Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Winning Words 8/10/10
“Friends are God’s way of smoothing out the bumps on the road of life.” (Unknown) This quote and yesterday’s are from a book of sayings for seniors that was given to me by a friend last week. I’ve had fun paging through it and checking off sayings that make me smile and make me think. Today might be a good time to think about those people and those things that help smooth out the bumps in life. ;-) Jack

FROM MK IN MICHIGAN: Sometimes I find Friends are the bumps in the road. FROM JACK: I hadn't thought of it that way, but friends do sometimes cause us to rethink the road we are traveling. I've read that good leaders don't always want YES(people) surrounding them.

FROM R&MA IN MICHIGAN: Amen. Thanks Jack! FROM JACK: Smoooooth!

FROM ML IN ILLINOIS: i am blessed to have a colorful group of friends. they each have a characteristic that strengthens what i lack. together we are a strong whole. FROM JACK: It's no wonder that you like rainbows. You and your friends are "The Rainbow Connection."

FROM MO IN ILLINOIS: What WOULD we do without good friends? Our H.S. gang (used to be the "21", now down to 12) still keeps in close touch, although we are scattered all over the U.S. My bridge friends, my golf friends, my church friends, my FAMILY friends!!!! Hurray for friends that do ease the bumps of life! And by now most of us have had quite a few bumps and chuck holes to deal with! FROM JACK: ....and your e-mail friends, too. ....and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus!"

FROM RI IN BOSTON: Thanks for sending. I don't see much negativity there...only reasonable judgment.
FROM JACK: Beauty (and negativity) is in the eye of the beholder.

FROM PO IN MICHIGAN: This is so true. I can't imagine how one would get through life without them! FROM JACK: I like the song: That's What Friends Are For.

FROM MOLINER CF: Sometimes good friends act as speed-bumps as well. They have saved me from a headlong plunge more than once. FROM JACK: Speed bumps are sometimes am aggravation. So are speed signs and speed cops, but they're for our benefit. Such is life.

FROM JE IN MICHIGAN: I love this one….my friends are the spice of my life. They make me laugh, share their lives with me and make my life worth living. God has blessed me with an abundance of friends who are always taking care of me. I am truly thankful for you, dear friend, and for all of my friends! FROM JACK: Just as there are difference kinds of spices, there are also different kinds of friends. See if you can identify a certain friend with a certain spice.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Love all my friends! "Make you friends but keep the old, one is Silver and the other is Gold". I learned the song in Girl Scouts. I have some oldie but goodie friends and some new friends....all are precious. FROM JACK: Friendship, friendship, what a perfect blendship. Do you know the rest of that song?

FROM DS IN MICHIGAN: What would we do without family and friends? FROM JACK: Thanks to YouTube and "went" and relistened to one of my favorite Bacharach songs, "That's What Friends Are for," sung by Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder. GREAT!

FROM CL IN MICHIGAN: You are one of those who can smooth out lifes bumps. Thanks for all you do

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