Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 1/18/17
“Chionophile…a lover of cold weather.  A person who finds joy and peace of mind in snowy days.”  (Sent by Lauren in WA)  The Urban Dictionary lists a snowbird as an elderly Yankee who flies to a warmer climate to avoid the cold and snow.  They drive 10 mph, wear speedos on the beach and line up for the early bird specials.  But, there are also Yoopers who love winter and who delight to take a sauna and then run out and roll in the snow.    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  ...and there are those more-frequent Minnesotans, more than many want to admit, who always complain of the cold and bitter days, always asking themselves why they stay here, but will never, never move away?! 0;-)====JACK:  ...and then there are some who always brag about how far below zero the temperature is.  What's been the lowest temp in Willmar this year? ====REV:  It's the "wind chill" factor that is really felt and becomes burning bitter on one's face. When 5-10 degrees below 0 and the sun is shinning-- not really a problem as a warm house, car or building is in immediate walking distances. Add a gusty NW wind, then its 20-30 below and a whole different effect develops on the body, especially our our faces. I had a 10 minute graveside committal last week with no hat, as it would have blown off while needing two hands on the book, and my eyes were tearing, nose felt burnt and my breath was shortened getting back to my car. 0;-/ ====JACK:  A friend of mine was a pastor in Canada.  The funeral director in the community did not do winter burials.  He stored the bodies in his home, sitting them in chairs and sofas until spring.  His wife eventually divorced him, because she did not like to have the bodies in the house.====REV:  That one is hard to imagine . . . a funeral home in the caskets, but not someone's private home?! Reminds of the ol' country western song-- "Prop Me Up By The Jukebox When I die!"

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I like the Winter....up to a point.    If it knows enough to just take one fourth of the's allotted time.....when it gets greedy and demands extra time, I get fed up with it.====JACK:  For me, Feb 2, Groundhog Day, starts winter's downward slide.

FROM PASTY PAT:  I'm clearly a disgrace to my Finnish/Yooper heritage --- I hate the cold and always have.====JACK:  I guess, then, that you've never tried a sauna and a roll in the snow. ====PAT:  Both but separate!

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  this is me! (i?)====JACK:  Which one?  Rolling in the snow or driving 10 mph?====LIZ:  neither. i don't roll in it, but i love every flake of it!====JACK:  Do you have a walk or a driveway to shovel?====LIZ:  my driveway is over a block long... deep in the woods here. we only hire guy w/truck to plow for 6" plus.

FROM MY LAWYER:  I fall into the first category.  But my speedo is an XL!!!====JACK:  I can just picture it now!

FROM DAN THE SAUSAGE MAN:  Once again,  your timing is impeccable.  My wife & I are in Arizona for a week. Tomorrow we are spending with Jeff & Barb, who are snowbirds.  BTW, Arlove is a Yooper who grew up taking weekly saunas.====JACK:  I remember only one the basement of a Calumet parsonage.  No rolling in the snow.

FROM BB IN ILLINOIS:  Thanks for the smile; there are also some of us that enjoy the “first” snow or a “big” snow but have less patience for the grey and dirty stuff that lingers for days and weeks and months to follow.  What do we call ourselves?====JACK:  Sometime snow is a lot like life.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I think it also means "cold and flu sufferer"!  😀. Just kidding!  Even though we are usually snowbirds (staying at home this year because we are moving Feb 10 to our new house) but we don't drive 20 miles an hour.  However, I do like be the snow!!!....JACK:  Don't forget to pack your snow shovel when you move.

FROM INDY GENIE:  Love the the winter ...and winter to me means cold temperatures, wind and snow for at LEAST 2 months, 3 months even better:) Not happening for me this year(yet:) ====JACK:  That probably comes from the years you spent in Hurley.

FROM U of M BM: You can call Margie and me "snowbirds", but I don't have any speedos

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