Friday, April 21, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 4/21/17
“Why should I care about future generations?  What have they ever done for me?”  (Groucho Marx)  Tomorrow is Earth Day, with an emphasis on doing things to take care of the environment.  Groucho foresees the struggle going on in society today.  Will it be, “me first,” or caring for “generations to come?”  My sister’s little grandson was asked by a flight attendant, “Where are you from?”  He replied, “I’m from Planet Earth!”  What a great answer!    ;-)  Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  China Twp gives away flowering bushes and trees for Earth Day! ====JACK:  I wonder if they give away Chinese maple trees?  BTW, Here's something you might not know...On March 17, 1834 China became an organized township, named China by Capt. John Clarke, one of the area’s first settlers. He was born in Maine in 1797 and a nostalgia for a town in Maine called “China” which was apparently the reason for his choice of a name.  So, what’s the story behind the naming of China, Maine? A commonly held belief is that it was related to the Orient, or perhaps the old vessels known as “China Clippers”, which early on sailed America’s coast.
However, a recent history of China, Maine tells a different story. A letter from Debra Fischer, Administrative Asst. of China, Maine noted that “the name of the town was chosen by Japeth C. Washburn, then representative to the Massachusetts legislature. The name originally selected was Bloomville, but the representative from Bloomfield, farther up the river, objected fearing that the similarity in names would create problems with mail delivery. So, Mr. Washburn chose instead the name China, which was the title of one of his favorite church hymns and not duplicated anywhere else in the U.S.”  "Jesus Loves Me" is often sung to the tune, China. know the rest of the story!====JUDY:  Since choices from the past are passed, there's no sense in thinking "what ifs".  However, God always made bad choices turn out for the best.====JACK:  I'm writing about any choice that you make (past or present).  It will affect your future, positively or negatively.  ====JUDY:  I'd like to think our choices later in life are better choices because of more wisdom?!? ====JACK:  Possibly, but not always true.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I tend to agree with Garrison Kieler, "Nothing you do for children is ever wasted". We recycle, and try to take care of things, hoping our children and "grands" will have decent lives,on a planet that's liveable!  With tons of pollution, climate warming, etc. It will take some real ingenuity to continue comfortable living on Earth!  I read in Nat'l. Geographic, a forecast that there will be colonies on Mars by 2050! Hard to imagine, but who knows?===JACK:  Have you read the book or seen the movie, The Martian?  Who would want to live that way.  BTW, a reader of WWs is married to an expert on Mars.  I think I'll ask about the Mars colony prediction.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Unfortunately, under the current administration, today's corporate profits and greed are more important than taking care of our home (planet).  As long as that mindset prevails, I fear that our future generations will bear the consequences of today's actions (or lack of action as the case may be).  The good news is that heaven will be a real upgrade.====JACK:  A friend of mine wear5s a sweatshirt with the numbers 10-10-80 printed on it.  10% for God (charity) - 10% for savings (investing) - 80% for self (needs of life).  He's followed that advice for years, and says that it works for him.  I'm afraid that many people start with the 100% and by the time they've spend on the needs of life, there's little or nothing left for charity and savings.  That's an analogy for people and the planet.  Take our country's budget, for example.  What's the priority?

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  Groucho didn't care about future generations because he didn't have any kids. Or if he did, he didn't love them.====JACK:  Groucho did have children...3 of them, and he did care about them.  He said that he was a Democrat, rather than a Republican, because "they care more about the common man."  He never seemed to lose his sense of humor.  A friend visited the aging Groucho who was in the hospital, hooked up with various tubes.  As the friend came into the room, Groucho put his fingers on the tube coming from his nose and pretended to play it as he would a clarinet.

FROM AW IN ILLINOIS:  Jack, the devotional book I use suggested changing one word  in your vocabulary and it will make a difference in life.  Instead of saying "I have to do something," change it to," I get to do something"....and that makes us more thankful.====JACK:  In much of life, "you can, because you think you can."  As the Bible says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."====AW:  I celebrated earth day by filling my recycle bin.   AW   Happy earth day to you and to all the growing grass.

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