Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 1/24/17
“Compliments are the helium that fills everybody’s balloon.”  (Bernie Siegel)  Most people like to be complimented.  I saw a list of nice things you can say to people.  You really have a nice smile…I appreciate you…You’re a great listener…You inspire me…You’re the gravy on my mashed potatoes.  I don’t know about that last one, but we all like to feel appreciated.  Look around you today.  Maybe it’s a fellow worker or a family member.  Fill their balloon!    ;-)  Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Great idea!  Will do!  Thanks for the Winning Words!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  So true, and a nice visual to picture that. I enjoyed Dr. Bernie Siegel's books; I often remark on a nice smile from a server at Drive Through Food places, etc. They're almost always surprised, and of course, pleased!====JACK:  The usual comments I hear at the checkout are more general (Have a nice day!) than personal (You're doing a great job!).  I'm going to have to remember to be more personal.

FROM CS IN RO:  Good advice in these divided times!====JACK:  If you were to meet the President, what compliment would you give?

FROM TARMART REV:  You are definitely "the gravy on my mashed potatoes" this morning!! ====JACK:  That should read..."You're the extra sugar on my Frosted Flakes!"

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  I had a friend who is gone now who used to say " Who's better than you, nobody."  My Mother had a phrase," he/she is like bread, so good."====JACK:  Did your mom ever bake bread?  Mmmmm.  How good was that?  What a compliment!

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Your the Schmaltz on my rye bread!====JACK:  Schmaltz!  The rendered chicken fat?  I've heard that word before, but in a different context.  Thanks====PAUL:  It's a delicacy that no Dr. Wants you to have! But those of us who have been raised on it...love! ====JACK:  I grew up thinking that it meant something "corny" or "syrupy."  I wonder where that idea came from?

FROM LBP IN PLYMOUTH:  Looking for compliments to give,  i.e. something nice to say, is kind of mood boosting for me as a giver too. I find it's hard to compliment someone when I'm in a bad mood.====JACK:  My sister-in-law once said to a "moody" bank teller..."Are you having abad day, or are you always this way?" ====LBP:  Ouch. Not sure that it helped the teller or your sister-in-law. I know sometimes I sound grumpy or stern when I'm trying to be focused. I rely on my family to call me on it when I don't catch it myself.====JACK:  It probably got the teller's attention.  I wonder what was her response.  I never heard.

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