Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 12/18/18
“Our children change us, whether they live or not.”  (Lois Bujold)  A lot has been written about parents influencing their children.  In what ways are you today because of past parental influence?  Now, think about how a child influences a parent…from the first crib cry to the adolescent crying for this toy, these clothes, this food.  Marketers know it!  Going in a different direction…ponder how this world has been changed by a child born in Bethlehem!   ;-)  Jack

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Both my mom and Bill's were sticklers for always telling the truth!  My children have influenced me to be a recycler and not to litter.  They recommend good books (usually non-fiction, like, "How Democracies Die", and The New Jim Crow" something that will edify me!)  Especially this time of year, the Christ child ushers in a time of extra concern and kindness to those in need.  We all "need a little Christmas" as Auntie Mame sang so well!===JACK:  It's amazing how our children still change us.===OAKS:  By the way I saw the movie GREEN BOOK yesterday, and
its the best thing I've seen all year.  Funny, and often very poignant, a black concert pianist, and an Italian driver of his tour car, set in early 60's. It's a Do NOT MISS!  (He's touring in the South... enough said...)


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