Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winning Words 4/28/11
“Many are called, but few get up.” (Oliver Hartford) I hardly ever use an alarm clock. My mother never had to get me out of bed for school. In fact, I was usually the first one up in the morning. What’s it like in your house? As I look at Hartford’s words, I see a message that’s not about alarm clocks. There are many issues and people in the world that are calling for help. Who will jump out of bed? ;-) Jack

FROM JS IN MICHIGAN: My Dad used to go thru the house early in the morning saying, "Rise and Shine" My sister would rise but she refused to "shine"! FROM JACK: My job was to get up start a fire in the furnace. I wonder how many remember doing that job. "Rise and get the house warm!"

FROM HS IN MICHIGAN: That's a good one. I like that! FROM JACK: So much to do. So little time.

FROM RB IN MICHIGAN: Amen... Those words are truly inspirational for me this morning. FROM JACK: Irving Berlin wrote a song, "Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning." I guess it depends on how we see the day before us. The pessimist sees the difficulty in every day; the optimist sees the opportunity in every day.

FROM AP IN MICHIGAN: I don't use an alarm clock either and am the 1st one up in the morning. FROM JACK: Most of us who get up early usually have a reason to get up. The value of that reason is not for others to decide. I must confess that there are a few times when I "reason" that it's best to roll over for a while.

FROM JS IN MICHIGAN: If you were the first one up in the morning, what time did you go to beddy bye? FROM JACK: I've usually aimed at 6 to 7
hours of sleep. Since I try to send out Winning Words around 5 am, you do the math.


FROM BF IN MICHIGAN: I'll forward this one to some people we need to move to action. FROM JACK: One of the things about Winning Words is that they have a way of moving me to action. I try to "press on the greater achievements of the future."

FROM MOLINER CF: A BIRDIE WITH A YELLOW BILL HOPPED UPON MY WINDOW SILL. COCKED HIS SHINING EYE AND SAID, AIN'T YOU ASHAMED, YOU SLEEPY HEAD?" FROM JACK: One thing I enjoy as an early-riser is the opportunity to hear the songs of birds singing in the trees in the semi-darkness.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: These Winnings Words brought back some vivid memories for me. Kimberly always had to be the first one up every morning. If I got up early, she got up earlier. She always was up before me! One day, we went to Eastland for lunch with my friends. Kimberly, who was about 3 1/2 started talking in her LOUD little voice..."Momma you beat me up this morning, Momma, you beat me up!" Over and over she said and I kept trying to quiet her down. The more I tried to quiet her the louder she said it. The whole time I was trying to quieter I was looking more and more guilty!! I was sure someone would call the police and have me arrested because I "Beat" her up. She was referring to the fact that I got up before her that morning. Needless to say, we hurried out of that place!!! I will never forget it either and I don't let her forget it! :-) I actually had to set an alarm each morning for her. She was not allowed to get up before it went off!!!! I never have to use an alarm clock either, as I have one in my head. If I need to be up at 6 am I wake up at 6 am. The words also remind me of these words..."Many are called; few will serve." How many actually listen???
FROM JACK: What a great story of perceived "child abuse." Things are not always what they seem, so we need to be cautious about rushing to judgment regarding what we see and hear.

FROM BLAZING OAKS: "The fields are ripe with harvest...whom can we send, and who will go?" Almost every organization is crying for volunteers, including the church, so opportunities to "get up" or "out" are certainly there. Those of us who do volunteer often get burned out at some point...because of gas prices, Meals on Wheels have really taken a hit. I'm sure it has affected other charities as well. Most would identify with an old song my twin and I used to sing in programs we gave (and I do too, to a point!) ARE YOU HAVING ANY FUN?
Are you having any fun? What 'cha gettin' outta living? What good is what you've got, if your not, having any fun? Are ya having any laughs? Are you gettin' any lovin'? If other people do, so can you, have a little fun!
You know you work, and slave and save (Life is full of "ifs" and ":buts" Well, the squirrels save and save, and whatta they got? NUTS Better have a little fun, you aren't gonna live forever! Before you're old and gray, still O.K., Have a little fun, Son, Have a little fun!
So we work to find that balance... FROM JACK: Our community has an annual breakfast where awards are given to volunteers who have made a difference during the year. Of course, there are many more beyond those who are given public recognition. The "real" volunteer doesn't do it for the recognition.

FROM JC IN HONG KONG: I would say this quote is not aimed at sleepers, but instead at people who are in their comfortable chairs, enjoying what they have. Thankfully, some of them are actually waiting for a call! As for the others, they are probably Ameicans enjoying what's left of their soon-to-be-drained retirement hedge funds, and claiming their RIGHT to not help others. FROM JACK: "Wake up and smell the roses." I'm sure that God has made more roses than noses. There are many good smells in the world for people who seek them out.
MORE FROM JC: Your meaning being .... criticisms not allowed in Optimistville? FROM JACK: Criticism? What criticism? I was just observing that God has made many roses...and noses.

FROM FM IN WISCONSIN: I never use an alarm clock – even when I was taking early flights, or scheduled for an early service. I just wake up. And to this day, my wife trusts that I’ll wake up. I don’t jump out of bed anymore, just roll my way out, but never sleep in, no matter what time we go to bed. Years ago, when I was interviewing pastors, one question, “What time to you get up in the morning?” was a clue to their work habits!
FROM JACK: There's a whole world inside of us still waiting to be explored and explained. I don't recall being asked by you about my alarm clock.

FROM AM IN MICHIGAN: We sleep late and go to bed late. Amazing that when I retired twenty years ago, I woke up early and was at the gym at 7:30 a.m.. I had to compete with all those going to work. I gradually arrived later and now I cruise in around noon. My husband and I read the paper, enjoy breakfast and think retirement is grand. I won't dwell on the aches of aging. FROM JACK: Whatever "floats your boat."

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