Monday, February 13, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 2/13/17
“Without wearing any mask that we’re conscious of, we have a special face for each friend.”  (Oliver Wendell Holmes)  I saw a list of unlikely friendships which included Helen Keller and Mark Twain, Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald.  Think about your own friends.  What do you suppose brings people together?  I’ve read, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you.”  Come to think about it, God is like that!    ;-)  Jack

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  I'm like that, even knowing you with all your foibles, I still like you....... Must be because of Mary.====JACK:  Following up on unlikely connections, I think of the unlikely connection between  you, Holy Spirit Church and the Crash Landing Restaurant.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  "For better or for worse...."====JACK:  Hopefully, for the better.

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