Friday, November 27, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 11/27/15
“You’re going to a Black Friday Sale?  Didn’t you say you were thankful for everything you had yesterday?”  (Gene Wilder)  One of my favorite movie comedians, is G.W.—Young Frankenstein, Silver Streak, Stir Crazy.  He was funny, even as a child (in Wisconsin).  His mother became very ill when he was age 8.  In her suffering, she’d say to him, “Make me laugh.”  But, life hasn’t always been funny for him.  Gilda’s Club shows his serious side.    ;-)  Jack

 FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  What a wonderful actor! Funny...serious...musical...he has it all!  I'm thankful for so much, Jack!====JACK:  So many comedians are laughing on the outside but seem to be crying on the inside.

FROM TARMART REV:  One of the most brighter spots in our particular walk of faith, Jack, that in the midst of any degradation, disappointment and death itself--we have hope for a better day, a better reward and the best God has to offer us! We are truly blessed to have this hope sent our way!! Happy Thanksgiving!!====JACK:  One of the responsibilities as well as one of the responsibilities of our calling is to provide a message of hope in the midst of hopelessness.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Excellent words.  I'm going shoppin', too - my wife has a bad cold and I'm going to buy some cold & cough medicine.====JACK:  I don't think you'll find cough & cold medicine as a Black Friday item.  I remember being sick once at Thanksgiving-time, and the thought of eating food made me even sicker.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Gene Wilder went to high school at Washington hs in Milwaukee with my sister in law Jane.  I've liked his movies, too.====JACK:  Did your sister know him as "Gene" in those days, or only after he became famous?

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  NO Black sales for me.   Done!!!  Gene in Stir Crazy is one of my top 10 movies!!!  We usually don't need anything but ours wants are enormous!====JACK:  I like Steve Martin (as Navin) in the movie, the Jerk, when he goes around the house saying, "I don't need anything...except this ashtray...except this remote control...except this magazine...except this dog."  The dog barks at him and he says, "I don't need this dog."

FROM BLAZING OAKS:   No Black Friday sales for me, but I am thankful for yesterday, and the extended family gathering , good food , games and visits!  Like most of us Gene Wilder experienced the very good, and the very bad, and handled it as best he could, as we do.  There is no doubt that a sense of humor carries you through a great deal..I sometimes call on people in the hospital, who can joke about their situation, even if it seems fairly grim. Our good friend, a retired executive minister, who fell in the shower and broke his hip, said to the paramedics, "I'll bet this is the first time you've met a pastor with only a skimpy towel around his waist! Glad you've come, even it I'm not clothed, but I am in my right mind!"  (He later died from complications from that fall.)  Faith is a big factor in coping!====JACK:  Here's a story that I once read and have never forgotten.  "A family experienced a tragic death, and the burial was on Saturday.  The next day they were in their usual place in church.  A little boy whispered to his mother, 'They really do believe, don't they?'"

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  And Gilda was a big fav of mine! YouTube her Commencement speech.====JACK:  Out of the bad often comes the good....Gilda's Club, which has been a help to so many.

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