Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winning Words 3/20/13
“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”  (Virgil Kraft)  In 1934, Bill Stidger wrote a poem, “I saw God wash the world last night.”  The poem  describes how the Spring showers wash each blade of grass and each flower, and how they clean the wings of the bees and birds.  The poet concludes, “Ah, would He had washed me  As clean of all my dust and dirt  As that old white birch tree!”    ;-)  Jack

 FROM PASTY PAT:  Lovely!////JACK:  I like the word, loverly, from My Fair Lady.

 FROM WALMART REV:  Nice to know He has in Christ!! We can walk in that in faith today, knowing the best is yet to come!////JACK:  The old hymn puts it this way:  "I have found a friend in Jesus,     he's everything to me,      he's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;    the Lily of the Valley."

FROM MY LAWYER:  Today is not my idea of the first day of spring!  But it won't be long.  Enjoy every day. ////JACK:  Did you ever quote this rhyme? 
Spring is sprung, the grass is ris.
I wonders where the birdies is.
They say the birds is on the wing.
Ain't that absurd?
I always thought the wing was on the bird.
It's often attributed to Ogden Nash or e e cummings, but the author is really, Anonymous!

 FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i love winter for winter... more than just a pathway to spring!////JACK:  I know someone who really likes summer, and there are those who like the crispness of fall, and others who are enjoying the coming of spring.  I guess God knew what he was doing when he crested the seasons.

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Therre is something about the Spring "greening" that does  lift one's spirit! That, and the first cup of aromatic coffee any day! :-) It's 20 degrees in Petersburg with strong cold winds...we'll have to make our own   Spring today! to quote C.K. Louie, "I'm bored is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world  that you've seen none  percent of."  Exclamation point on that one...have an amazing spring day!  (I don't recall ever seeing the last part of "Spring has Sprung...".we used to say "I wonder where the flowers is"...but the bird on the wing and the wing on the bird was new, and "makes" the ditty!! :-) ////JACK:  I've always liked irregular verbs...spring, sprang, sprung; swim, swam, swum; stink, stank, stunk.  BTW, do you remember Lavern T from high school, whose nickname was, "Stink."  And, he didn't mind it, either.

 FROM FARMBOY BOB:  I’ll use that in my Easter sermon at Chassell.////JACK:  I wonder how many readers of Winning Words know where Chassell is?  Even though I've often heard the name, I had to look it up on the map.  Will the snow be gone by Easter?

 FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  Exactly what Spring are you talking about.  We are having zero temps at night and today it went all the way up to 18!  We have mountains of snow all around.  Ha!////JACK:  Can you sing this song?  "I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm,  I'm as jumpy as a puppet on a string.  I'd say that I had spring fever,  But I know it isn't spring."

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