greene used to be one of my favorite authors! We have to get as many facts as possible before making a decision! Don’t you think?===JACK:  Sometimes decision time comes upon us before all the facts are known.  If we were to wait until "we know it all," nothing would ever be decided.

FROM WALMART REV:  "It’s those continued piled on prejudiced assumptions (or hope something will finally surface to prove one's assertion) lately that's keeping me from those concluding and forgiving moments. 0;-)===JACK:  My continued "example" for forgiveness is the "Grace of God!"  How can he possibly do that?  To be "all-knowing: certainly helps.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Good Words.  “Just the facts, nothing but the facts!”===JACK:  We need to be careful with our judgments, because ONLY God knows all of the "facts."===JUDY:  Absolutely agree!

FROM AMcC: For me, it is best to forgive all unconditionally.  I work on that daly.===JACK:  Someone said:  "I know that it says in the Bible that you should love your neighbor, but you haven't met my neighbor.===A:  I laughed out loud.  Somehow I think about forgiveness as I age and find it easier.  Never was very grudgey.  More consciously closer to Christ.  Deepened faith is answer

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  We rarely know  ALL the facts about  anything...I read something recently that  went like this : Don't judge a person for the option they choose: You don't know what choices they had to choose from!" Good point!  As the scripture in James says, "Who made YOU judge and jury of others? That's God's job!" :-)===JACK:  Jesus said, "I'm sending you out as sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."  When we're among the wolves,  be sure to be wise (use your brain).

FROM DR J:  I like this one ALOT!  so true.. I have the little shadow hanging around too… and recognizing that the shadow exists is half the battle!===JACK:  I like this song...

My Shadow song for children - YouTube

Monday, October 01, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 10/1/18
“When I pray, coincidences happen.  When I don’t, they don’t.”  (Willian Temple)  Articles have been written, sermons preached trying to explain prayer…how it’s to be done and what it’s supposed to accomplish.  It’s still a mystery to me.  I’ve come to the point where I see prayer as talking with God, as I would to a good friend.  “This is what’s on my mind.  I’m grateful, but I really need your help.”  Forget the fancy words.  Just be yourself, and see what happens.   ;-)  Jack

FROM TRIHARDER:  Experiencing a long shot coincidence, I often say "What are the chances? I'd rather win the lottery."  And then I go on to consider all of the bad things that could happen with long odds -- lightning strikes, fires, other disasters-- and I temper my prayer for  those long-odds events to happen.===JACK:  Morse proof of what I said..."You are a religious person!", whether you think so, or not.


FROM INDY GENIE:  That’s good advice for prayer and life in general...”Just be yourself and see what happens!”===JACK:  Popeye followed that advice.  “I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam.”

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Everything happens for a reason! We are home safely from Washington DC, Acadia National Park, little New England towns,Cape Cod and Plymouth Rock! Along the way we’re at a birthday party for a three year old great grandson and a surprise baby shower for a grandson and his wife! A very exciting life!===JACK:  A follow-up movie could be made...It's A Wonderful Life--Part 2.

FROM SHALOM JAN:  Thanks for the words of encouragement that reflect my view of prayer, too.  I expect the Lord will understand what I cannot express in so many words or thoughts.  :-) ===JACK:  I think that I might express the feelings of others.  Some people seem to "pray" so much better than I do.  James Montgomery wrote: "Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed."

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  God is willing to help everyone, but we have to ASK, or SEEK, and I think, very specifically what we or whomever we're praying for needs. When our daughter, Sarah Suzanne, whom we often called "Sooz", applied for her car license plate, she asked for SOOZ 1. Turned out she had to take SOOZ 3, as there were 2 other "SOOZes!  Bill told her, "Hey, that's perfect for you, God first, Others, second, and Sooz 3rd. She liked that, because that is how she tried
to order her life, and has kept it ever since! She called it a God Wink,,,===JACK:  ===JACK:  Just a follow up on "God is willing to help...but we have to etc."  The "but" bothers me.  BTW, I like SOOZ 3 and her recognition of a winking God.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We all know they aren’t coincidences.  We call them “God sightings!”

FROM PR AW:  There are lots of  ideas of what prayer is to accomplish.  I am with you that it is me, a child , talking to my  Father.and sometimes listening or looking for a reply.===JACK:
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me;  Bless Thy little lamb tonight;
Through the darkness be Thou near me;  Watch my sleep till morning light.

All this day Thy hand has led me,  And I thank Thee for Thy care;
Thou hast clothed me, warmed and fed me,  Listen to my evening prayer.

Let my sins be all forgiven;  Bless the friends I love so well;
Take me, when I die, to Heaven,  Happy there with Thee to dwell.
===AW:  Thanks, Jack..I have not heard that prayer for a long time...and I am going to forward  it to my children.   Blessings and love to you and yours.