Monday, December 05, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 12/5/16
“I like walking in the rain, because nobody can see my tears.”  (Charlie Chaplin)  There are many people with tears in their eyes these days…a death…an election result...a football loss.  Annie Johnson Flint wrote, “God has not promised skies always blue.”  Billy Graham has said that he often prays to God with tears in his eyes.  God understands crying.  It’s a sign of caring.  I like the verse from the Bible…”Cast all your cares on him, for he cares about you.”     ;-)  Jack

 FROM HONEST JOHN:  I have to admit that I am often in tears.    It was always do difficult to officiate at funerals for that reason.    Used to try to get my crying in before the funeral began.   Wanted the service to be upbeat.    I will be found with tears of joy when I stand before St. Peter's gate.   Just to be near those folks will be a great joy.====JACK:  I think that most pastors have had the experience of "crying in the chapel" and out of it, too.  Ours is a job connected with emotions.

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  Jack, Your winning words today made me think of this song, so I am copying the lyrics for you:
Pack up all my cares and woes
Feeling low here I go
Bye, bye blackbird
Where somebody waits for me
Sugar sweet so is she
Bye, bye Blackbird
No one seems to love or understand me
And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me
Where somebody shines the light
I'll be coming on home tonight
Bye, bye Blackbird
Nobody seems to love or understand me
And all the hard luck stories they keep on handing me
Where somebody shines the light
I'm coming on home tonight
Bye, bye Blackbird
====JACK:  A great song!  Tears are often shed, because "no one seems to love or understand me."

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  There are even more tears when people listen to some of the things his son says!  (Follow up):  I'm sorry...his son...Referring to Billy Graham's son.====JACK:  Whoa!  At first I'd thought that you'd had a conversion God and his Son.  Yes, Franklin is something else.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  an election result?!? i cried for eight years... does that make me a racist? i cried harder when i thought crooked hillary was going to win... that makes me a misogynist, i suppose?  the straws are to "suck it up." feel free to pass them out... ha!  no offense intended. ====JACK:  The point is that God cares!  God cares about all tears, even your 8 years of them.  He cares about the tears of my friends whose mother just died...their first Christmas without her.  I suppose he cares about those who are disappointed in a football loss (who am I to know the feelings of God?  I just know that he cares.  Did God answer (or not answer) the prayers in the recent election?

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  A poignant statement, and very visual! Crying in the rain...Charlie also said, "To truly laugh, you have to take your pain, and play with it."  Once you discover laughter in any situation,  you an deal with it!  The release of tears is a blessing in our make-up. The gorgeous Symphonic and Vocal Christmas music at Millikin U. Vespers last night caused my eyes to well up!! ====JACK:  I'd like to know why Charlie was walking in the rain and crying.  He had many disapointments in life.

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