Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Winning Words 6/14/11
“If you’re talking and your mind goes blank, turn off the sound.” (Graffiti by Gene Mora) A few days ago I cut this quote out of our morning paper. Graffiti appears daily on the “comics” page, because it usually gives a “funny“twist to a serious thought. With regard to today’s thought, one of the things we like about our TV remote is that it has a “mute” button. It’s surprising how often “Mary” uses it. ;-) Jack

FROM JO IN MICHIGAN: That's a good one...you know, one cannot talk and listen at the same time!////FROM JACK: I like the one that says..."God gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason."

FROM RI IN BOSTON: The "mute" button is a resource that I've not taken enough advantage of...the fact is, I wish I had the will to hit the "off" button more often.////FROM JACK: One of the first things a couple need to learn when they get married is how to operate the "mute" button...in their own communication system.

FROM RS IN MICHIGAN: The mute feature is a marriage saver in my house!!! Ron lets me be in charge of the remote!!!////FROM JACK: Technology is great. Common sense is even better.

FROM THRIVENT TOM: However, I remember Mary always having a smile on her face when she pushed that "mute button", similar to my wife Sue's smile at such times.////FROM JACK: Another thing that works...two TVs in the house.

FROM JS IN MICHIGAN: I take out my hearing aids during ballgames on TV and just watch the game....it is surprising how much more interesting it is without the "commentary"////FROM JACK: What happens when you take them out while your wife is talking to you?////MORE FROM JS: :The peace of God which passes all understanding!"////FROM JACK: Do you then seal it with "the kiss of peace?"

FROM BLAZING OAKS: What a good piece of advice on a rainy, rainy day! A mind going blank is old news for us seniors: in my bridge clubs it is a cause for hilarity, when one is telling a story or joke, and suddenly loses the whole point...because almost everyone does it! Hopefully we'll have enough wits about us to close our mouths! Good one...////FROM JACK: When your bridge club gets together, do you remember to play cards?

FROM TAMPA SHIRL: I am learning how to do this on a nook which is a challenge.////FROM JACK: My Nook friends are after me to get a Nook. One more "new" thing and I'll be able to pose as Inspector Gadget. Do you know him?

FROM PLAIN FOLKS CHESTER: Hearing aids serve the same purpose. I don't wear one, but i have "selective hearing."////FROM JACK: Now, if you could just work on that selective speaking.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Mary???////FROM JACK: You're the first one who noticed that.

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