Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 3/18/15
“I see the image and likeness of God in each and every person I’ve met.”  (The Prison Angel)  Mary Clarke was an exceptional person.  She was raised as a “California Girl” in Beverly Hills.  A book, “The Prison Angel,” tells her story…married and divorced…a dream about being imprisoned…becoming a nun and devoting herself to living among the inmates of a prison in Tijuana.  Imagine you or me saying the words she spoke in today’s quote.    ;-)  Jack

FROM LBP IN PLYMOUTH:  It's actually very humanizing. Does that make sense? Maybe it's less what I am looking to see but that I am actually seeing. There are so many people everywhere - most of whom I don't know - that sometimes they become part of the scenery. Think about it. Don't you expect other shoppers at the grocery store just as much as you expect to see apples or milk? ====JACK:  Obviously, "every" cannot be taken literally, or we'd have a hard time functioning in the real world.  Realistically, Mary Clarke tried to see worth in individuals that many classified at worthless.  The message I get is this...that we need to take some time to see "God" in an unlikely person.  It can be a rewarding experience.  Let's try it today.====LBP:  Interestingly that was one key point of the sermon last Sunday at the church I attended in Miami....But now and again it is refreshing to just see all the people around me as the individuals that try are. Each trying to get through life at that moment. Call it being in the moment for a wallflower/people watcher. ====JACK:  Too many of us "watch" and never "see."  Isn't "wallflower" and interesting word?

FROM TARMART REV:  Seeing what God sees in each of us is a real gift I pray for often!! I hope others can see the images and likeness of God in me (even through my imperfections).====JACK:  As Bobby Burns wrote in To a Louse..."And would some Power the small gift give us   To see ourselves as others see us!"

FROM, MICHIZONA RAY:  I would say she got the message. Unlike the "rich man" in the parable, she did sell everything and follow Him. I better get busy myself!====JACK:  That's why Mary is called, an angel...She has a message from God.  The story of he Rich Man and Lazarus always seems to get my attention.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i do... there is good (god) in everyone.====JACK:  You have to admit that sometimes it's hard to do.====LIZ:  no. not for long anyway. this does not overlook or excuse their actions/choices. but there is good in everyone. somewhere...

FROM AN ANGEL:  Equanimity - Definition: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, through good or bad situations. Synonyms: composure, calm, level headedness, presence of mind. Equanimity doesn't mean indifferent or apathy. It requires an open heart and leads to a deeper understanding of any situation.   I strive to attain equanimity to see the world around me and my own heart with clarity.====JACK:  I know of someone who was waited on by a bank teller who was not very polite.  The person said to the teller, "Are you having a bad day, or are you always this way?"  I think I might have stopped after the first question.====ANGEL:  Love this! Thank you!  I was thinking today that equanimity will be my life's work. It will take a lot of practice. Seeing everyone in the image and likeness of God will help my efforts. ====JACK:  Equanimity is one of those words you don't hear (or use) every day.  I like the sound of it.  I also like what it represents.

FROM ST. PAUL IN MESA:  I just finished a good book by Rob Bell entitled What we talk about when we talk about God.  I think you would find it worth reading.  it picks up on the theme of today's WW. ====JACK:  Yes, I've read the book...and recommend it.

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Ray Gage said...

I would say she got the message. Unlike the "rich man" in the parable, she did sell everything and follow Him. I better get busy myself!