Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 12/15/15
“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”  (Pharrell Williams)  A children’s song says, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.”  The Pharrell video of his HAPPY song shows young and old people (even a church choir) doing all kinds of movements to express their happiness.  I “feel happy” each time I see the video.  The world needs more happy people.  Pharrell’s song does it for some.   ;-)  Jack

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  catchy tune... now i'm singing it in my head!====JACK:  It sort of grows on you.  I find myself going back...and back to the video.

FROM DR J:  I feel Happy!====JACK:  Think of the feeling words that rhyme with happy.  I feel...sappy, crappy, scrappy, snappy.  Happy's the best feeling.

FROM TARMART REV:  ...always want to be found having a song in my heart...life seems to move along more so in rhythm than without it...====JACK:  "Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money  Maybe we're ragged and funny  But we'll travel along  Singing a song, side by side."====REV:  Love it!! Reminds me of the old Hit Parade telecast on Saturday evenings as a child.

FROM DB IN MICHIGAN:  If you love the song Happy, then please go to You Tube, and look up "triplets dancing to Happy". Its three babies in their crib looking out, the music plays softly, and they jump a little, one tries to speak or sing (baby talk), its so sweet. I watch that when I need to smile and laugh!  Enjoy!====JACK:  I've gotta check it out....tomorrow.  YouTube is great!

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  Edie Gorme has a great version of this.
You need hands to hold someone you care for
You need hands to show that you're sincere
When you feel nobody wants to know you
You need hands to brush away the tears
When you hold a brand new baby
You need tender hands to guide them on their way
You need hands to thank the Lord for living
And for giving us this day
You need hands to show the world you're happy
And you need hands when you have to stop the bus
But the hands we love so dear are the hands we love to hear
Are the hands that you give to us
Everybody, are the hands that you give
Everybody, that's nice, thank you,
Thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you
====JACK:  It was a top Hit in 1958 for Edie.  What were you doing with your hands then?====CHESTER:  Shaking hands with prospects as part of my new job as an Account Executive at an ad agency.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  With the chaotic state of our world, we need to focus on "happier" things to lift us up! A thought in the little book "Filled with Joy" points out that if we wait on major holidays, or birthdays, or accomplishments, to celebrate, we miss opportunities to rejoice everyday. Each day holds promise, possibilities, and surprises, so like the Mad Hatter in "Alice in Wonderland" we should have "a very merry unbirthday" 364 days a year!! Let's do it!====JACK:  One of the letters that St. Paul wrote while he was in prison began:  "Rejoice in the Lord always!  Again, I say, Rejoice!"  At times, we find ourselves in various kinds of prisons.  Our faith allows us to Rejoice!  Amazing!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  "Clap your hands and sing to the Lord, Halleu Halleu Hallelujah
 Hallelujah Hallelujah Halleujah Amen
That's one of the first songs my little ones learned.  They usually only get the clapping at first, but they pick up the song very quickly.  It's simple but a wonderful beginning of faith in song.
====JACK:  I'm ever thankful for being taught in Sunday School the songs that I can remember and sing today.


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