Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 6/29/16
“Don’t let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon.”  (Unknown)  NPR had a program on what bugs people.  Watermelon seeds wasn’t one of them.  On my list: Drivers who delay merging in construction zones; people checking cell phones while talking to me; the man who’d clip his nails during the church service (I heard it during the quiet time).  In spite of these aggravations, I enjoy driving, conversations and going to church.   What bugs you?    ;-)  Jack

 FROM RI IN BOSTON:  I'm bugged by persons at the supermarket who shuffle through the meat products or the vegetables, tossing them around until they find what they want, then move on leaving the display a jumbled mess.  Also shoppers in the market who choose a package of fish, later decide they don't want it, and leave it on a shelf in the bathroom cleaning products section.====JACK:  You must go to the same market I do.

FROM TARMART REV:  "Bugs!! That one mosquito in the house, flying just out of my reach into the night!!====JACK:  Then I get up, turn on the light, and try to find out where that "sucker" has landed.

FROM JANEFF:  I used to complain about people not merging as soon as they saw the first merge warning, and then my husband directed me to this:
We’re not all following the same “rules”, which tends to make everyone frustrated.====JACK:  I've driven through some states where the sign at construction zones reads...FOLD IN.  I like the ZIPPER idea.

FROM CZB IN NH:  I can’t BELIEVE someone was clipping his nails during church service.  I’m guessing others in the congregation have that on their list of annoyances as well.  One thing that bugs me?  When you call a company because you need some sort of service and an automated voice sends you thru a zillion prompts asking you for all this information and then when you get a live person they ask for the exact same information.  Huh?  I realize if THAT is what bugs me, I’m pretty darn lucky!====JACK:  Another thing that bugs me...robocalls...especially political ones.

FROM TRIHARDER:  I waited patiently at my local intersection to make a right turn while I waited for a service truck to go by me. He turned right making my wait needless. When I pointed to his signal light, he shouted a profanity at me.====JACK:  Be thankful that he didn't point a gun at you.

FROM MT IN PA:  Good morning, Jack.  That saying made me laugh.  Easy answers:
1) stepping on my own shoelaces (Don’t know why.)   2) graffiti - grrr!   3) people who stop their shopping cart and stand in the middle of the aisle, never noticing that other people on both sides are trying to move through.====JACK:  As Police Chaplain I would sometimes ride along with officers.  One of them would often go into parking lots to ticket people who parked in handicapped zones without a permit.  He was able to do something about those "buggers." ====MT:  Ha! They got what they deserved. Good for him!====JACK:  On my first ride, the first person we stopped had a license plate which began, GOD.  He was given a warning and not a ticket.

FROM JB AT LSTC:  We had a member of our board of directors who would clip his nails during the meetings – and engage in discussion while he was doing it. I always wondered if he was so pressed for time that he couldn’t do that another time.====JACK:  You are too kind.  I would think other thoughts.  I knew of a pastor whose head usher would flick the lights on and off when he thought the sermon was too long.  A secondary problem:  The head usher was the biggest giver.  WWYD?

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Not much.  I try to find the sunny side of everything.====JACK:  How about when Florida's sunny side turns to stormy weather warnings.  I remember seeing the movie, Hurricane, and wondering if people really did tie themselves to trees during those storms.

FROM BS IN ENGLAND:  Drivers who do not obey speed limits, talking loudly on mobile phones in a grocery store especially  at the checkout!====JACK:  How about tourists driving on the wrong side of the road...or stopping in the middle of a traffic circle?

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Right now, people who seem to think Trump has intelligent answers to our many Crises, but inconsiderate drivers often bug me, and people who are impatient and ugly with little children...I usually HAVE to say something when I observe that, in a "loving" way, of course. :-)  Now we have seedless watermelons, so that little problem can be eliminated, so enjoy! :-)  When  I  take grandchildren out for lunch or dinner, I ask them to put away their cell phones, and just enjoy the meal, and they do. I'm sure it bothers them to hear the text ding go off, and have to wait a half hour to see who it is! But they love their NANA....thankfully!====JACK:  If you were given 5 minutes of face to face time with Trump, what would you say?  Oh, that's right, he'd probably use the whole 5 himself.  Regarding your still have some of the "teacher" in you.  When my grandchildren ride with me, i tend to let them choose their own radio stations.  That's how I learned to appreciate Eminem.

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  People who speak without  thinking of the hurt of their words or the effect it has on others.  Politicians who play off of people’s fears for their own purposes.====HH:  How about when people come up to you at social gatherings and want a diagnosis of their back problems.  Optimist meetings don't count!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Have you read the Father Tim books?  If not you should.  It's about an Episcopal priest and his life.  It's hilarious but yet full of life issues pastors/ priests face everyday.  He marries and his wife begins to list her blessings every time something goes wrong.  It's something I pray I could do.  But things do bug me:  a healthy person using a handicap parking place, bullying, lairs, and perhaps my attitude sometimes.  But I will count my blessings instead.  They would fill up all of my electronics!!!====JACK  Some of my "best" stories...I cannot tell. 

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