Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/31/08
“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”
(Norman Vincent Peale) I’ve found that it works for me. I belong to The Optimist Club. I was one of the founding members of the club which began in our community in 1972. There’s too much pessimism and negativity in the world for my taste. Change the station! ; -) Jack

FROM P.O. IN MI: Thank you, thank you! There is nothing as exhausting and nonproductive as all that negativism. I always tried to encourage my kids to 'hang out' with positive, optimistic people.

FROM YOOPER, PR B.L.: Amen! The same negativity has invaded the ELCA members. No wonder we are flat.

FROM M.L. IN IL: i'm with you brother!

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: I take it that you don't go to many of Euripedes' plays!!!

FROM DMF IN MN: I remember reading his books from your library when I was a kid.

FROM AMcC IN MI: I was in a doctor,s waiting room yesterday and two parents walked in with triplets, one girl and two boys.. Wow! I was so excited. Someone said "Aren't triplets unusual?" I responded "I am 78 years old and this is the first time I have been in a room with triplets". Another told the parents how they were going to have their hands full when the babies started walking. No kidding! They have their hands full now.
But they were a team, caring and attentive. The babies were beautiful, perfect little faces and hands.
Their personalities were already peeking through in their expressions. I felt privileged to be in the presence of this lovely family. By the way, they came early, on June 24, the feast of St. John the Baptist.
Most of the observers were deighted to watch the family, but even there a couple of pessimists appeared. Cheers for the Optimists.

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: What famous philosopher coined the phrase..."YES WE CAN"??.....Oh Yes. It was Obama!!!

FROM CJL IN OH: That's part of the reason I still belong to the Kiwanis Club. WE need more Optimists & Kiwanians. Work Hard!

FROM DFL IN OR: It was so very interesting to hear of your membership in Optimist Int. What a privilege it hasbeen to belong to several Optimist clubs since 1960. It has involved serving in several capacities bothin club and district offices. "Promise yourself...etc. is a very profound creed to me!

FROM D.S. IN MI: Bravo! I believe IF and when we stop talking about how bad things are life will begin to change for the better.

FROM D.W. IN MI: Norman was one of my favorites when I was still in my teens and early twenties. I still follow some of his teachings...30 years later!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/30/08
“There’s some things people just don’t admit, because they don’t like the way it sounds.”
(Cindy Chupack) Cindy is a writer for Sex and the City. Sex is one of those words that some people feel uncomfortable using. Racism is another of those words that is ill-sounding, at least to me. Can you think of some more? ;-) Jack


FROM CWR IN B'MORE: "Religion"......which has become synonymous with"terror", "guilt","fear", "bigotry", "ignorance", "tyranny".....and the list is endless. Smile! G-d loves, or at least tolerates, us.

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: "Grammar". Especially when it is as bad as Cindy's. "There is some things....?"

FROM PR P.H. IN MN: the tapir doesn't seem to be too active either...

FROM CJL IN OH: Work...I'll do it....I'm responsible

FROM EMTSINGS IN MI: I really dislike the current popularity of saying something "sucks" if you don't like

FROM F.M. IN WI: Autism .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/29/08
“Six faults ought to be avoided by one seeking prosperity in this world…sleep, sloth, fear, anger, laziness and prolixity.”
(Unknown) I could go on and on, but you get the idea, don’t you? When I go to the zoo, one of the animals that fascinates me is the sloth. Is there an animal that you particularly like to watch? ;-) Jack

FROM B.G. IN MI: Today’s WW reminds me of the 7 Deadly Social Sins, attributed to Ghandi…
Politics without principle
Wealth without work
Commerce without morality
Pleasure without conscience
Education without character
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
I have this document framed and hanging on the wall of my office at the church.

FROM L.K. IN OH: The giraffe.

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: the ones on 2 legs - they're fascinating to watch. 6+ billion of them. What about you?

FROM P.O. IN MI: I doubt I'll ever be accused of 'prolixity' --- thanks for another good one!

FROM J.L. IN MI: Sloth is a strange one, but then again, if the goal is riches, sloth would be a big fault. As for what animal I could watch all day....the mink. We had them on the AuSable river in Grayling and I love to watch them slip and slide in and out of the water. The truly seem to enjoy their lives, even when dodging the eagle who would swoop down to try and grab them!
I came across this Ashleigh Brilliant saying yesterday and it made me laugh...especially with your Winning Words today..."All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy."

