Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winning Words 5/13/11
“Enjoy life now; it has an expiration date.” (Michael Gartner) MG is writing about his father…75 years of marriage…still treadmilling at 101…last words at 102: “I’ve had as happy a life as anyone on earth could ever have.” Why not make a list today of the things that bring enjoyment to your life. Better yet, why not make that “bucket list” that you’ve talked about, but have never written down. ;-) Jack

FROM TAMPA SHIRL: Yes, and we have Pop who was 101 years old last month and rides his bicycle around the block almost every day. Granted, it is a motorized three wheel bike, but he maintains and putters the motor a lot in his garage. We are all still here on earth for a reason that only God knows. FROM JACK: I wonder if Harley-Davidson makes a version for the seniors who want a little more speed. Ask Pop if he's interested.

FROM PEPPERMINT MARY: i just heard a guy speak on this very subject last night. his topic was about recovering from "adultitis". his name is jason kotecki and lives in madison. i think he's worth the google-time! FROM JACK: Besides Google, I use another search engine called, Dog Pile. I think that I'll look there...(Pause) I went to Dog Pile and got a good idea for some future Winning Words.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS: My husband and I saw that movie--the Bucket List. It was funny. We did get much of our "bucket list" in before he died! We were fortunate. I just came home from the lake. I have not been up all winter. The kids came up this afternoon and put in most of the waterfront stuff. It was COLD! They came in and took hot showers and we went out for supper. I came home afterwards because I am playing in a "Jazz Band" at 2 services on Sunday. Funny! Junior High music, so it doesn't take much effort. FROM JACK: The "Lake" is a parable of truly enjoy it, you have put in the labor of "prep" work.

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