Monday, January 09, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 1/9/17
“People of deep faith are focused on wearing down hate-filled souls through beautiful acts of love.”  (Peter Marty)   Once, when Tiger Woods won a tournament, a fellow golfer made a racist comment and was widely criticized for it.  Tiger responded: “Everybody makes mistakes.  Let’s move on.”  I’ve told of my sister who, when she has been wronged, will give a plate of home-made cookies to that person at their next meeting.,,with a smile, too.  Ouch!    ;-)  Jack

FROM HONEST JOHN:  Right now the hate filled souls appear to be winning!====JOHN:  As General McAuliffe told the Germans when they demanded surrender at Bastogne..."Nuts!"

FROM TARMART REV:  My kind of sister!!  I've told folks over the years that "holy rollers" were those who wake up on Sunday mornings and roll over to the other side of the bed!!====JACK:  I suppose you know that The Shakers were a religious group known for violent shaking during their prayers.  People also handle poisonous snakes as part of a religious ritual.  I've not seen either of those, but I have seen people roll in the aisles and heard them speak in tongues.  As Pope Francis has said in another context, "Who am I to judge?"

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I only wish I could do the same as Tiger and your sister.====JACK: Is something holding you back?                      

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