FROM MAP IN JACKSON: I'm not particularly fond of the zoo!!!! What's wrong with me?

FROM D.L. IN ORE: Wanda and I haven't been tothe Portland Zoo lately. We will have five grandchildren in our area for a visit this week, three with theirparents staying with us in our three bedroom apt.! It will be a little like a zoo, but we really love those kids! The last time we were in San Diego one objective was to see a Panda. After standing in line for some time we arrived at the Panda area. The Pandas, a cub and parents preferred being partially hidden in the trees at the back of the area! Have a great rest of the summer! Enough!

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: Another fault to avoid at all costs is destitution.

FROM LBP IN MI: It's unfortunate that sleep is counted among the faults. I find that the other faults listed are more likely to pose a threat with a lack of sleep

FROM MOLINER, A.E.: The Monkeys at Fedjuary (Sp)Park when I was a kid. Not so now only other animals.

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: If parishoners give with generosity, why shouldn't we reward them by preaching with prolixity ? It's like watching an epic movie.

FROM M.L. IN IL: i really don't like zoos. animals in captivity make me sad and claustrophobic. i do love the primates, and after seeing them in their their natural habitat, i knpw why i have zoo-phobia.

FROM F.M. IN WI: Elephants and how they express feelings toward another.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/28/08
“A man only learns in two ways, one by reading and the other by associating with smarter people.”
(Will Rogers). Now you know why you’re on my Winning Words’ list of friends and relatives. My next goal is to do some more reading. I’m starting with Gilda Radner’s book, It’s Always Something. It’s good to be back on-line. ;-) Jack


FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: It's good to find you back on-line. Regarding learning, I think you can learn a lot just by looking.

FROM B.G. IN MI: Agreed. Where have your travels taken you?
You are one of the smarter people whose wisdom I value, Jack.

FROM P.O. IN MI: And it's wonderful to have you back! I'm currently reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran".

FROM EFP IN IL: Glad you're back. You're a great way to start the day.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Loved Will Rogers....and he is so right. Associating with smart people does rub off! As for reading, I don't believe there is a better way to learn! I have been really stretching my comfort zone by reading different material this summer also (when I have time).

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: I listen to all kinds of people. I'm not sure if they are smarter than me or not but in many cases they have useful opinions or information.

FROM M.T. IN PA: Thanks for the compliment. One way I learn is by reading your emails.

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: Will was right up to a point. The third way to learn is to watch what dumb people do. Then don't do it. We missed you.

FROM D.S. IN SAN DIEGO: Glad to have you back! I have had withdrawal symptoms from not being able
to harass you.

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: I even missed your daily missives! But I don't think I'll ever be a Detroit of Bad Blue fan

FROM SDG IN TAMPA: Will Rogers is great. Speaking of reading, I have been doing a lot in this hot weather. In Washington I finished Big Russ and Me which I had brought to our son Tom, The Lasr Patriot, which was very exciiting but annoying at the end and which I left with Nicole. our granddaughter, who works for the State Department, and now, in Orlando, I am just finishing Forever Island about the Seminole Indians. Growing up in Illinois and before television was an easy way to learn to love to read, don't you think?

FROM F.M. IN WI: I too have sought to associate with smarter people . . . like you and many others. I am enjoying Tom Brokaw's latest, Boom!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/17/08
“The trick is growing up without growing old.”
(Casey Stengel) “The Old Perfessor,” as he was known among baseball writers, never seemed to grow old. At least his quotes always seemed new and refreshing. Do you have a secret for growing up without growing old? I try to hang out with those younger than I am, and listen to what they have to say. I even let my grandchildren listen to their radio stations when they’re in the car with me. BTW, I’ll be off-line for a week. ;-) Jack

FROM B.D. IN MI: My trick is never growing up mentally, my wife tell me I act like I'm 18 years old when I drive and most other things. It sure is hard doing some of those thing I use to do when I was 18. I'm still up to teaching you how to performance drive better then you do now !!!!!!

FROM J.L. IN MI: I'm not sure what happened, but when I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw a lady I didn't know very well. The one who looked in the mirror acts and feels 29 but the lady looking back didn't look 29. It's in the way you think of aging that dictates how you act as opposed to how you look. Keep thinking young! I listen to my grandson's music too....mostly Veggie Tales and VBS music CD's from VBS past. And Josh loves musicals...especially High School Musical, Singing in the Rain, Joseph & His Amazing Coat, etc. He has a lot of sound tracks and we listen to those too.

