Monday, May 11, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 5/11/15
“My hands are shaky and my knees are weak   I can't seem to stand on my own two feet
 Who do you thank when you have such luck? I'm in love  I'm all shook up”
  (Elvis Presley)
“All Shook Up” was the top song on May 11, when my wife and I were married.  It describes how some people feel on their wedding day.  What is it that shakes you up?  During those “shook up” times, remember that God is omnipresent.  He’s always with you.  So, stay calm!    ;-)  Jack

FROM KC IN ITALY:  Love this song.====JACK: I suppose some of the Italians have heard of Elvis.

FROM MS IN MICHIGAN:  Happy Anniversary!====JACK: You noticed!

FROM TARMART REV:  A good post this morning.====JACK: ...coming from one who "always seems" calm, cool and collected.

FROM MICHIZONA RAY:  If we only "knew"! ...but alas, it is by Faith. I Hope for that which I have Faith...and I know so very little.====JACK:  Some people have a kind of religion that makes them shake...the Shakers, or quake...the Quakers, or confused...the Confusionists.

FROM IKE AT THE MIC:  Were you shook up on your wedding day?  It's something I must know so I can sleep tonight..====JACK:  What shook me up was that my "friends" had hidden our car, so we were unable to go off on our wedding trip until someone finally led us to a place out of town where we found the car (1955 Chevy Bel-Air).  Now, go to sleep.

FROM CAPTAIN RUTHIE:  I love your WW every day. Thank you for them. It's such a great way to start my day.====JACK:  Sending out WWs starts my day out on a positive note.  Each day I try to think of some of the people who will be getting them.  Friends are a treasure!

FROM JK IN CALIFORNIA:  I love this and I didn't know you were married on the 11th!!!! That's my lucky number!!

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  Nat "King" Cole's Mona Lisa was popular when we got married. Still gives me goose bumps.

FROM AW IN ILINOIS:  Hey Jack, I have all those symptoms and I am not in love....just old.====JACK:  Jesus knows me, this I love.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON:  Trivia: Songwriter Otis Blackwell wrote this on a dare. One of the owners of Shalimar Music (Blackwell's publishing company) wandered into Blackwell's office as he was struggling to create a follow-up to "Don't Be Cruel." As Al Stanton approached Blackwell, Stanton was shaking a bottle of Pepsi. Stanton said to Blackwell, "I've got an idea. Why don't you write a song called 'All Shook Up'?" According to Blackwell, the song was finished in a couple of days.  Although Blackwell is the sole composer, Presley shared the songwriting credit, as demanded by Colonel Tom Parker. The same thing happened with "Don't Be Cruel."====JACK:  That is interesting, but not surprising to me.  A friend of mine had a father-in-law who was a song writer on Tin Pan Alley.  He told of how Irving Berlin would buy songs cheap and add his name as the composer.  Irving could have written book, sort of like Yogi's..."I didn't write all the songs they said I wrote."

FROM BS IN ENGLAND:  Some public speaking makes my knees shake!=====JACK:  Thinking about being a midwife makes me shake.

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Ray Gage said...

If we only "knew"! ...but alas, it is by Faith. I Hope for that which I have Faith...and I know so very little.