Monday, May 22, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 5/22/17
“You’ll never win if you never begin.”  (Helen Rowland)  This quote traces its origin back to the Greek poet, Hesiod, who lived almost 3000 years ago.  He wrote, “The beginning is half of the whole.”  Later, someone else wrote, “It is in tackling the task where the difficulty lies.”  Have you found that to be true?  A letter needs to be written.  The garage needs to be cleaned.  I’ve got to make a doctor’s appt.  “You’ll never win the lottery if you never buy a ticket.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  "You’ll never win the lottery if you never buy a ticket” or, "You'll never get hooked on playing the lottery, if you don't buy that first ticket!?"  I’ll always remember a Wednesday evening Bible study at the old Brightmoor Christian Church on Telegraph when the teacher mentioned in order for you to win, everyone else must loose. He called it greed at the expense of others. An interesting thought that will forever stay with me.  Yes, I have bought one, three or four times when the Jackpot was a few hundred million dollars. I am ahead of the game though, because of a promotion at one of our local gas stations some years ago where a scratch-off card given to the customer when he filled his gas tank with gas. I had to ask the person at the counter how the game played. He scratched off the proper place and I was given $50.00.   It wouldn’t be gambling would it as long as I don’t spend past that $50.00?!?!====JACK:  The soldiers gambled at the foot of the cross to see who would get the robe of Jesus.  If that robe were to be available today as a lottery prize, would you buy a ticket?

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Just getting started can be the biggest hurdle.====JACK:  How did you psych yourself up when you were going to play an important basketball game?====HG:  Prayed, thought through what was required of me, determined to give my best. I was never ashamed of my efforts.====JACK:  Did you ever pray to win?  Do you think that God is OK with that kind of prayer?====HG:  My prayers were to do the best I could.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  and you will never win even if  you do buy a ticket.   the odds against  you are too great:):):):)====JACK:  Do you mean to tell me that you've never bought a lottery ticket?====SP:  only one and i wish i had my dollar back:):):)

FROM CS IN MICHIGAN:  Very good!  Rings a 🔔====JACK:  I'm sure that each of us has a bell that should be rung.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  This is so true!  Everyday I face death!!!  In the shape of a tick!!!  I would rather face a rabid lion than a tick!  But, I continue my active role as a farmer and continue to plant and garden and weed!  I will win!====JACK:  Do you use any weed killers, or do you do the deed by yourself?

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  The thought for the day in my S.S. lesson yesterday was from Mark Batterson's book: "Righteousness is more than doing nothing's doing something right! Prayer should be the KEY in the morning. and the LOCK at night!"  Ties in with your thought of beginning to DO something!!====JACK:  I like Joshua's words..."Choose THIS DAY who you will serve."

FROM FM IN WISCONSIN:  SO TRUE!====JACK:   Is that not true also for "Mission" pastors?  An attitude:  This is going to be successful!!!  Also...this importance of the first "visit" of the day!!!

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