FROM M.L. IN IL: working with pre-schoolers has been my eternal fountain of youth. three to six years olds have youth to spare and share! have a great week!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: The secret to not growing old as you grow up is to not grow up. Keep the "kid" with you at all times.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: a gent and his group search for the fountain of Youth once before. Unfortunately he spread chicken pox, measels, whooping cough and other deadly problems to the unsuspecting natives.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/16/08
“Anyone can live on hope. The real challenge is to live on disappointment.”
(Ashleigh Brilliant) I cut this one out and saved it in 1993. It’s as good today as it was then. This is not to put down hope. It is an admiration of those who can persevere in the face of disappointment. Do you know any such people? I do. ;-) Jack

FROM MKH IN MI: I often wonder without Hope how do you get through the disappointment? I would be almost impossible if you ask me.

FROM L.K. IN OH: Faith means not having to live on disappointment (at least alone). Notwithstanding, I get the observation. Thanks for sharing.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Absolutely! Don't we all in some form? I love Ashleigh...his insights into life are hilarious. All of his original artwork burned in a house fire. I'm sure he lived with disappointment. I do know people, much like Job, who are tried over and over again, but dust themselves off and keep going under the worst situations. It's great faith which keeps them going! My favorite Ashelighism..."Hopes are dimming in the search for intellegent life in my family." It was a family joke and still is for that matter, when one of us does something silly! My family has a tremendous sense of humor! I had collected the Ashleigh Brilliant cartoons from the News for years and years. Unfortunately, we had a flood years ago and one of the things I lost was all of my little cartoons. I persevere!

FROM PCR IN B'MORE: Sure do, Jack. It' s life! And, it why we are forever re-examing life, or always "reforming" -

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Disappointment does not mean failure, so keep trying.

FROM G.G. IN INDY: I love the quote but I want to hear about where you put the quote when you cut it out in you have a big Quote Scrapbook that you paste and date your entries?
I am trying to visualize it.

FROM F.M. IN WI: Yes, our Grandson, Daniel, who has MD. He can only move his right arm and hand about 30 degrees, must depend upon care givers for everything, but you never hear a word of complaint or discuss from him - at 22 years of age he has had so many disappointments, but he is thankful for what he can see, hear and taste. He can't feel very much!

FROM EMTSINGS IN MI: I like that a lot! I think you see this a lot in people that are managing to live with the floods and other calamities.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: I remember when my Ma sent me to Nielsen's meat market with a five dollar bill pinned to theinside of my shirt pocket. When I got their it was gone. My mother cried for hours. she couldn't have made the point any better if she had kicked my butt from here to the lake and back. Yes I remember when we were very poor. I don't understand how parents made it during the depression. But we had a garden. Man, wow, did we work in that garden. Do you know what it was like to take a little red wagon bare foot to go 12 blocks to fetch horse apples all Sat while Pa dug them in with maple leaves.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/15/08
“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.”
(Georg Lichtenberg) Change is an operative word in politics these days, because it seems to resonate with the voters. Change is also a word that applies to individuals who are seeking to improve their life. Are there some positive changes that you would like to see happen in your life? ;-) Jack

FROM J.L. IN MI: I would like to have a candidate I believe would actually do some good for the country, I would like to lose some weight, exercise more, use my time wisely, do the things I say I am going to do, travel more and have more time to help others. That's just a partial list! :-) Today I am going to be content with what I have and who I am and enjoy the little things in life.

FROM MOLINER T.L.: Good quotation: I also like, "In order that there be progress there must be change, but not all change is progress."

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Yeah. McCain in the White House. Change in and of itself is counterproductive, especially now that we are still the strongest nation on the planet. Obama had what, 143 days in the Senate before he announced his running for the Presidency - what a fraud.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Change [in politics] is a marketing word these days empty of specifics, void of soul, and courting hope. My departed mom’s spirit just tapped me on the shoulder and said that’s enough honey. She always said don’t say anything if you can’t say anything good. I suppose it’s OK to lay out the definitions.

FROM EMTSINGS: Just thought that I would share something that I just heard and like a lot. Maybe I heard it from you, if so, please excuse me! "Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future."

