Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Winning Words 5/7/13
“God always has another custard pie up his sleeve.”  (Lynn Redgrave)  Pie throwing has been a staple of slapstick movies.  The 3 Stooges were especially good at it.  I have trouble seeing Jesus doing something like that.  But I do think that God has a way of causing things to happen to us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.  I even think He has a sense of humor.  So, be on the alert.  Whoops!...there’s God again!    ;-)  Jack

 FROM CWR IN B'MORE:  Yes. Here I am. Cheers!====JACK:  Yes, God does have a sense of humor!

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  God does have a sense of humor....who else would have invented an anteater or some of the wonderful creatures who roam this great planet.====JACK:  ...or someone who has a hobby of collecting outhouses?====JUDY:  Of course, He made us all so special...some of us more than others...at least in our own minds.  :-)

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I disagree with Lynn Redgrave...I don't think that God is behind our troubles.   God helps us to work thru them and bails us out on the final turn.====JACK: Everyone comments on their own life experiences.  Lynn might have been referring to her cancer diagnosis as one of God's custard pies.

 FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I think pie throwing is a huge waste of pie!  Ha!  On a serious note--a little 5 yr. old boy who is in Rory's pre-school class and whose grandparents are friends of mine--all go to our church--we in a horrific car accident on the way to school on Monday.  They said he was severely brain damaged and would probably not speak or walk again.  Well, yesterday, as he came out of the induced sedation, he said Mom and Dad and answered questions.  The family is elated--and they give God all the glory--they never lost faith.  They know that he won't be going home tomorrow and will still have problems to overcome, but they know that God has performed a miracle!  I just cry when I read their Caring Bridge site.====JACK:  I think that Lynn Redgrave was calling attention to God's surprises.  The situation which you described is a perfect example of this...the accident...the miraculous recovery...and the surprises that the future holds.====MARLYS:  That dear little boy that I told you about is now talking.  He knows the answers to all the questions they ask him.  They have not had him on his feet yet, but his mind is sharp as a tack!  The grandma that I know called me this afternoon.  They are only allowed to visit him for 5 minutes.  That would be hard.

  FROM WALMART REV:  He must have had a sense of humor placing me in the ministry...I even have to laugh at myself just thinking about that at times!!?? 0;-)====JACK:  Do you believe in predestination?  Or, rather...do you think that life's path is pre-determined?====REV:  At this stage of life...I've come to a place where I believe God is "All-Knowing"... and has determined my course by the choices He knows I will make...as for me, my walk is by a choice I've made to live a life of faith placing my confidence in Him as my Lord and Savior. Predestined or Choice, don't think we will finalize that question until we stand before God.

 FROM JM IN MICHIGAN:  Hmm - I think Jesus' "pie in the face" was a sound bite such as, "straining at gnats and swallowing camels".  No waste of food, yet a real slap!====JACK:  I used to take food that I didn't like and slip it to the dog who was sitting by my chair.  Does that count as wasting food?

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