Monday, May 18, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 5/18/15
“God bestowed on me a healthy dose of unawareness.”  (Pope Francis)  Unawareness often has a negative connotation…in a fog, empty-headed, naive.  But Francis puts a positive spin on it.  Usually we’re very aware of how people look, talk, dress, act and tend to associate with those who are like us.  A “healthy dose” of unawareness means to seek out and do what is right and needful, regardless of what some others think.  Some like him for that; others don’t.    ;-)  Jack   

FROM TARMART REV:  Good thought to invest in in this brand new week!!====JACK:  A new week, a time to look at the things that need to be looked at, and to overlook the things that need to be overlooked.

FROM CH ON CAPE COD:  This is really helpful!  Gives me something good to think about.  Thanks!====JACK:  We all need mind stimulators from time to time.  I read today that the Catholic Seminary in Detroit is having actors meet with students to teach them how to better connect with the congregation in their preaching.  One assignment was to "go to your mother and tell her how much she means to you and how much she has influenced you."  A seminarian came back and said that it made his mother cry.  "Now, you're getting it!"  I was taught in seminary that the preacher, in  preaching,  should connect the text up with life.  It's worked for me.

FROM PASTY PAT:  Put me in the like column --- I'm likin' him a lot!====JACK:  If Christians would just act like Christians...think how it would influence the world.  Francis seems to be trying to do it.

FROM BB IN ILLINOIS:  Thanks for sharing.  I like that he’s shaking things up with a (forthcoming?) paper/encyclical on climate change.  Like that he sees the interconnectedness of issues and is able to focus on and remember the poor and less fortunate.====JACK:  When there's an election...of a pope or a president...there will some who like the outcome and some who don't.  In this instance, I like the outcome.  But, for those who don't, there's always another election.

FROM PEPPERMINT MARY:  i think that in these days of immediate information and "social media" we find ourselves too aware.  much of the info is "hear say" and "this and that".  i prefer not to participate.  i enjoy my "unawareness".  it gives me the ability to see things through my own eyes and heart first before forming a stance on an issue.  then, when things start "flying at me", i can thoughtfully process my response.  old fashioned...perhaps, but just the way it is for me. ====JACK:  Upon be unaware can be taken in two ways.  ie:  During my growing up years I was "unaware" of how bad racism was.  In my grown-up years I became "aware" of how bad it really was.  That's why face to face conversation is better than the written word...most of the time. 

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  THE PRESENT POPE IS COURAGEOUS, AND BOUND TO BE CONTROVERSIAL, BUT MOST COMMENTS I HEAR ABOUT HIM ARE VERY, VERY, POSITIVE.  I HOPE HE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, IN SPITE OF VATICAN RED-TAPE, AND IT MAKES US RE-EXAMINE HOW MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE WE ARE MAKING IN THIS TIRED, NEEDY OLD WORLD!====JACK:  Francis is aware of the fact that his papacy will be a relatively short one (because of his age), so he seems intent of doing what he thinks is right, regardless of the fallout.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  The  Pope's tweet today says almost the same thing.  We should all try to make a better world every day.====JACK:  So, the Pope tweets?   I hope he doesn't text while he drives.

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