Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winning Words 4/14/11
“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.” (Nook LaLoosh in Bull Durham) It’s said by ballplayers that Bull Durham is the most authentic movie ever made about baseball. Joe Garagiola wrote a book, Baseball Is a Funny Game, which tells about some of the stuff that goes on among the players. However, Nook’s quote has a serious side to it, when you apply the words to life. ;-) Jack

FROM CL IN CALIFORNIA: Nice shout-out for Bull Durham, written and directed by my friend since 2nd grade, Oscar nominee Ron Shelton. FROM JACK: I'm impressed. I see that he also went to Westmont. One of these days I'm going to get Bull Durham in my movie collection. My father used to "roll his own" cigarettes, using Bull Durham tobacco, which came in a cloth pouch.

FROM MOLINE CF: Sometimes it's a good thing the game gets "rained out." It lets us reassess the game plan and maybe win after all. FROM JACK: I never liked rainouts. As a player or a spectator, I wanted the game to be played. Most of life is like a big, looooong rainout, without winning or losing determined until the very last inning of the very last game when Jesus comes in as the pinch-hitter.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL: How true that is. Life goes on. The Rays were rained out last night but no chance of that tonight because they are playing in the dome. By the way, the weather is beautiful down here as usual. FROM JACK: Maybe it never rains in the dome, but the cowbells must be terribly irritating.

FROM BLAZING OAKS: I received a Kindle from my kids for my birthday Tuesday...I'll have to comb the books I read for more gems of thought like , "Sometimes you win, ...rains". Can't argue with it, can you?! The thing is, these fall into perspective, as you age and this quote feels pretty philosophical, whether or not it is meant to be. If we're smart, we rejoice in the wins, learn from the losses, and accept the rain, hoping it brings some flowers! "A Pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity: An Optimist sees the opportunity in every
difficulty" ....compliments of Sir Winston Churchill. FROM JACK: That's a pretty nice birthday present. I suppose they all sang "the song" for you. Did you respond to "How old are you?" with the age response? With all the games major league teams schedule, I'm sure the players appreciate a rain day once in a while... like a snow day for teachers.

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