Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winning Words 2/14/11
“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” (Henri Matisse) One of Matisse’s paintings of a vase of flowers brought an auction price of $33.6 million. You can buy a similar vase of fresh flowers for under $100 (delivered). Besides their beauty, flowers carry an emotion beyond words. Matisse’s painting does it; so do fresh roses from the florist; so does a child’s bouquet of dandelions. ;-) Jack

FROM AP IN MICHIGAN: Thank you for the flowers today. We gave roses to my mom and my 'aunt' on Saturday, 2 women who turn 90 this year. They came to the US together from Bulgaria in 1947 as 26 year olds. FROM JACK: What an adventure for a couple of 20-somethings....and how nice to remember these beautiful people with beautiful flowers.

FROM PRJS IN MICHIGAN: Inthe summer you can get a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my garden by just going out and picking them!!! That's the best way of all to get them. FROM JACK: Can anyone go out there and pick them? Or is it by invitation only?

FROM INDY GENIE: So of my favorite bouquet memories is a bouquet of spring violets picked by Emily in our special! FROM JACK: Did you take a picture of them? No? That's OK, because the best picture is in your mind. MORE FROM IG: I agree...I can clearly see the violets in my mind's eye. I can also clearly see that darling little girl who gave them to me. I just visited Emily and her family...husband Chris
and beautiful baby, Arloa Sunshine. They live in Sunol, California. Emily is just as darling to me today as she was when she delivered the violets! FROM JACK: ...and you wouldn't trade that memory for Matisse's painting, either.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Does this mean all of your readers will be receiving flowers today??? It would be nice...then again, so would world peace! LOL I did a lot of studying about Matisse and a lot of other artists when I was one of the "Picture Lady" at the kid's schools. FROM JACK: Everyone who responds to today's flowery WWs will receive flowers. World peace will have to wait for another day.

FROM PASTY PAT: How I remember those dandelions clasped in a pudgy toddler's hand! FROM JACK: Are they weeds, or are they flowers? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. MORE FROM PP: According to each of my kids in their 'turn' they were "BUUUFUL FLOWERS, MOM --- FOR YOU"!!! And if you think I'm gonna argue with that.

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: .......Amen....especially the dandelions. Thanks.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS: I can't imagine anyone needing a painting that much!!! The money would be
much better spent elsewhere! FROM JACK: I like this Chinese proverb. "When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other."

FROM SJA IN VEGAS: Yes. Dandelions are coming soon. Easter lilies too, with their sweet fragrance. Spring is near. But not yet. FROM JACK: I like the symbolism of the Easter lily. Someone once told me that she didn't like to go to church on Easter Sunday, because she was allergic to the smell of the lilies.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL: And remember the May Days in Moline when the children picked flowers in the woods and left bouquets at the neighbors' front doors? Flowers are one of the bonuses of living in Florida and having them year round. FROM JACK: Were May baskets a "girl" thing? I don't remember doing that stuff in Moline. However, I do know about May baskets. It's a good idea....for you to take some of your flowers and deliver them to a shut-in on May 1.

FROM PRDL IN OREGON: Thanks, Jack, for the continuing lift you give to each day with the WW's! Along the Walking Path just next to the condo's in our neighborhood the spring Daffodils are beginning to bloom indicating a change in weather soon! (we hope!) Wanda always seems to light up when I'm on the ball with the flower gift! FROM JACK: Our snow keeps hanging on, so the daffodils still slumber. Isn't the cycle of life amazing?

FROM BLAZING OAKS: A True saying, and I just visited The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA, where you take a wagon ride through acres of colorful flowers, including a giant red, white and blue flag, visible from the highway. It was truly a treat for the eyes! My family is generous to send me flowers for special occasions, and I love particularly a bouquet of pink or red roses and white daises together, but enjoy EVERY kind of bloom. You are so right, including a handful of dandelions, violets or lily-of-the-valley from an adoring grandchild...(or now Great-grandchild!!) What a BLESSING to have flowers in our lives! Thank you, Great Creator!! FROM JACK: This morning someone sent me some picture of tulip fields in the Netherlands. Isn't it neat that God invented flowers?

FROM MOLINER CF: Have I sent you this before? Worth watching again
FROM JACK: It certainly fits with today's WWs.

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