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Yeah, and I wish we could change the "operative" word. Change is dangerous if you don't have a plan. And don't tell you have a plan but aren't going to tell me about it until you are elected. If you really care about this country, TELL ME NOW. MORE FROM C.F.: It's not surprising that "change" is the buzz word for politics this year. but then IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN. These clowns that preach change and don't give me any reasons to do it are what's turned a lot of people off on politics. Your responses are evidence that politicians have userped the word. When people chag\nge thier lives, they do it for a reason. And in hope to make it better.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Yes, yes, you nailed it, I must get busy and change, yes change,look out 4 my dust.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/14/08
“I always wanted a happy ending. Now, I’ve learned the hard way that some poems don’t rhyme. Life is taking the moment and making the best of it.”
(Gilda Radner) I admire Gilda for what she was able to make out of her life when there was no rhyme. She made us laugh. She made us cry. Isn’t that comedy? Isn’t that life? Gilda was one of the good ones. She was from Detroit and the U of M, too. ;-) Jack

FROM MKH IN MI: I loved her and I loved her book did you ever read it? It's always something.


FROM S.G. IN MI: Nice message. Gilda was a favorite!

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: Marcia Trued, Con's daughter, went to Un. High Liggett with Gilda

FROM J.L. IN MI: She was one of my favorites....both because she was funny, but because she was strong in her good health and strong in her illness. I miss her! And her legacy has done much good for Detroit too with her Gilda's house!

GILDA'S HOUSE: Gilda Radner’s dream was to create a free cancer support community for people with cancer, their families and friends. Today, that dream is fulfilled at Gilda's Club Metro Detroit, a three-story non-residential house in Royal Oak. Since opening our signature red door in January 1998, Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit has welcomed over 5100 members for social and emotional support and a whole lot of FUN.The clubhouse is a place where people with cancer and their family and friends can come to find social and emotional support in a home-like, community atmosphere with others who are living with cancer. It is a special place for men, women, children, families and friends with every type of cancer to share their collective wisdom in the Gilda’s Club community.
The welcome to Gilda's Club Metro Detroit begins with a New Member Meeting for people with cancer, and their families and friends. Here people tell their stories or just listen as others share and learn about the various resources and activities available to all members of the Club. Following the New Member Meeting, each prospective member schedules an individual meeting to design a confidential Customized Membership Plan to shape his or her plan for social and emotional support.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Rosanne Rosanna Dana was genuious. So is Gilda's club

FROM EFP IN IL: Good afternoon. The same could be said for Tony Snow, whom I always admired when he was anchor of Fox News Sunday. Saturday he died at 53 of colon cancer, as his mother had when he was in high school. They said he had check-ups every six months and did everything else he was supposed to do as a "high risk," but he ultimately succumbed to the killer. Like Gilda, he endured with a smile on his face and unwavering faith in God. Both were good examples, in both life and death.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: She died too young. I wonder why she died so young? Do many people who take too many chances die too young?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/11/08
“There is no bad in good.”
(Doug Horton) Why not make a list of five things that are bad and five things that are good. Now sing the old song: “You’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.” Perhaps you can ask someone to make a similar list, and then compare them. ;-) Jack.

FROM MOLINER G.S.: My good for today is to visit Quarters One on the Arsenal this afternoon. It will be going private in August. Did you remember that that residence is the second largest home in the US inventory? The White House is 1st.

FROM M.E. IN CA: One of the "goods" for me is that Dylan Michael Elmer was born July 3 so we now have a grandson and a new generation of Elmers is on the scene. Cart and Bubs would be very pleased. I am off to meet him in 1 hour and Marilyn has been there since the birth.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Horton couldn’t be more wrong. To paraphrase and old bromide: Like beauty, there is no Good or Bad, but in the eye of the beholder. Consider the presidential race. What some consider good about Obama many will consider the same things bad. Young people that are ignorant of history (by design of government schools?) will get to live it in real time given the current glide path of culture, politics, and increasing apathy of the electorate. Obama is right, “What we do this next election will shape our country for the next 100 years. Repackaging 1930’s Socialism as Hope and Change is quite a stretch, a modern marketing marvel. McCain would be perhaps just a slower agent of the same result.

FROM J.L. IN MI: I've been reallyl thinking about this one. List of bad: apathy, injustice, repression, rage, violence. List of good: kindness, mercy, love, peace, freedom. When I think more, the list changes slightly. Good Winning Words to make me think. I like that! Thanks!!

