Friday, March 17, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 3/17/17
“Did you see NYT article regarding what the Pope said about giving to panhandlers?  He wants us to look them in the face, share a kind word and…not judge them or decide if they “merit” our help."  (BB in Illinois)  Have you ever pulled up to a city intersection and seen someone standing there with a sign, “I Need Help”?  The light usually changes before I can get to my wallet.  A Winning Words reader keeps an envelope of money handy for such occasions.  Yes, some may be undeserving, but we’re encouraged to see panhandlers as people.    ;-)  Jack

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Right-On!!====JACK:  Are there any panhandlers in Bettendorf?

FROM LS IN NYC:  A timely message - in NYC babysitting my grandson.  Walking we noted a homeless veteran siting with his small dog.  What drew my attention were 2 Young teen age girls nicely dressed  engaged in conversation with him.  Perhaps they heard the Pope's message. ====JACK:  Wouldn't it have been interesting to hear "the rest of story."  To talk to the veteran about his experiences?  To talk to the girls about why they stopped to talk with the man?  There are so many interesting situations out there with stories waiting to be told.

FROM CZB:  So many homeless on the corners in Denver. I spoke to a woman who runs an innovative business there called So All May Eat. They serve delicious dignified meals to all. The patron gives what they can. If someone has no $ they volunteer for the biz. I asked her whether to give $ to the beggars. She suggested giving food instead. So we tried to have nutritious food in our car. Having said that, bill says who am I to tell them how to spend $? He preferred to give them $$.
Here is the info on SAME.  Such an awesome organization! ====JACK:  Weren't you the one who would make an extra lunch sandwich and hand it to "beggar" as you walked to work each day?  Wasn't that in NYC?  BTW, I think that the Pope might side with Bill.

FROM TARMART REV:  Ours usually call the church while passing through . . . I have a card given me by the DQ in town that will treat a panhandler to a free meal. I must admit, seeing so many of them in Minneapolis with what I'm told by others living there of "self-designated rights" to certain corners, I'm not moved that much anymore to participate. 0;-/====JACK:  While you're sitting there at Target, do you ever ever offer to buy a meal (or a bag of popcorn) for someone who stops to talk?

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  Our church assembles bags of helpful items and we can pick them up and carry for distribution on those very occasions.====JACK:  Does anyone from the church actually hand over to the needy the bags that have been assembled?  It would be a good (and perhaps unsettling) to look them in the eye and see them as real persons.  I'm musing this for myself, as well. ====MARLYS:  They carry the bags in the car and when they get a chance they hand them out.  The SS kids assembled the bags and they are placed in a box in the Narthex for anyone to pick up to give away.  I remember Clifford going down to the bus station in MPLS where he would actually buy a bus ticket for someone who had called for a handout.  He was a real soft touch tho.  
FROM JACK:  JLF asked about the origin of "panhandle."====ANSWER:  Meaning "an act of begging" is attested from 1849, perhaps from notion of arm stuck out like a panhandle, or of one who handles a (beggar's) pan."

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