Monday, December 29, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 12/29/08
“The great act of faith is when man decides that he is not God.”
(Oliver Wendell Holmes) I once loaned a book about “playing God” to a doctor. He really must like it, because he still has it. Medical technology is truly amazing these days, but I still have my prayer list. ;-) Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: A few months ago, I watched an old black and white movie about a doctor who had a cure for polio...I'm sure you know his name....Dr Salk. But it was interesting, because he was accused of trying to "play God" with the children's lives when he wanted to vaccinate them. It was a very good old movie and right on with your Winning Words today. JACK'S REPLY: One of the great medical discoveries.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: wow, what an ego trip, man thinks he is God. Mail/female thinks they are God. Well it must be a real awakening ( an epifamy? ), Hallelujah, male/female are ( is ) not God. How brilliant to admit and act accordingly. Oh Lord save me, do not permit me to make this mistake.

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Isn't pride the greatest sin? JACK'S REPLY: Could be. You'll have to ask God about that. Worshipping a false god (see the first commandment) could challenge for first place

FROM CJL IN OH: Isn't it a matter of both?

FROM J.T. IN MI: Technology isn't growing as quickly as my prayer list!

FROM M.L. IN IL: it's good to come in from all avenues.

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago, I read a book a doctor wrote about his healing profession. He wrote about how he practiced contemplative prayer/centering prayer during each day as he saw his patients. Also he wrote a whole chapter about probabilities and predicting outcomes and how the best doctors learn to be "open" to outcomes they hadn't thought about, about how much he "learned" from his patients. That was certainly a thought-provoking book. I know your Winning Words are true, Pastor Freed and have my prayer list too.