MORE FROM J.L.: Personally, I think it's funny to read some of the reactions to your statements each day. Sometimes I feel I have missed the mark by a mile. I guess some people have lost the "simple-ness" of life. I'm not sure what it is, but life seems to have taken a very serious tone for some....understandably sometimes, not so understandable some other times. However, I too believe this election will be a big change...and maybe not for the best. We will have to wait and see. God is bigger than any election! Like the Veggie Tale song says..."God is bigger than the boogyman, bigger than Godzilla and the monster on tv....God is bigger than the boogyman and He's watching out for you and me!" One of my favorite Veggie Tale songs! (I like "Oh Where is my Hairbrush" too! My grandsons love the Veggie Tales..

JACKS' RESPONSE: I learn something new every the Veggie Tales. I like "God is bigger than the bogeyman." One day I was walking down the sidewalk in Merrill, Wisconsin. A mother and small boy passed me. As they did, I heard him ask her, "Is that the bogeyman?"

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Then why the phrase "that's good and bad"? Kind of an oxymoron hunh?

FROM M.L. IN IL: ...and don't mess with mr. inbetween!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/10/08
“Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens.”
(J.R.R. Tolkien) The road will surely darken at sometime during our life. I pray that our faith, yours and mine, might remain strong whenever that time may come. I like what is written in the 23rd Psalm: “Even though I walk through the shadowy valleys, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” ;-) Jack

FROM L.K. IN OH: Always apt. Thanks!

FROM P.O. IN MI: And then there are those who "find God" when the road darkens, only to lose Him again when the sun shines --- go figure!

FROM E.A. IN MI: Whose admonishment was it that begins "Oh yee of little faith-----"?
Hope all is well. If I ever start walking without the need of a cane, I shall once again appear at Optimist. Be well and stay well.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Faith is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and knowing it's not a train coming.

FROM G.G. IN INDY: That's what candles are for, right? I think I'll light a bunch on my back porch tonight (you and David have been there!) as a prayer for those whose road has darkened and as a reminder of these WW's. Thanks.

FROM M.N. IN MN: I think you wrote that for me. Thank you so much Jack. I am going to print it so I can read it when I need comfort and strength.

FROM A.McC. IN MI: I read that psalm every Sunday night since my sister died in April, 2005.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/9/08
“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”
(Audrey Hepburn) Audrey’s life story is fascinating. It’s worth your time to look it up. I thought that she was just a movie star, but she was a true humanitarian. Her favorite poem was: On The Nature Of Love by Tagore. I looked that up, too. It’s good. ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: Sounds like a good job for the Holy Spirit!

FROM MOLINER MRH: What better way to be revived , renewed and restored than to walk through your garden at early morning when the flowers are still dotted with dew? Thank you for your words of hope and cheer.
I ran on to an interesting acrostic for the word STRIVE. It might be helpful to someone who is struggling now
Start small;
Think possibilities
Reach beyond your known abilities
Invest all you have in your dream
Visualize miracles
Expect to experience success.
Sounds wise for anyone beginning again.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/8/08
“Life is full of obstacle illusions.:
(Grant Frazier) I have a collection of “Life is….” quotes…a tragedy, a comedy, a blank, daring, but I like Frazier’s best.. The obstacles before us in life can be disappointments or challenges. Wearing my cap of optimism, I prefer to see them as challenges. Which cap are you wearing today? ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER EFP: Good morning. I take this to mean that sometimes the obstacles are just in our minds-- obstacle illusions. Sometimes the obstacles in our minds are a bigger hurdle than the obstacles in reality.

FROM L.K. IN OH: 90% of the time I'm an optimist...cheerful..... maybe naive.....yet half full......and ALWAYS grateful.....

FROM J.L. IN MI: Great play of words! When one looks back on the obstacles in life, it's easy to see the obstacles were more an illusions than fact! We tend to make mountains out of molehills don't we? Today I will jump right over those illusionary challenges!

FROM G.G. IN INDY: I like that one! How can I choose anything but my optimist's hat with those winning words !


FROM A.McC IN MI: Always optimism.

FROM F.M. IN WI: My new cap just received from The Nature Conservancy - preserving life!

FROM CJL. IN OH: Treating them as challenges is the reason we made it thru these 54 years!

