Friday, March 15, 2013

Winning Words 3/15/13
“The Benedictines have a saying about electing a new abbot:  Not too healthy, not too wise and not too holy.  In other words, a regular guy.”  (Fr Peter Daly)  Catholics are rejoicing over the election of their new Pope.  And I like the name he has chosen for himself…Francis.  Francis of Assisi was an advocate for the poor.  The word is that the new pope stands for what is right and just.  He also believes in shoe-leather evangelism, which means, you live out your faith among the people…a regular guy.    ;-)  Jack

 FROM TRIHARDER:  Pope Frankie.////JACK:  A step in the right direction...He took the bus, instead of a VIP limo, back to the hotel, where he paid his own bill.////TH:  I can see the cartoons now -- VIPs of the world waiting for him -- bus is late.

 FROM HONEST JOHN:  I think he is so much least, I hope so.////JACK:  Each of us is so much more than is seen on the outside.  Time will tell.  Pope John XXIII is a good example.

 FROM WALMART REV:  Will be interesting to watch develop . . . I wish him well and my prayers are with him!!  . . . a call came in from the Railroad Chaplains of America about a fatality in Waybay, SD . . . leaving in an hour to drive there and console a grieving family on behalf of our railroads. Back home this evening. ////JACK:  As a common priest, living among the poor and needy, I'm sure that the new Pope can identify with a chaplain who goes to console a grieving family.////REV:  An American Indian family with Episcopalian persuasion along with tribal custom...was here a couple of years ago and treated as a welcomed guests at their wake...been invited  back on Monday for the same (24 hour wake with meal served Monday eve). An adventure, this business of railroad chaplaincy...

 FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  This is certainly a hopeful election. Enjoyed your WW again this morning. Thanks!!!!////JACK:  There's a reason why prayer is important before making important decisions.

 FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  he is also politically savvy, they say... i like him!////JACK:  There's nothing wrong with being savvy, political, or otherwise.  Jesus said, "Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."
////LIZ:  JC also knew PR... has kept himself relevant for over 2000 years!

 FROM RI IN BOSTON: I admire Pope Francis for choosing to use public least he did until now.  Here we have very good bus, subway, and commuter-rail public transport for getting around Greater Boston, but it doesn't get nearly the use it should.  Some people will creep along in clogged traffic twice a day, and pay $25 a day to park their vehicle instead of using the public transport systems.  With more support from daily commuters we could have a first class system, and cut fuel consumption as well.  ////JACK:  Sad to say, in this "kooky" world, people like popes, presidents and rock stars cannot act like the hoi poloi (you and me).

 FROM PL IN MICHIGAN:  I have friends who are from Argentina. They are not so jubilant about his humanity. He has some history as a priest during the "Dirty War."   Although, when I read the article I felt that there must be more to this story. In any respect, this man could do enormous good for the world if he chooses to think about people first and dogma second.////JACK:  I wonder if any of us could stand the scrutiny of being under the microscope.  I think that some of the euphoria is the result of an intense hope for a change in the way things are in the Church and in the world, in general.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  This is so much more to the choosing of a Pope than we will never know or's very political. We have a new Pope and a new hope.  Perhaps he will be able to take us back to the future.////JACK:  My father-in-law, as a safety engineer, used to inspect plants where sausages were made.  He said that if you saw it, you wouldn't eat a hot dog again.

 FROM PH IN MINNESOTA:  i just hope the vatican with all is pomp and circumstance does not put him into a straight-jacket that will squelch his former lifestyle.  we will see...////JACK:  Did Minnesota change you from what you were in Michigan?

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  At least initially. he seems to be a humble and down-to-earth kind of guy.  Rumor has it that he was the runner-up when the last pope was selected...You must have SOME credentials and clout to get to the top of the Roman Catholic hierarchy!  He seems to think for himself,  choosing an original name for a Pope.  At age 78, with one lung, he may not have a lot of time to put his stamp on things! ////JACK:  Who knows how much time one has?

FROM JT IN MICHIGAN:  I am very grateful for the choice made by the Cardinals.  I think the governor also made a good choice for Emergency Manager.  I am praying for both men!////JACK:  Both have tough jobs.  Perhaps Francis has one that is more daunting than Kevyn's, but both could use your prayers.

Even though Pope Francis has been elected, I thought Tony La Russa would have
been an excellent candidate to be Pope.
He is a Catholic male.
He had been involved in a personal scandal.
He has worn red shoes.
He successfully directed all Cardinals for 15 years.
He could have easily vacated his current position as Manager Emeritus.
Admittedly, he is married, However, in the world today, that seems
like a small transgression. Plus, think how much fun it would
have been if he could have arranged for the Clydesdales to
pull the Popemobile.  GO RedBirds !!!

 FROM PASTY PAT IN ISRAEL:  Sounds promising.  They rang the bells in Tabgha where we were staying when the election results were announced.  We woke up but didn't realize why they were pealing until later. ////JACK:  A place like Tabgha exists, even though I had to look it up on a map and read about it. 

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This is certainly a hopeful election. Enjoyed your WW again this morning. Thanks!!!!
S.H. in MI