Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 3/28/17
“When you own a lot of rubbish, it’s tough to simplify your life.”  (Leon Logothetis)  Not long ago, I was told of L.L., the author of The Amazing Adventures of A Nobody.  Leon tells of how he simplified his life by getting rid of “stuff” and replacing it with new life experiences.  He decided to ride around the world on his yellow motorbike, seeking examples of kindness.   He’s living the Dr. Seuss quote: “O the places you’ll go, and the people you’ll meet.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM LBP IN PLYMOUTH:  Funny how minimalism is the new "in" thing. I've been following this blog for a couple of years. I didn't get through the "2015 in 2015" but I made a good go at it. Have you heard that a new thing for Lent is donating one item (or one bag!) per day for 40 days? She also advocates decluttering schedules not just spaces.  I also like the mantra of Gretchen Rubin "outer order for inner calm" (her blog is here: http://gretchenrubin.com/, but I follow her podcast "Happier")
====JACK:  Last year I tried that "giving up 40 things."  It started out easy, but got harder and harder, until I quit before reaching 40.  Life's a lot like that in a variety of ways.

FROM GOOD SAM LEE:  The key words here as I see it, is seeking examples of kindness (compassion) Sometimes it is  hard for some of us to see this in this un-compassionate world that we live in today)  Many are focusing on ourselves for survival and keeping what we got. (not giving back)    WWJD (What would Jesus do?)====JACK:  It should be an inspiration (and a challenge) to belong to a church named, Good Samaritan.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  It was very inspiring to watch his program.  We are always trying to get rid of stuff and trying do hard to simplify.  Kindness is always on our agenda.====JACK:  To me, the challenge would be to start off on a journey with nothing and relying on the kindness of others to be able to live.  The Bible speaks of the disciples of Jesus going off in such a way.

FROM RI IN BOSTON:  Owning "a lot of rubbish"...how well I know about that!  When a person ages, it becomes clear that most of the "stuff" we accumulated was really of little value.  Mostly it distracted us from what would have been so much more significant, to ourselves and to others.  I think I'll do like Leon and look for some new life experiences.====JACK:  (Pause) while I look around this room where I sit.  The "rubbish" includes...a braid of Jeanne's hair from when she was in grade school...a picture of my father in his baseball uniform...a carving of Luther...a billy club...a 1954 license plate...an exercise ball.  Lots of precious junk that I'm not yet ready to part with.  ====RI:  If I looked around the room and listed the "rubbish" that could be disposed of, I think my computer would have a melt-down.

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