Friday, August 04, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 8/4/17
“All people want is someone to listen.”  (Hugh Elliott)  Do you ever get the feeling at work, in the home, or even at church…”Nobody listens to me!”?  That’s a frustrating feeling.  Reactions can be different.  Some raise their voices; some withdraw; some choose sides.  But the fact is, people want to be heard.  Let’s try to be more sensitive to that today.  BTW, I read this week that the word, listen, and the word, silent, have the same letters.  Think about that.    ;-)  Jack

FROM DR J:  Good one ! I'll focus on this today!! I'm in st Thomas USVI.====JACK:  It's nice hearing from you.  You're coming through loud and clear, even though you're 1,974 miles away.

FROM LABOR BOB:  I would add “people want to be heard and understood”.  It is the human condition.====JACK:  That reminds me of the story..."My wife and I had words, only I didn't get a chance to use any."

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Not sure if you've seen this one on listening -
====JACK:  No, I haven't seen it.  Very interesting and, at times, very true.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  How often do we think of this as we watch our Government work!  There is no such thing as listening or listening for the truth...actual truth.  It would be a miracle if one person in this government even knows the truth! Perhaps if they listened and HEARD.....====JACK:  Sometimes people talk and want only to be heard by those who agree with them.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Interesting tidbit to know about silent and listen! Who sits and figures those things out?!  You really can learn a lot by listening; Hopefully we can all improve our skills on that!====JACK:  Have you ever sung this African song?
Have you ever sung this African song?
Listen, listen, God is calling,
through the Word inviting,
offering forgiveness, comfort, and joy.
Listen, listen, God is calling,
through the Word inviting,
offering forgiveness, comfort, and joy.
1 Jesus gave his mandate:
share the good news
that he came to save us
and set us free. [Refrain]
2 Let none be forgotten
throughout the world.
In the triune name of God
go and baptize. [Refrain]
3 Help us to be faithful,
standing steadfast,
walking in your precepts,
led by your Word. [Refrain]
neno lake Mungu
lakuita wewe,
neno la wokovu, tena jema.

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