Monday, June 20, 2011

Winning Words 6/20/11
“Be the kind of person that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, “O, crap!” (Sent by Chuck Lindquist) I came across an article, “Tips for Mastering Mondays.” #1 Make coffee; #2 Make a to-do list and prioritize; #3 Try not to react to anything for 2 hours. After the cup of coffee, think about how you can make this a good day for someone. By helping others, we help ourselves. ;-) Jack

FROM MS IN MICHIGAN: If only I could put into practice all the good advice!////FROM JACK: Start with making the coffee.

FROM JO IN MICHIGAN: Start with making the coffee.////FROM JACK: Do you say, " O, crap," when you get up in the morning and stub your toe?

FROM DR IN DETROIT: I will definitely be passing this one on!////FROM JACK: Sometimes I wonder how many (if any) Winning Words are passed on...and then passed on.

FROM PRJS IN MICHIGAN: Tip for mastering Monday....let Sunday be the first day of the week....////FROM JACK: Get plenty of rest? God rested.

FROM BLAZING OAKS: "Open your heart, Open it wide; someone is standing outside." Mary Engelbreit, artist. There is so much NEED, it is overwhelming, but we can do out little bit to help. One person can make a difference! And most of us have discovered by now, it IS more blessed to give than to receive...My great-grands could hardly wait for the meal to be over, so that "Pa- Pa" and their dads could open cards and small gifts...just delighted when the card that THEY had chosen was read, and thanks were expressed, at out family Father's day gathering. Children love to help (and be praised!:-) Abby, 21, and almost an R.N. washed her dad's car, and cleaned it inside and out as her gift to her dad, who recently had hip replacement surgery. Mark insisted everyone come look at his "new car"...what a wonderful gift, which took LOTS of elbow grease!!
////FROM JACK: My gifts yesterday included reading material and some nice cards and angel food (not devil's food) cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Who's this Chuck Lindquist?////FROM JACK You and he could be CHUCKles, the clown. BTW, you and he used to get your mail mixed up when he was working in Ohio.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Great advice! I love the tips too. Make mine tea sometimes though. I like not reacting for 2 hours. This advice must come from a retiree because we are the only ones who can sit for 2 hours after coffee in the morning!////FROM JACK: My wife's brother was a pastor. He'd start Mondays drinking coffee left over from Sunday's coffee hour. He'd drink it each day until the pot was dry.

FROM ERIN (SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD): you forgot step #2.5: Make another pot of coffee.////FROM JACK: Ethiopia is supposed to have good coffee. Did you drink it while you were there?////MORE FROM ERIN: Oh yes! The Italians during their brief occupation of Ethiopia brought over fancy espresso machines. So between that, and the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony (see ) I definately get my fill of "buna", the Ethiopian word for coffee.

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