Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 2/22/17
“Smile, things are going to work out.  You may not see it now, but you’re being directed to a much greater happiness.”  (ThisInspiresUs)  Stuart McLean (Canada’s Garrison Keillor) died last week.  He used this quote when he announced the diagnosis of his illness.  Things don’t always work out as we want them to, but things do have a way of working out.  Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled or afraid…I am with you.”  That’s the greater happiness.    ;-)  Jack

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.====JACK:  It sounds good, but it takes faith to believe that it is so.====GEORGE:  The verse was posted over the entrance to my shop.
It works.====JACK:  Did anyone ever ask you why it was there?

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I don't think Trump is like Hitler...I think he is like Caligula....his own party turned on him.....think the same could happen here....Claudius was next...and eventually the Flavians====JACK:  There are similarities with Adolph when it comes to expressing an opinion about the press.  Did they have a press in Caligula's day?====JOHN:  Not written. But oral.   It was too difficult to print on a wide scale basis.   They did, however, have written communications that went to the wealthy elite.    It was why rhetoric was the queen of educational life.    I studied rhetoric in grad school.   It was interesting....involved more than just speaking well...kind of like Homiletics. 

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Thank you for the message!  It was perfect for us today!  God is good all the time!!!====JACK:  Everybody needs an umbrella, because into each life some rain must fall.  "Be not dismayed whate'er befall, God will take care of you."====JUDY:  It was a total downpour but He has us under His umbrella.

FROM ST PAUL IN MESA:  ====ST PAUL:  this sounds a lot like Joel Osteen but i will take it with a grain of salt because i do believe it to be true, for the most part.   what i don't like about Osteen is that this theme seems to be the only one he knows to preach on.  every Sunday sounds like the last Sunday.  its just that the names, dates, and illustrations change somewhat.====JACK:  Take it easy on poor Joel.  He's doing the best he most of us when we stand in our pulpits.  He just usually has more listeners than we do.

 FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  God has a plan for all of us, and we are all still here for a reason.  One day at a time. ====JACK:  Have you figured out your reason?  I'm still trying to unravel mine.

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