Thursday, April 25, 2013

Winning Words 4/25/13
“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.”  (Marcus Aurelius)  My first attempt at dancing was a disaster; so was the second.  Those who interpret this quote say that there’s a difference between wrestling and dancing.  The good wrestler is ready for the unexpected, the unforeseen moves, and is prepared to respond to them.  Most dancers just waltz with the music.  Life has some strange moves, so...Be prepared!    ;-)  Jack

 FROM CLIMBING ED;  reminds me of the Lee Ann Womack song "I hope you dance"====JACK:  When Lee Ann asked me...and I answered...she boogied away.  I suppose you're a dancer, too.====ED:  ...try starting with the other foot :) Easy fix :)  my mom gave me that song for my birthday years back. i love it, as it always reminds me of her 'message' to me :)====JACK:  Our youngest daughter didn't always sleep through the night.  "Her" song was, "Rock Around the Clock."

 FROM WALMART REV:  One week from this Saturday, my first dance from many years before and most-likely will be with my daughter at her wedding...walking her down the aisle, giving her away and conducting the ceremony, while trying to hold back the tears that are trying to break, even as I write...====JACK:  I remember the days when dancing was considered to be a sin, along with having a beer, card-playing, going to movies on Sundays, etc.  The pastor's family, especially, was under the community microscope.  BTW, there's a song called, "Dancing on the Ceiling."  I hope that's not the way you'll be dancing at the reception.====REV: Well, our very conservative church has now arrived on the dance floor...most weddings I conduct or attend nowadays have the reception away from the church for the enjoyment of the bar and dance bar offered for ours, but the dance floor and DJ is being offered. Not unusual for me to notice a deacon or two participating in both at their kid's weddings or others they are attending. 0:-/====JACK:  Times change...but there was wine at the wedding at Cana.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Daniel Webster and Joseph wrestled with the devil and I think we all do at sometime during our lives, sometimes quite a bit through our lives.  But, we will win eventually.====JACK:  We had a member do an interpretive dance to The Lord's Prayer during the worship service.  It was beautiful.

 FROM RI IN BOSTON:  I think, maybe, "the art of living" is about as prevalent as four-leaf clovers.  It seems to me that few of us plot the course of life, instead we react or respond to the demands of life.  In our latter years it becomes clear that we missed some things, and wish we could have another chance to pursue some choices we negligently disregarded when we had the chance.====JACK:  Of course, you remember what Thomas Wolfe wrote:  "You can't go home again."  If it were possible, I'm afraid I'd still be a disaster on the dance floor.

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  It's been a long time since I've seen a waltz on the dance floor! Can't believe that quote goes clear back to Marcus Aurelius!  Dancing today is no "cuddle"!  With young people it's hard to see who is paired with whom...they are all just "jivin' , shimmying and shakin' en masse!   But suppose the dance with the Father at weddings is a slow dance....Anyway this is an interesting quote; ;  You certainly wrestle with a lot of diverse situations as you dance down the path of Life!!====JACK:  Grandson Joseph introduced me to the Gangnam Style dance on YouTube.  "It's the most watched video ever," said Joe.  Has it hit Petersburg yet?

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