Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 12/1/15
“Am I my brother’s keeper?”  (Cain’s answer to God)  The Bible has a way of fitting into today’s world.  When it comes to the poor, the homeless, the refugees, the immigrants, the uninsured, those in prison…“Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Do we have a responsibility?  The words of Jesus indicate that God’s people are the ones who feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick and care for those in prison.  Sometimes, it’s hard to be God-ly.    ;-)  Jack

FROM BLAZING OAKS:   Church people do a lot of "keeping", in my church even those living on Social Security give to help others out, and to the homeless. I don't know what some of those who depend on the church would do, if it wasn't there! Especially in Illinois, where we still have not passed a budget, and most non profits are hurting!  How fortunate we are to be able to give!  And yes, sometimes it is hard to be God-ly!====JACK:  One of my favorite Bible-persons is the widow who gave all that she had.  I have a replica of that small coin called, a mite.  It is really small, but large in my mind.====OAKS:  I BROUGHT SOME "MITE" (THEY ARE TINY!) COINS HOME FROM ISRAEL, AND SHARED WITH MY WOMEN'S CIRCLE ONCE. HAVE USED THEM IN DEVOTIONS MORE THAN ONCE!

FROM TARMART REV:  Somewhere I heard it said: "‘You shall love your neighbor (fellow man) and hate your enemy.’ “But I say to you, love [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for] your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may [show yourselves to] be the children of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on those who are evil and on those who are good, and makes the rain fall on the righteous [those who are morally upright] and the unrighteous [the unrepentant, those who oppose Him]" (Matthew 5:43-48 Amplified Bible).
Over the years working with others in benevolent ways, I've learned many desiring help monetarily or in an actual deed have their own ideas what that would be or look like, often choosing the temporary over the long term solutions. Then I'm reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul, when describing his visit with the church elders in Jerusalem, as they were asking of him about his ministry. He said of them: "They asked only [one thing], that we remember the poor, the very thing I was also eager to do" (Galatians 2:10 Amplified Bible).====JACK:  I'm looking forward to hearing about the distribution of money that "someone" gives to you annually to dole out to needy people.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  The words of Matt 25 need to be put on every church door in the nation ====JACK:  The trick is....to get people to read them and to act on them.

FROM F.T. MINISTRIES:  I enjoy your winning words everyday, one of the first things I read in the morning.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Interesting that God's Minute consistently gets to me 8 - 12 minutes after your message arrives.  Do you have anything to do with that missive?====JACK: In a minute I'm going to check out that site.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:    That sentence has always fascinated me.  Are we?  In most cases, 99%, I would say yes.  But there are those cases where nothing we can do will help.  God gave everyone free will...that means to people who will never accept it nor want our help. We can and should always pray for those who need it and i don't know anyone who doesn't. Then...are we their keeper?====JACK:  I don't recall that Jesus said in his teachings...."Do this! except in certain cases."

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  All very true, but what about families taking care of their own first and helping them when they are in need.  It is so sad to see so many homeless in our country.  We have seen that in other countries around the world, but how did happen here to such a great extent?====JACK: Life's reality is that we can't do everything for everybody, so we have to prioritize, like medical people do in disaster situations.  They set up a triage facility.

FROM STARRY KNIGHT:  I especially like this one during the Holiday Season*** Really nice!! ====JACK:  I try not to pass the Salvation Army red kettle without putting something in.  Someone near David's city put in a check for $500,000.

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  Yes we should help those in need with (some)exceptions.====JACK:  I don't seem to recall that Jesus said, "Love your neighbor....except."  But, I understand the point you are trying to make.  "Unconditional Love" for us seems impossible...but not for God.  That's why we are dependent upon his Grace.  

FROM ANNE IN WATERFORD:  I love the phrase and the hymn.====JACK:  What religion would it be, if it were easy?

FROM PEPPERMINT MARY:  Every year at school we collect needed items for the area homeless shelter. We delivered them this morning with the children. We are each other's keepers. So important to teach this to little ones, especially this time of year.====JACK:  What a responsible job you have... to help shape the minds of the children entrhusted to your care.

FROM SA IN WASHINGTON:  Thanks. Unknowingly, I was desperate to hear that message again.  ====JACK:  Have you met Jesus in prison?  He might be disguised as a convict.


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