Friday, September 16, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 9/16/16
“I don’t think God really cares who wins football games, except as winning might influence the character of some person or group.”  (Peyton Manning)  I’ve seen football players make “the sign of the cross” as they go on to the field.  I’m not going to say that’s good or bad, for who am I to know the mind of God?  Prayer is simply conversation with God.  God does care about your cares, so talk to him as with a friend.  “What a Friend we have in Jesus.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM BS IN ENGLAND:  Absolutely!====JACK:  God doesn't care who wins English "football" games, either.

FROM TARMART REV:  I remember back in my day at Bible College, grappling with whether to pursue a professional bowler's career or that of being a pastor . . . On more than one occasion, I would say to myself, with this ball I roll down the lane and get a strike, I'll be a professional bowler of if not I'll be a pastor!? I'd hit the pocket of all ten pins very well and sometimes get tapped as we'd call it, leaving a corner pin . . . then I'd say to myself, "How about, two out of three?!====JACK:  Did you ever say "a prayer" before throwing a ball during an important series?  BTW, there's a blog, Bowling for Jesus.  Maybe you could have been a Big Bucks Bowler and a preacher at the same time.  I guess that the Lord had other plans for you.====REV:  I had to stick with the short private prayers as the larger burnt sacrificial offerings took too long to build and drew too much attention. ====JACK:  Did God ever let you bowl a 300 game?===REV:  299 once, 296 another time sanctioned . . . Held a record in Kansas for a time many years ago-- 816, three game series total. Stopped in Sylvan Lanes in Keego Harbor when in WB and bowled a perfect 300 game in open bowling one afternoon.====JACK:  When I was a child I was told that thunder was the sound of people bowling in heaven.  Don't forget to have them put your bowling ball in the casket with you.

FROM PEPPERMINT MARY:  Song of the day!====JACK:  You probably know the words by heart.====PM:  i do!  been singing it all morning.  it is a favorite right up there with "jesus loves me". ====JACK:  Did you know that you can remember the names of the disciples by using words set to the tune of Jesus Loves Me?
Jesus called them one by one  Peter, Andrew, James and John
Next came Philip, Thomas too  Matthew and Bartholomew
James the one they called the less  Simon, also Thaddeus
The twelfth apostle Judas made  Jesus was by him betrayed
Yes, Jesus called them  Yes, Jesus called them
Yes, Jesus called them  And they all followed him

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  It concerns me when a group of players at any level go to the sidelines or center of the field and kneel for prayer. The pressure on some players must be enormous. Coaches should know better.====JACK:  The pressure to take a knee while everybody else is standing for the playing of the National Anthem must be great, too...or maybe not.====PAUL:  I agree..however... one is encouraged by a coach and the other isn't.====JACK:  Sometimes it depends on the venue.  "Jesus" prayers are often accepted and expected in the Bible Belt.  I notice that they are often used for NASCAR races.

FROM KZB IN THE ROCKIES:  But his Mother does!!  😊  Go Irish!!====JACK:  What other school has "Touchdown Jesus" behind its goalposts?

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Baseball players, tennis players, basketball players, etc. all have their moments of signing the cross, or pointing to the sky in thanks to (I suppose) God. But P.Manning's insight is "spot on" I think.  Competition often brings out the best in products, but the worst in people!  Knowing God truly cares about what is happening in our lives, helps us to deal with stressful situations more calmly and in a loving way. We...are...blessed! (And occasionally a blessing!) ====JACK:  Does God take special notice of those who make "the sign of the cross", or is it just a useless superstition.  I'll use the words of Pope Francis, spoken on another subject..."Who am I to judge?"====OAKS:  Exactly. If it is meaningful to them, Amen, so be it. We do not have the mind of God, as you say. And even with my knowledge that God love all unconditionally, I've done my share of praying for football games, wrestling meets, vocal contests, etc. :-)====JACK:  For "Cross signers" or other kinds of pray-ers....God always answers prayers with "Yes or No or Maybe next time."

FROM LBP IN PLYMOUTH:  I wonder if the prayer is for a good game or for safety to play another day.====JACK:  I'd be surprised, but there I go, judging again.  When I make statements like that, daughter Jeanne scolds..."And you're supposed to be a member of the Optimist Club?"====LBP:  Eh. If I were deliberately going to a field to get beat up as my job I might be praying for safety. ====JACK:  I can't see you playing football or becoming a boxer like that girl from Flint who won a gold medal at the recent Olympic games in Rio.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I wonder if God pulled for us against Notre debate???====JACK:  Do you think that God influenced the thinking of the judges?  BTW, did you win?

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