Friday, January 06, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 1/6/17
“If Jesus had been born to hipsters…”  (Zlati Meyer)  I saw a modern depiction of the Nativity.  Joseph was taking a selfie of him, Mary and Jesus.  Mary was giving the peace sign.  I think that God might approve, especially if the purpose of Christmas was to make us see that he really understands what it is to be human.  There’s a song: “If the Christ should come to me, would I know that it was he?”  God is a master of disguise.  Have you seen him lately?    ;-)  Jack

FROM SUNSHINE:  Joanna and I continue to appreciate your "words" . . . many thanks.
Today's words reminded me of something I wrote last year.

HE WAS SEEN            
poorly dressed
a dark-skinned
bearded foreigner
an Arab
probably Muslim
actually a Jew

in front of Walmart
leading a protest
a rebellious activist
probably a socialist

ranting about
not helping the poor
about our culture of desire
self indulgence
even capitalism

he was arrested
disturbing the peace

after all it’s the Christmas season
time to get a tree
buy gifts for family and friends
oh and  pocket change for the bell ringers

====JACK:  That's exactly the point that I was trying to make.  Thanks!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Cooll! I think I told you that at a Christmas display of creches from all over the world, there was ONE with Joseph holding the baby, and Mary looking upon them...Had never seen that before, but you know Joseph did hold that baby!  I doubt we'd recognize a modern day Jesus, until he gave us some sign, don't you ?    wonder if he would be "at home" in ANY of our churches?!====JACK:  It would be interesting to see Jesus holding the baby Jesus, but shared care of infants seems to be more of a modern thing...but who knows?

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