Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winning Words 5/11/11
“The sweetest of all sounds is praise.” (Xenophon) A study of beautiful sounding words has “cellar door” as #1. I don’t know about that. I like euphonium. Xenophon lived 25 centuries ago and was known for his “sweet diction.” He’s been called, The Original Horse Whisperer. Today’s WWs show an indication of that. Give someone some sweet praise today and see what happens. ;-) Jack

FROM JC IN HONG KONG: Was that as spoken by a Texas girl, an Atlanta gentleman, a South African schoolteacher or an Australian cowboy? FROM JACK: You'll have to write LOUDER. Next time, put it in bold print.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL: I love that name. Les' father's name was Xenophon Blaine Guffey. "Xenophon" has a sweet sound to it, too.

FROM MK IN MICHIGAN: You truly inspire me! You Rock! Have a terrific Day! FROM JACK: Sweet sounding words, especially "You Rock!"

FROM HAPPY TRAILS IN NOVA SCOTIA: cellar door--perhaps you heard the same story I did: a sample of individuals with no knowledge of English was asked to rate a number of phrases for the beauty of their sounds. The winner: ...and there, upon the cellar door, behold the golden cuspidor FROM JACK: I like cuspidor almost as much as euphonium...and both better than cellar door.

FROM BLAZING OAKS: Sounds of Praise...sweetest sound in the world! He was a very wise man indeed! I attended a seminar once on child-rearing, and the leader said REMEMBER THIS! "Nothing improves a child's hearing, like PRAISE"! I tried to incorporate that in my family, and once my daughter-in-law Judy (Pastor Fred's wife) said,"You are so positive and wonder your kids are so self-confident and out going: I believe if you saw Fred off in a corner picking his nose, you'd say, 'Fred, you pick your nose better than anyone I've ever seen!" We had a good laugh, but there is truth to succeeding with praise. My students would clamor all over each other to outdo, for the much- coveted word of praise. It works! :-) Of course you're not human if a negative criticism doesn't occasionally slip in ....HA! FROM JACK: How about the sounds of praise that you've heard? I'm sure that there've been many...or at least a few. "The Twins" were usually the ones to liven up a party.MORE FROM OAKS: I've been blessed with often hearing accolades, (not much on the golf course!) however, do you find that if you receive 100 compliments, and ONE negative remark, you tend to
dwell on that one negative??! We get better as we age, and mellow... FROM JACK: What do you mean ...."Negative comments?"

FROM MOLINER CF: The sweetest words I ever heard were, "I do." FROM JACK: I heard those words 54 years ago today, and you're right about the sound.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Great words today. Everyone enjoys hearing something nice about themselves. The teller also receives pleasure for spreading some good words too. A cellar door opening or closing would not top my "I love you" from someone I love is the sweetest sound...that an "The Lord's Prayer" sung by my husband. Love your Winning Words! FROM JACK: I know that you have memories of many beautiful sounds that have come to your ears, because you've told me about some of them. You are a people person.

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