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Jack’s Winning words 4/12/16
“One song can bring back 1000 memories.”  (Mojo TV)  If there’s one song that I like among many, it’s Over the Rainbow, a song of hope, describing a place where dreams come true.  It was that for Dorothy.  It had special meaning for its Jewish composers, Arlen and Harburg…an end of the Holocaust, a return to the Promised Land.  I see it as a foretelling of Heaven.  Favorite songs are usually those that touch the heart.  Is there one song that does that for you?    ;-)  Jack

FROM PC IN WBMI:  Sachmo - " It's a Wonderful World".====JACK:  "Skies of blue" reminds me of that first picture of the earth taken from outer space.  I like Louie's gravelly voice.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I love The Tennessee Waltz and The Old Lamplighters among others====JACK:  Two unexpected choices...but that's what I should expect from you.  I like them, also.

FROM TARMART REV:  I have a whole repertoire of them . . . always enjoy having a song in my heart to call upon when found in joy or in sorrow!! Thanks, Jack for the reminder of a blessing!! ====JACK:  But among the repertoire, is there one that evokes 1000 memories, more or less?
====REV: “Into my heart, into my heart
 Come into my heart, Lord Jesus
 Come in today, come in to stay
 Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!”

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  I love over the rainbow also. One song that Rob always dedicates to me when he sings it is " To Dream The Impossible Dream from the musical Don Quixote.  I love it , "to dream the impossible dream to fight the unbeatable foe , to go with your last ounce of courage and go to where no man has gone" etc. It really is a song of dreams, determination and desire to achieve  and overcome adversity. If you don't remember the song, pull it up on the computer. I think you will like it.====JACK:  I remember going to a high school graduation where there was no featured outside speaker.  Some of the students spoke about what "To dream the impossible dream" meant to them.  I think that the class might have sung the song together.  I can't recall a lot of graduation ceremonies, but I'll always remember that one.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  my all-time favorite is To Dream The Impossible Dream from the Man of LaMancha.  it is so uplifting and encouraging despite all the struggles of life.====JACK:  I'd be surprised if you'd never used the words of that song as an illustration in one of your sermons.  ====SP:  i often did as a matter of fact. and I also used the illustration of how the delusional old man changed the self-loathing Aldonza into the beautiful Delcinea by his totally unconditional love for her.   as God changes us with his love for us.   indeed.  its a great story..====JACK:  When I was at a workshop in Garden Grove, Schuller used that same illustration.

FROM RI IN BOSTON:  I am always uplifted when I hear the words and music of "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's show "Carousel"====JACK:  It may be only one memory, and not 1000, but that song reminds me of the words of Jesus, "Lo, I am with you always, to the end of the earth."

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I love  the hymn "SHINE, JESUS, SHINE"!  The upbeat tune, and  the meaningful words...it will be sung at my memorial service, when that time comes!  Also that great hymn "Once to Every Man and Nation". There are so many wonderful songs out there, both secular and sacred, and music has been such a big part of my life, as public school music teacher and church choir director that I am hard put to name ONE favorite!  But, I, too, love "Over The Rainbow".  Many of my students (Jr. High) sang that for contest over the years, including my g.daughter Abby (now 26 and a wife, mother, and Nurse Practitioner) who  rated a first superior, with that lovely song!  Today I celebrate my 86th b.day, and great g.daughter Avery, her 6th!! So Happy birthday is our favorite tune!====JACK:  The birthday song is said to be the one most sung among all songs.  We always follow it with "How old are you?  And the birthday person has to sing, "I am -- years old," followed by, "May you have many more."  I seem to remember that you said that "Once to Every Man..." was a favorite of Bill's.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I know too many songs.  I have many favorites!====JACK:  Is this among the favorites?

C'mon, you Gusties,
Fight on! Fight on!
Shout out the battle cry of victory!

C'mon you Gusties,
Fight 'till the end!
Fight on for dear old G. A. C.!

Gusties will shine tonight!
Gusties will shine! Hey!
Gusties will shine tonight!
Gusties will shine! Hey!
Gusties will shine tonight!
Gusties will shine!

Beat 'em, Bust 'em!
That's our custom!
Gusties will shine!

I found it listed under, "Obscure College Fight Songs."
====GM:  Actually that is one of my favorites!  Ha!  I am amazed that you found it.  In my day—the part from “Gusties will shine tonight” to the end was not part of the song.  That was added later.  I think all of my kids had that added part.  We just sang “You rah rah” and then sang the song again.  So creative.  Ha!

FROM JR IN PALM DESERT:  Your morning "E" rang so many bells, having been a singer in Chicago for almost 30 years.  BUT of all the songs and lyrics stored away my favorite song is "Oh, My Man I Love Him So" by Barbra Streisand.  You never fail to brighten my day. =====JACK:  Barbra really knows how to put "feeling" into a song.  What kinds of singing did you do?  Did you know that the Chicago Bears have a fight song?  (You can listen on YouTube)
Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down.

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  High Hopes====JACK:  When someone says to you, "Don't get your hopes up to high," keep movin' that plant and keep buttin' that dam.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  How very true this statement.  Some songs make my heartache, some bring tears, some bring joy, some bring laughter.  My favorite song is "Peace Like a River".... but even as I type this I can think of hundreds of others I can name.====JACK:  You might listen to Ted Weem's "Heartaches" on YouTube with Elmo Tanner whistling.  Great song!

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