Monday, January 07, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 1/7/19
“Old rockin’ chair’s got me, my cane by my side.  I ain’t goin’ nowhere, just sittin’ here grabbin’ at the flies.”  (Hoagy Carmichael)  Great Christmas cards this year!  Beautiful pictures and messages…one even included “rocking chair exercises.”  Yes, you don’t have to invest in a Boflex or NordicTrack.  President JFK eased his back pain by a daily rocking chair routine.  I’ve been told that another good exercise is to get down on your knees to pray.  The hard part comes when you try to get up after the prayer.   ;-)  Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We love to rock.  We both have Lazy Boy Rocker/Recliners.  A hospice worker who helped with my mom told us they considered the rocker/recliners death chairs.  Most elderly persons who died at home were in them.  I would say they passed away comfortably.  My mom lived in one for about 9 months.  She loved her chair.    As for kneeling, haven’t done that in years....but I would if I could!  There’s something about kneeling and praying that is special.  But God hears them whether you’re kneeling or not!  Thank you God!===JACK:  My Methodist pastor friend has a license plate that reads...GOD ROX.

FROM VK IN MI:  Love all ur messages.  Start the day with them.  Ur message of today is perfect for “seniors “.  Hope all is going well with you ===JACK:  Back pain is a pain at whatever age.  JFK was in his mid-40s when he used rocking chair therapy.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting information about JFK and also "death chairs". My mother died in the nursing home, while sitting in a chair (probably not a rocking chair but a well-upholstered one) in the TV room. Just quietly slipped away and no one was aware of her death for a while. My mother-in-law died in bed, early one morning, but I will always remember the numerous times when we would visit her in the assisted living and find her peacefully sleeping in her recliner. There must be something conducive to the body's being able to relax with the legs and feet elevated like that. Loving my rocking chair and I won't mind one bit if I die in it, kind of like being able to die with my boots on.
SKH in Southfield, Michigan