Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jack’s Winning words 4/14/16
“If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.”  (John Wheeler)  The other day someone told me that it’s illegal in Michigan to fish with worms as bait.  Now, that’s strange.  I was told that it’s a way of keeping invasive species out of certain trout streams.  Ripley’s, Believe It Or Not, is known for reporting strange things, like animal oddities.  I’ve read that apes are ticklish, just like some humans (that you may know).      ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  "Ripley’s, Believe It Or Not"...I'm reminded of our one and only trip to Florida for a time of vacation and we stopped at one if their attraction stores in St Augustine, FL...I left there calling it "Ripley’s, Ripoff!"====JACK:  We have to be careful in our church services, when we present "The Greatest Story Ever Told," that a visitor might walk away saying, "What a ripoff!"  It is serious business that we are in.  We must do the best job possible.

FROM CJP IN MWKE:  Good morning Jack: How long have you been doing Jack's winning words?  Have you saved them all?  Did you make a book?====JACK:  I began probably sometime in 1993, after retirement, and most of them have been saved.  A book was published, but is now out of print... believe it, or not!

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  It's only illegal to use worms on certain sections of the AuSable otherwise all bait including worms are legal.  That's because the fishing on the river is catch and release ====JACK:  So...if a little kid takes a stick, some string and a hook with a worm on it and fishes, he can be arrested by the game warden?====HH:  Ha Ha   The reason for this is that the fly fishing community fishes for sport not eating, they usually use barbless hooks and very light weight equipment, they wish to protect the habitat and not pollute the water with foreign organic matter, plus they consider it an unfair advantage to the fisherman to use organic bait. You are seriously looked down upon if you use worms. The worst epithet someone can use about you is that you use worms.  Fly fishing is a club unto itself.

FROM DAZ IN COLO:  I'll remember that I case I run across a sad ape.====JACK:  ...or a sad wife.

FROM FI TG:  Kind of a "fishy" story Jack!!!  Just kidding!!====JACK:  Believe it or not...The expression, "something's fishy," is a reference to the fact that fish products do not smell bad until they begin to spoil, but may look completely fine.  In other words, something feels wrong in a way that isn't completely obvious.  It does feel fishy that a kid can't fish with worms, but it's true in certain places in Michigan.

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD: Who wants to eat something that eats worms, anyhow?====JACK:  Turkeys eat worms, and what would Thanksgiving dinner be without turkey?

FROM A SCIENCE TEACHER:  The earthworm is an invasive species, not found in North America before the "White Man" came.  I was told that in a college lecture years ago.  Also I have read that you cannot be tickled by someone you don't trust. I wonder if apes are the same?====JACK:  I suppose we are an invasive species, too.  I think it's interesting that when someone is extremely happy, they are referred to as being tickled pink.====ST:  I don't think "people of color" would relate to being tickled pink. Remember when Band Aids were flesh colored (pink/tan).  When I was taking genetics in college in the 60's we had a skin color chart with names for all the tone from white to black. Most had nice names like cream or coffee or coffee with cream. When they put my arm next to the chart I matched with "Swine Pink".  I was upset that everyone else in the class had nice sounding color and I was a pig. We all had a good laugh

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