Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winning Words 1/16/13
“Every failure I’ve ever had is because I said yes when I should have said no.”  (Moss Hart)  When she was a teen, Taylor Swift wrote a song, “Should’ve Said No.”  Perhaps you know it.  We’ve all made decisions that we’d like to do over, but there aren’t “do-overs” in life.  So, we move on and try to do better at making choices.  A teacher wrote at the top of a little boy’s worksheet, “Do better next time!”    ;-)  Jack

 FROM HONEST JOHN:  Sometimes I have said "No" when I should have said "Yes"...////FROM JACK:  I remember this song by Ella Fitzgerald.  "First you say you do  And then you don't  And then you say you will  And then you won't  You're undecided now  So what are you gonna do?"  Somehow I have difficulty picturing you as least about major issues.////HJ:  I am an Augie debater....we researched both sides carefully....don't make decisions without thinking things through....and always end up as a moderate  (most of the time, I should say) because I have a tendency to see the value and the problems of both sides....or in many cases, the "many" sides of an issue...Although I voted for women's ordination and against the "pro-choice" position of the synod, I could always see why others voted on the other side...I thought some were way too zealous about one side or the other....have a tendency to not trust "zealots"////J:  One of the disciples of Jesus was a Zealot.  I've read that the Zealots were a Jewish sect that wanted to overthrow the Romans with violence.  They were known as "dagger men" because of this.  I wonder if Simon carried a concealed weapon while he walked with Jesus?

 FROM WALMART REV:  My teacher's comment to my roommate at Bible college was similar when talking about me missing a class or two: "Paul's a nice guy, but he needs to be in class if he wants to pass." Enough said!!!!!!////FROM JACK:  In seminary I remember (occasionally) missing chapel in favor of going out for a donut and coffee.////REV:  They took attendance at ours...700 students...the one taking attendance pretty well knew whether or not it was you sitting in that seat.////J:  To be consistent...You should be taking attendance in church.

  FROM DH IN MICHIGAN:  Wow! How true. I had a Hebrew teacher who would always say, “a little better” to encourage us to correct our mistakes on our own.////FROM JACK:  I think that your teacher was following the example of G-d.

 FROM CL IN CALIFORNIA:  Seems to me that is what life has been about.  Those many times I have screwed up the holy spirit seems to be there telling me do better next time.  We keep on trying.////FROM JACK:  The H.S. can be an affirming voice, too, saying..."Good work.  Keep it up."

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Were you that little boy?  I love Taylor's songs.  She writes them herself and she is truly blessed with her words.  She gets a lot of flack but stays true to her writings.  I pray she can stay true in her faith.  We do fail by not taking the options that come our way but that's a natural part of our lives.  (I've been helping Jess with the girls as they all had the flu and of course, they generously shared it with me.) ////FROM JACK:  I wasn't the little boy.  I was a senior in High School when a chemistry teacher told me that I could do better...and he was right.  I never forgot that advice. 

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