FROM P.O. IN MI: Most definitely my 'optimism cap'!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/7/08
“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
(Tom Paine) I didn’t send out Winning Words on the 4th of July, but here’s a quote that makes a good point. Many people are tired of listening to political speeches and the interpretation of them. Freedom has its price, and sometimes the price is fatigue. Others have paid and are paying a steeper price. ;-) Jack

FROM J.L. IN MI: Yes, freedom does come with a big price. My dad would always say, "Freedom isn't free." He proudly served in World War II as a baker and a big gunner on an LTD. Unfortunately, some have turned away from our roots and have made our government something it isn't supposed to be.... To quote Abraham Lincoln, "Lord, save this nation."

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/3/08
“When you thought I wasn’t looking, I heard you say a prayer, and I knew that there is a God I could always talk to, and I learned to trust in Him.”
(From MRH, a Moliner friend) Someone wrote this about the influence of a mother. Today, even though it’s the eve of the 4th of July, and not Mother’s Day, think of some of the ways in which your mother has influenced you.. ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI (Formerly from East Moline): I would think anyone from Moline would be in serious need of a God!!!!

FROM M.L. IN IL: some poeple wear the "wwjd" bracelet. i wear an invisible "wwsd" bracelet and look at my wrist often when making a decision. shirley was the kindest, least judgemental person i have known and have yet to meet again.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/2/08
“You may delay, but time will not.”
(Poor Richard’s Almanack) This is one of those sayings that you read, and then say: “Ain’t it the truth!” Ben Franklin had a way with words by connecting them with wit and wisdom. The March of Time has taken old Ben, but his words and his influence remain with us. We owe so much to him. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: From my earliest years Ben Franklin's sayings have caught on with me. They still ring true. He's been outstanding in dispensing simple common sense. Much of what he said related to frugality. I've saved of him from the U.S. Treasury. MORE FROM R.I.: Back a few years when we were living in Ann Arbor, I was crossing a side street off of State Street, and as I reached the curb I saw a folded bill lying in the gutter. When I picked it up and opened it, Ben Franklin appeared. What a surprise. Alas, it's never happened again.

FROM P.O. IN MI: "Ain't it the truth!"

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Right ON!! It's interesting, the busier we are, the more we get done.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Just as time will not delay, some of the events of our past are not so easily forgotten. One of my favorites I wrote for my first book was: “The past is the past, unless you still owe for it.”
I liked the idea of positioning as a modern day Poor Richard, but my publisher said it was too long ago, no one would remember. I think Franklin’s writing still endures 172 years later—that’s a legacy.

FROM M.L. IN IL: he was quite a colorful character. this quote reinforces the imporance to live in the now. i am rereading eckhart tolle's the power of now. it awakens the mind and spirit to the concept of the present. not an easy task!

FROM J.L. IN MI: Yes he was something. He was smart, witty, clever, strange and a God-send with faults, just like the rest of us. We thank him and all of the others this 4th!

FROM PR P.H. IN MN: plus he invented the five and dime store too! bet you haven't heard that phrase for a while.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 7/1/08
“It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf.”
(H.L.Mencken) We each have our own desires and skills. Personally, I appreciate the philosophical thought of Goethe and the music of Beethoven, far more than if they were great athletes. Tiger Woods is worth over a billion dollars. I wonder what the talent of Beethoven is worth? We are who we are. ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Um............ok.

FROM M.T. IN PA: "It is impossible to imagine Tiger Woods composing the 9th Symphony....unless he were willing to let his handicap slide."

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: “The market ultimately appraises and places a value on all skills. No matter how clever one is at bending words or thought at the end of the day those who fill stadiums or command hours of network TV be trained on them are the most highly compensated. Beethoven was evidently worth what he got. No one can argue that without invoking tortured logic that relies on what one knows about Beethoven now not the Beethoven of his day. It’s a fun but futile pastime. Sometimes getting paid what we deserve bites.”

FROM J.L. IN MI: Or, as Popeye says "I am what I am and that's all that I am...."

FROM EMTSINGS IN MI: As I always say: "Be yourself, who else is better qualified"

FROM MOLINER C.F.: If Beethovem were collecting residuals, he'd be worth billions!.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: It certainly is interesting to note the variety of interests and values people have, I wonder if Beethoven ever went fishing to supplement his families protein nutrition.