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Jack’s Winning Words 11/9/16
“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today.  It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”  (Charles Schulz)  If Sparky were living, this quote might be the basis for a Peanuts strip after the BIG election.  Schulz was able to take a complex idea and make it understandable through his Peanuts characters.  Reagan was a reader; Whoopi, too; and 300 million others.  In my opinion, Linus would be the one to speak today’s Winning Words.  Or, who else?   ;-)  Jack

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Speechless====JACK:  Yesterday I predicted that there would be some very unhappy people today.  Someone wrote recently, "Be careful what you wish for.  You might get it."====PAUL:  And... it looks like the majority of the voters are the ones most unhappy!  She is probably going to win the popular vote!====JACK:  The founding fathers chose to have the election of a President made by the states, rather than by a total vote of the people.  "States rights" continues to be an issue.  The Civil War was a war between the states and only, secondarily, about the rights of the slaves.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Just  got a note from old school mate Steve Gustafson in AU congratulating me on the election.====JACK:  Nobody's going to tell you that wishes don't come true.  The next one might be harder...that the Hawkeyes beat the Wolverines in football next Saturday.

FROM SK IN GERMANY:  Back in Germany I still stay in contact with you in my thoughts through your Winning Words! Today it's at long last time to thank you for sharing your wisdom and your visions!  And today lots of thoughts are with all our American friends... Sure - the world will not come to an end today - but our family - and the whole German press - is in shock about this unbelievable election results!====JACK:  I have lived long enough to see examples of the bad turning out to be good.  During WW2, Germany was America's mortal enemy, but now they are perhaps our closest ally.  People such as you and your family make me proud of my (1/2) German heritage.  We have a tendency to look at life, using a microscope.  Now is the time to bring out the telescope and look at the big picture.  God has a much bigger telescope than we do.  BLEIB RUHIG!

FROM OPTIMIST AW:  Great!! Thanks, Jack.====JACK:  I don't know about, "great," but I do believe that it was something that needed to be said.

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  A new dawn in America so let us all pray for his success.====JACK:  Success is in the eye of the beholder.  What is success to you?

 FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  Thanks Jack, cause that is what it feels like the world coming to an end.====JACK:  Some things are worse than losing an election.  I know of someone who's been told that he has mouth cancer.

FROM DP IN WISCONSIN:  Mother passed away gracefully Tuesday evening.  Thank you for your prayers and friendship.====JACK:  What a fine, fine lady and friend!  Yesterday was important,  because it was the first day of her life in heaven.

FROM JEFF OF RAYMOND JAMES:  Great words on a day like today Jack!   I am trying to keep many clients from jumping off of the proverbial cliff.   Have a good day.====JACK:  Elections are important, but when all is said and done...follow the money!  There was a reason why Jesus said, "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven."  We always have to ask ourselves, "What's really important in this world?"  Both you and I are often in the business of calming people.

FROM DR JUDY:  Clever!!====JACK:  Clever?  Maybe...but the job of a pastor, my job, is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.====JUDY:  And you did so subtly yet directly!! As one can without presenting an entire sermon. Well done!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Well, I REALLY didn't think I would be one of the very, very, unhappy people today, but though still reeling with the upset, I have to come to terms with "the will of the ______________ people"! I can't imagine what the future holds for America, under a Trump Presidency, but holding on to a verse in Isaiah 43:3-4: "I am the Lord your are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you."  His love is with us, even in disaster..!====JACK:  I've often quoted this poem, "What God Has Promised," by Annie Johnson Flint...
God hath not promised skies always blue,  Flower-strewn pathways all our lives through;
God hath not promised sun without rain,  Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
God hath not promised smooth roads and wide,  Swift, easy travel, needing no guide;
Never a mountain rocky and steep,  Never a river turbid and deep
But God hath promised strength for the day,  Rest for the labor, light for the way,
Grace for the trials, help from above,  Unfailing sympathy, undying love.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Maybe Annie - "The sun will come out tomorrow........".   Someone once told me life is like driving a car.  The rear view mirror is small compared to the size of the windshield.  That's because we should spent a lot more time looking forward than back.  Appropriate for today.  How we reach out to others and show the world we are the UNITED States of America by being compassionate and understanding of all people - here and throughout the world.  Where we go from here is up to us.====JACK:  Maybe, before an election, each candidate should be asked to write a concession speech.  Such words would tell much about an individual.

FROM JB AT LSTC:  The question is, is President-elect Trump a reader. I fear not.  I have to trust that God will use even Donald Trump to bring about some good, some way, somewhere. But on this morning, after to listening to what he has said over the last 18 months, that is beyond my imagination. ====JACK:  At a speech in Michigan Trump said that the Bible is his favorite book...and gave a thumbs up.

FROM DR J IN OHIO:  My verse for this day: Jesus Wept!====JACK:  Based on his teachings of love and respect...I don't think that he would have gotten enough votes.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  And I am VERY Happy!====JACK:  What are your expectations?  ====MARLYS:  I am really wanting him to CLEAN UP THE SWAMP in Washington DC.  They are all so beholden to this person and that company they get nothing done!  He financed his own campaign so he is beholden to NO ONE!  I also hope he gets rid of so many regulations that are strangling small businesses—gets rid of the PC crap—rebuild our image with other countries (they have been laughing at us—they know that we are all bark and no bite)—and I could go on—that is just off the top of my head.====JACK:  I asked, and you answered.  We shall see.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  One day at a time. It is a great day to look forward to a peaceful transfer of power in our great country.  Having just finished reading Alexander Hamilton, politics these days are much more calmer.====JACK:  No duels!

FROM JT IN MINNESOTA:  Great I love it and Charles Schulz came from Minnesota.  Tomorrow is a new day.====JACK:  I seem to recall that statues of some of the Peanuts characters are on the streets of St. Paul, Schulz's hometown.  BTW, read Proverbs 27:1.

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